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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HELPFULNESS

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Autobiography, 68:the happiest remembrance of their kindness and helpfulness. I was so young and inexperienced; IAutobiography, 151:are more profitable from the angle of general helpfulness. Concentration on service can and doesDiscipleship1, 58:He practiced patience and forbearance and helpfulness and rendered service and this was worked outDiscipleship1, 99:of the world who should be active in service and helpfulness. This applies also to you. TheDiscipleship1, 131:results can be achieved. Right discrimination in helpfulness is rare, but you can give it. YouDiscipleship1, 186:myself known to you and to draw closer to you in helpfulness and understanding. My Ashram and thoseDiscipleship1, 333:of your soul pour through you with increasing helpfulness to your chosen band of comrades. Such isDiscipleship1, 500:service, of constant pressure, and of ardent helpfulness. This is for you the Way of Salvation.Discipleship1, 550:by going out to them in love and an attitude of helpfulness. You could do much for F. C. D. fromDiscipleship1, 604:self endeavor. The group stands by you in loving helpfulness and readiness to aid. So do I. This isDiscipleship1, 646:mind and maintain watchfulness over yourself and helpfulness towards others. I would ask you,Discipleship1, 676:and destroyed, and holding forth the hands of helpfulness. Upon his shoulder sits the bird ofDiscipleship2, 233:the angle of common sense and physical plane helpfulness. Have this ever in mind. I have been forDiscipleship2, 464:can return to that group with immunity and helpfulness in their hands - the group from which theyDiscipleship2, 592:in the form of a myriad plans for postwar helpfulness, in the form of thousands of groups and ofDiscipleship2, 750:I have to say to you. You might find it of true helpfulness if you gathered together and read atExternalisation, 639:of danger in this concept than there are of helpfulness. Nevertheless, it is a dream which willHealing, 256:orthodox medicine and other channels of proven helpfulness and upon the knowledge (acquired overHealing, 286:the occult healer is endeavoring to be of vital helpfulness. The work of the healer and of theIntellect, 234:efficiency, self-control, stability and helpfulness. We have found it wise to gauge the growth of aMagic, 118:In thinking out these ideas may come some helpfulness. You have an illustration of what I say inMagic, 253:in benediction, and the hands be used only in helpfulness, may well be the prayer of each of us.Magic, 426:but when noted will only serve to evoke a loving helpfulness. Magic, 427:They will meet solely to discuss modes of world helpfulness, the formation of a platform soMagic, 470:and destroyed, and holding forth the hands of helpfulness. Upon his shoulder sits the bird ofMeditation, 202:consideration and for speculation and is full of helpfulness for the wise student. Aught thatMeditation, 234:of color is of deep complexity, but of mutual helpfulness and benefit. Each ray imparts somewhat toPatanjali, 76:looked upon as a vehicle for the expression of: Helpfulness to our fellow men, Tender handling ofProblems, 56:using that word to mean understanding, helpfulness, brotherhood, right human relations and a beliefPsychology1, 173:on mutual need, mutual understanding, and mutual helpfulness, should gradually come into being. ItPsychology2, 128:to demonstrate a real understanding and a true helpfulness. As the flow of life becomes stronger
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