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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HELPERS

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Autobiography, 3:always been blessed with marvelous friends and helpers who - down the years - have remained myAutobiography, 137:writing for the day Mr. Wright and her other helpers would collect the sheets and endeavor to getAutobiography, 234:the direction of the world disciples and their helpers these people can be trained in practical andAutobiography, 271:discrimination which he shows in his choice of helpers will largely depend the success of hisAutobiography, 271:assumes no authority over the group or over his helpers, except the authority of greater knowledge,Autobiography, 271:have brought them into the work. He watches his helpers for signs of spiritual unfoldment andAutobiography, 272:disciple makes his own decisions, trains his own helpers, enunciates his own policies, interpretsDestiny, 120:as to the Plan. The Lord of Shamballa and His Helpers have had to wait until at least the dimDiscipleship1, 18:of thought. Thus they guide their workers and helpers and influence and direct their workingDiscipleship1, 189:of that flame by those of us who are seeking helpers in the outer world. Your objective is and hasDiscipleship1, 399:see are full of joy, and can be messengers and helpers. Those who touch have simply to be led. OfDiscipleship2, 202:that we need consider about them; they are the "Helpers of the Lord of the World," and implementExternalisation, 223:work of the occult Hierarchy and Their trained helpers. This spiritual life relates theExternalisation, 669:Master R. gathers [669] together His council of helpers, the Masters and the senior initiates inHealing, 362:if the work of the Christ and of His helpers is brought more definitely to the attention of theInitiation, 32:or in etheric bodies, such as the more exalted helpers and the Lord of the World occupy. It is ofInitiation, 65:and they learn under supervision to be invisible helpers. The invisible helpers are usuallyInitiation, 65:to be invisible helpers. The invisible helpers are usually recruited from amongst the advancedInitiation, 69:The Lipika Lords, with their vast band of helpers are the most frequent users of these charts. ManyMagic, 259:upon in an emergency by Those who are seeking helpers. People whose minds are clouded or whoseMagic, 368:of educating public opinion; it brings the many helpers to the aid of the few visionaries. AlwaysMagic, 521:and the opportunity are great and all possible helpers are being called to the forefront of theMagic, 638:however, that it comes to the recognition of the Helpers through the increased vibration of theMeditation, 49:a man belongs on the inner plane, the band of helpers to which he is assigned, or - if he is aMeditation, 105:and the Great Ones would have more efficient helpers in the work of serving the world. It is not myMeditation, 118:receives much instruction. The band of Invisible Helpers with whom he may be working and the bandMeditation, 157:the group of servers, the group of invisible helpers, or later with his egoic group. [158] TheyPsychology2, 334:in the thoughts of these four groups of human helpers, for a man's past and his rapidly developingPsychology2, 704:though they may make the task of the approaching helpers more difficult and draw almostRays, 765:the gateway opens. These three are the great Helpers and in Their hands lies knowledge for the next
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