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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HELPFUL

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Astrology, 14:A Treatise on Cosmic Fire which are apposite and helpful. I am somewhat paraphrasing: "Astrology isAstrology, 344:amount of repetition is necessary and often helpful; it serves to clarify and reinforce when one isAstrology, 424:the microcosm and macrocosm will, therefore, be helpful, and the relation of a cell or atom in oneAtom, 31:then, to make some suggestions which we may find helpful in adjusting our minds to this greatAtom, 100:and individual consciousness - it might be helpful if I endeavored somewhat to illustrate. It mightAutobiography, 15:in America, I shall never forget. He wrote me helpful and understanding letters and made me feelAutobiography, 94:the truth boldly. Silence could sometimes be helpful. I had, therefore, from my point of view letAutobiography, 115:rectory and everybody did what they could to be helpful. A very nice girl offered to come and liveAutobiography, 135:third reason is one which I think could be very helpful to many people. There was so much I wantedAutobiography, 153:here to make two suggestions which I have found helpful. There is a law of sacrifice governing allAutobiography, 203:the girls were getting older and were much more helpful in the house. Foster and I used to commuteAutobiography, 232:with character delineation which is most helpful and with the effort to discover in what manner theAutobiography, 271:are those of the business world; he may build a helpful organization but he does not found anAutobiography, 296:would be nothing to incite us to effort. It is helpful however to realize that some part at leastBethlehem, 203:activities which are spiritual and harmless and helpful. This sense of evil and this reaction toDestiny, 71:turn, control and condition these areas will be helpful here. The important and the non-importantDestiny, 109:of the incoming seventh ray, it might be helpful if we compared very briefly the two systems ofDestiny, 138:are a few of the correspondences which it is helpful for us to bear in mind in so far as theyDiscipleship1, XIV:changes. It was obvious that they could be only helpful. At the end of each instruction, we haveDiscipleship1, 35:and a concise statement about it may prove helpful. I. They are an experiment in founding orDiscipleship1, 203:to you which should become clearer and more helpful as you study them and bring to them a growingDiscipleship1, 228:follow any meditation which you find useful and helpful. I seek to leave you free. Discipleship1, 255:rays 4 and 6, and through rays 1 and 3. This is helpful to know, is it not? [256] One hint I willDiscipleship1, 257:and the astral bodies may be overcome. It is helpful to know this, is it not? There are certainDiscipleship1, 311:those six sentences which seem to you the most helpful, and regard them as the thoughts aroundDiscipleship1, 356:the centers because some synthetic work will be helpful to you. I will not here outline it inDiscipleship1, 404:and an over-pitiful heart is not always the most helpful of possessions. A loving heart is alwaysDiscipleship1, 404:helpful of possessions. A loving heart is always helpful. You learnt much in your past incarnationDiscipleship1, 622:you will coordinate the personality in a new and helpful way and increase your ability to serve.Discipleship1, 631:could have been foreseen. They should prove helpful to all who read them. Was the task helpful toDiscipleship1, 631:prove helpful to all who read them. Was the task helpful to you? Did the answering of thoseDiscipleship1, 650:the writing of that which will be constructively helpful, for this you can so well do. HaveDiscipleship1, 751:the Master so desires and it would be good and helpful to the entire group. He realizesDiscipleship2, 165:the Earth. This is, for them, entirely good and helpful and all that is immediately possible. IDiscipleship2, 204:but the visualization indicated will prove helpful. In the case of the New Group of World Servers,Discipleship2, 232:years ago) tried to demonstrate this mode of helpful activity; he kept the esoteric teaching forDiscipleship2, 473:amusement to me and sometimes have proved most helpful in aiding me to understand the occidentalDiscipleship2, 487:One of the ideas which disciples would find it helpful to grasp is that the process of passing overDiscipleship2, 527:it to be sixth ray in nature; it will prove most helpful to probationary disciples, and they needDiscipleship2, 709:that you must work. You must learn to set up a helpful and an understanding relation with all whoDiscipleship2, 739:sensitivity which is one of your major assets in helpful service, but which under the pressure ofEducation, 13:out of faults and errors does not always prove helpful; it may but increase responsibility, evokeExternalisation, 22:this particular situation, to indicate lines of helpful activity, and then (having so done) toExternalisation, 65:foreboding - none of which is in the least helpful and, in the last analysis, is definitely [66]Externalisation, 378:One of the interesting things which it is helpful to recognize is that this vision is more clearlyExternalisation, 384:prove useful when the war is over. Establish helpful and friendly relations with them to the bestExternalisation, 470:acclaimed. This must change. It is not helpful to a progressive understanding of the eternalExternalisation, 683:which the three worlds present. It is perhaps helpful to remember that when the Christ was inFire, 48:with them. The