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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HELPS

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Autobiography, 125:crying and wailing to one's friends. I knew "God helps those who help themselves" but at this timeAutobiography, 134:and I doubt if that kind of lecture ever helps anybody. I registered a resolve at that time that ifBethlehem, 241:there is nothing else they can do. Their pride helps them to encounter the event. Still othersDiscipleship1, 466:body. This is of real assistance to you and helps in the synthesis of the two lines of energy. YourDiscipleship1, 530:gardener, these many years dead, may be one who helps with this work. I do not know!) The wellDiscipleship1, 566:that to which I refer. Your physical body helps in the balancing of your predominantly second rayDiscipleship2, 474:people to him because he steadily loves and helps. Some of these may be just passing by to otherDiscipleship2, 701:by you than by those on the other rays. R.S.W. helps you not, much as she has attempted to do so.Fire, 1051:as now studied and taught misleads more than it helps, and astrological students are as yetHealing, 700:and obvious to the healer, which greatly helps. You could determine also what ray energy should beHercules, 137:in the coloring of birds and beasts which helps to protect their lives. Man in dangerousHercules, 164:for me, my formulation of the truth, because it helps me to live. Other groups use otherInitiation, 60:the deva, or angel evolution, until their agency helps to make possible the great revelation in theMagic, 305:in and out of his physical body at will, these helps will no longer be needed. They may be regardedMagic, 356:of the light, the achieving of a wisdom which helps and aids is not the prerogative of the Senecas,Meditation, 66:with greater ease and according to the law, and helps the inner Teachers to find the line of leastMeditation, 109:the will of his Ego. For such an one, meditation helps not, but mainly hinders. As before I haveMeditation, 208:in dealing with esoteric matters lower manas helps not. Only he who has the higher vision inMeditation, 343:to eventuate in continuous correctness, and helps much in the endeavor. Where failure follows inPsychology2, 421:his sense of self-identity - all these are sound helps towards the elimination of this type of
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