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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HELPING

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Initiation, 85:to account in the Master's service, and for the helping of man, the attainments [86] of the lowerInitiation, 87:and wisely use the psychic faculties for the helping of the race. Not only can he use theseInitiation, 132:movements. In all lesser movements for the helping of the race, initiated by the Masters workingInitiation, 159:scheme; of an adept producing results for the helping of humanity on the physical plane; and of anInitiation, 172:and thereby effect liberation for himself, thus helping the ends of evolution, and to cooperateIntellect, 261:the furthering of the ends of evolution, and the helping of the Plan. The mind, illumined by theMagic, 57:how much is given him for his consideration and helping if he knows how to read and ponder uponMagic, 118:They are working for others and aiming at the helping of their group. When egos and personalitiesMagic, 119:the personal self and is only interested in the helping of the many. It boils down, to use an aptMagic, 138:methods. Give to them love and care and a ready helping hand, for they will stumble on the way andMagic, 141:ideas, and utilize them in their groups for the helping of the world. The main work of a discipleMagic, 141:as will be suitable for those he is engaged in helping. Through sound, light and vibration to makeMagic, 319:the beneficent forces thus attracted for the helping of other beings. This has to be the firstMagic, 400:as the Great Ones stand, - lifting, teaching and helping. They recognize their peers and equals,Magic, 557:purpose and embodies some disciple's mode of helping humanity. It underlies group work, regarding aMagic, 575:will carry [575] truth, and will lead to the helping of others, for they will be detached and true.Magic, 576:only grasps that which [576] is needed for the helping of the group and releases at once towardsMagic, 638:opportunity to sacrifice all they have to the helping of humanity. Now is the need and the demand.Meditation, 16:of needed material and quality for the helping of the world, and the amassing of informationMeditation, 17:of the concrete mind to some problem for the helping of the race; it is the bending of every mentalMeditation, 34:in group formation - works on that plane at the helping of his kind. These facts are already halfMeditation, 43:that principle and the training of people in the helping of the world. The minor Rays of HarmonyMeditation, 91:save such as he purposes to make for the helping of the world can he be trusted wisely toMeditation, 116:collective humanity, giving of his best for the helping of the race. He serves through love,Meditation, 123:by the coming Lord and His Great Ones for the helping of the world. The thing to be remembered isMeditation, 123:lower vehicles. The motive is ever the greater helping of the race. The obsession is then not theMeditation, 145:the Ego contacts the world for purposes of helping the race. In so doing he is accomplishingMeditation, 176:for the guidance of the elemental forces and the helping of humanity. It is not safe for humanMeditation, 181:themselves, and who unselfishly work for the helping of the race. As I said earlier, they wereMeditation, 190:the way to other searchers, and to hold out a helping hand to those following behind. To say: "IMeditation, 257:Beings than ourselves; They hold out to us helping hands, and call to us in clarion tones toMeditation, 266:where the Masters (when manifesting for the helping of the sons of men) have Their habitat, [SinceMeditation, 269:equipment that the Master seeks for the helping of the race, and that will increase the richness ofMeditation, 332:and the voluntary giving of that life for the helping of the world. In the speeding up ofMeditation, 332:instrument, true as tempered steel, for the helping of his race. Forget not that, as a rule, a manMeditation, 340:and to utilize those thought forms for the helping of the public. He who does not think clearly,Meditation, 341:progress in conforming to the rules and in the helping of others. When this is so, suddenProblems, 67:most potent energy hitherto released for man's helping can or will be put. Its first constructiveProblems, 144:thus attained and who work with Christ for the helping and salvaging of humanity will be the goal.Psychology1, xix:a pledging of the entire personality to the helping of humanity, and the promise to the Higher SelfPsychology1, 111:and so constitute a good channel for the helping of humanity? First of all, you must see to it thatPsychology1, 119:of the soul is not yet substantiated; and in helping the truth into the light I seek to bring thePsychology1, 324:in order that those powers may be brought to the helping of the group need, and the personality ofPsychology1, 349:time embodied man's ideas and sufficed for his helping during the period of their growth. Ray twoPsychology2, 117:learn to work together whole-heartedly for the helping of the world and the assistance of thePsychology2, 121:to be comfortable again. The act of thus helping releases us from our misery, even if we fail toPsychology2, 132:will be turned in two directions: To the task of helping others to "stand in spiritual being", asPsychology2, 180:spiritual energy can flow, unimpeded, for the helping of humanity. The work to be done is veryPsychology2, 512:neither source of sustenance available for their helping. They are consequently depleted, full ofPsychology2, 610:will use the light which is in him for the helping of his fellowmen. It is the self-centered mysticPsychology2, 649:- individual, financial and spiritual - to the helping of the Plan. Psychology2, 690:who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the helping of humanity, and who see no separating barPsychology2, 725:1937. It could and did lay its plans for the helping of humanity. It could, and did mobilize andPsychology2, 735:all that they have without reservation to the helping of the world in its hour of need, the workPsychology2, 735:may be simply a symbolic and allegorical way of helping us to grasp our need. That is for us toRays, 335:Hierarchy can have a good and useful time [335] helping them. The picture is entirely different.Rays, 759:participating in the work of the Triangles and helping to build the network of light and goodwill,Reappearance, 38:of the Christ) is today focused on the task of helping humanity. The great moment for which He hasReappearance, 64:divine Person, laying His plans for the future helping of humanity, assessing His resources,Telepathy, 4:to bring through some constructive idea for the helping of humanity. He conceived of a world unityTelepathy, 94:thought which becomes available at need for the helping of other people and for the necessities of
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