following table may be found helpful: Father Son Mother Spirit Soul Body LifeFire, 472:devas, and inevitably pay the penalty) it may be helpful [473] if the reason is understood, and manFire, 488:of the black and the white magician. It might be helpful here before proceeding further to look atFire, 867:destructive force becomes a factor for good and helpful stimulation, and can be used by Those WhoFire, 869:concerned. The following tabulation may be found helpful: Knowledge Petals - First circle OrganizedFire, 979:form, instead of being a constructive, vital, helpful force, is a destructive one in the world. IfFire, 1121:His purpose the dense physical body. It may be helpful if the student bears in mind the fact thatGlamour, 44:importance unless he applies that which is helpful, and ascertains clearly whether he is the victimHealing, 129:interest to remember, and students would find it helpful at this time, if they want to cooperateHealing, 237:as a matter of good taste, right feeling and helpful intention by individuals and groups to otherHealing, 314:that it is exceedingly difficult to do anything helpful. Yet the cure is only possible in theseHealing, 368:is posited. You would find it interesting and helpful to search out such passages. Science,Healing, 381:of fire, will be developed into a new and most helpful science. This, however, will come later. IHealing, 458:spot in the medulla oblongata will be found helpful and effective. A definite science of death willHealing, 479:and these have proved after many years to be helpful. Investigation and experiment and the steadilyHealing, 505:in the three worlds, we shall find it helpful to consider it under two main headings: First: TheHealing, 544:them here, beyond remarking that one of the most helpful things for a patient to remember and forHercules, 215:wheel, the path of the disciple, it might be helpful to briefly define the Zodiac so that we canInitiation, 67:Consciousness," by Mrs. Besant, page 27, may be helpful in explaining some matters that are apt toInitiation, 80:force becomes a factor for good and a helpful stimulation, and can be used by those who know how,Initiation, 86:ability to give forth and utter that which is helpful, possibly in the spoken word, but surely inInitiation, 177:and experience into faculty. It would be helpful if all of us pondered upon the difference betweenInitiation, 196:and students in the occident may find it helpful to meditate upon them: - "The kingdoms of thisIntellect, 230:upon the subject. Sometimes I have found it helpful to say to the puzzled beginner, who isMagic, 153:disciples. Some rules as to breathing, as to helpful process and as to practical living on theMagic, 369:in bringing that vision down to earth. It is helpful to differentiate between happiness, joy andMagic, 506:spot in the medulla oblongata will be found helpful and effective. A definite science of death willMagic, 574:by love and, therefore, would be constructive, helpful and healing. His attitude would be one ofMeditation, 96:following suggestions may be found useful and helpful: The student having withdrawn hisMeditation, 190:following behind. To say: "I hear" may prove helpful and encouraging; to add to that the words "IPatanjali, 103:Woods' translation of the sutras will be found helpful: "When freed from obscuration by impurity,Patanjali, 367:mind being marvellously enlarged." It might be helpful also if the brief comment of Dvivedi wereProblems, 76:used. The use of the strike, so beneficent and helpful [77] in the early days of the rise of laborProblems, 171:other hand, we can have a period (difficult but helpful because educative) of adjustment, ofPsychology1, 237:kingdom's life. Students will possibly find it helpful to consider this problem from the angle ofPsychology1, 319:not in terms of individual man. It may here be helpful if we note down our tabulation of certainPsychology1, 325:and of the higher types of aspirants, proves helpful [326] as a field of experiment, and it is inPsychology2, 431:a lengthened sense of time are both quieting and helpful to many types of mind; its interpretativePsychology2, 595:forms of breathing exercises which might prove helpful to some people in the work of reorganizingRayshabit of response. Two factors are of value and helpful in the production of the necessaryRays, 86:have precipitated the world crisis, and it is helpful for us to recognize the factual nature of theRays, 126:of the physical nature, and that is always helpful. He as yet does not know that he is adhering toRays, 220:does not take some Word as may be suggested by a helpful disciple and then proceed to "empower it."Rays, 332:their rightful place and guide man towards their helpful usage. Rays, 374:and sensitive to impression, the effect is not helpful and is often destructive, because theirRays, 376:near enough to the truth to be clarifying and helpful - it is this magnetic potency, this dynamicRays, 560:help you to understand this. They will prove helpful, provided that you remember always that theyRays, 709:and its ray is, at the same time, either helpful or a hindrance. To the energies which he hasRays, 743:Forces are seeking to bring about may prove helpful. If the Forces of Evil are active andReappearance, 33:the earth. This is, for them, entirely good and helpful and all that is immediately possible.Reappearance, 33:the intelligentsia throughout the world has been helpful. A new type of mystic is coming to beReappearance, 115:far easier to bring about. We would all find it helpful to reflect upon what are the factors
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