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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEMISPHERES

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Astrology, 235:of all the spiritually minded teachers in both hemispheres, embodying the experience of the EastAstrology, 526:change both for individuals and nations, for hemispheres and planets. All can move off a minor rayAutobiography, 291:the earth and false Christs are arising in both hemispheres, thereby proving the accuracy of theBethlehem, 14:and the Christ, have set Their seal upon both hemispheres - the Buddha being the Teacher for theBethlehem, 17:like a bridge between the Eastern and Western hemispheres, separating two most differentBethlehem, 104:and to which the lives of God's saints in both hemispheres have ever testified. Bethlehem, 154:or otherwise), in every clime and in both hemispheres. And be it remembered, it is only the friendsBethlehem, 209:a narrow strip of territory between the two hemispheres, the East and the West, the Orient and theDestiny, 101:change both for individuals and nations, for hemispheres and planets. All can move off a minor rayDiscipleship1, 44:the heights of their achievement. They swayed hemispheres and centuries, whereas the lesser sons ofEducation, vii:Federation in which the Eastern and Western hemispheres function like the right and left lobes ofEducation, 119:in the southern waters in both oceans and hemispheres, as well as the descendants of the racesExternalisation, 112:as it does the majority of nations in both hemispheres. No nation remains at this time unaffectedExternalisation, 188:and exports. The standard of living in both hemispheres will be lowered; everything will be relatedExternalisation, 292:the thinking and the civilizations of both hemispheres; because They are divine-human Avatars andExternalisation, 374:color all the past history of mankind in both hemispheres, and have laid the foundation for theExternalisation, 451:both in the northern and in the southern hemispheres, are still basically ignorant of the historyExternalisation, 486:of all the religions to be found in both hemispheres. This is a vast program, but the number ofFire, 81:human constitution or the center on which two hemispheres of higher and lower existence turn as IFire, 673:of compassion and may be conceived as the two hemispheres of the burning globe of light that isFire, 673:the nature of the entire cosmos divisible as two hemispheres, the one being the land of the sunriseGlamour, 177:values whereby advanced humanity of both hemispheres seek to live and which, from time to time,Healing, 381:populations of the devastated countries in both hemispheres) - the widespread research beingHercules, 3:they will acquire new and vivid life. In both hemispheres there have been many books written on theHercules, 50:figures in the world of mysticism in both hemispheres, were married and raised families. DisciplesIntellect, 4:has already proceeded apace and thinkers in both hemispheres are realizing that this fusion isIntellect, 11:seers and thinkers of all ages and in both hemispheres have said such a world exists. With thisIntellect, 45:men, who will unify the achievements of the two hemispheres and link the subjective and objectiveIntellect, 111:embodies the position of all the mystics in both hemispheres: Intellect, 182:In the words of all schools of mystics in both hemispheres, these results are summed up in theMagic, 74:the relation between the Eastern and the Western hemispheres and between those great bodies ofMagic, 550:consideration among the philosophers of both hemispheres. Both in the solar system, the macrocosmProblems, 137:Christ did? Can churchmen of all faiths in both hemispheres attain that inner spiritual light whichPsychology2, 641:of some new idea. Men and women in both hemispheres are swept today by the desire to change the oldPsychology2, 643:man and woman in every country in both [643] hemispheres, who is working to heal the breachesPsychology2, 672:differences, and the religious feuds in both hemispheres, have reduced the world to turmoil andReappearance, 5:has been anticipated by the faithful in both hemispheres - not only by the Christian faithful, butReappearance, 10:the thinking and civilizations of both hemispheres. Because They are human-divine Avatars, TheyReappearance, 93:the heights of Their achievement. They swayed hemispheres and centuries, whereas lesser sons of GodSoul, 18:to investigate it. The psychology of our two hemispheres is so widely different, the approach toSoul, 76:They bridged the gap therefore between the two hemispheres. Plato expounded the doctrine of theSoul, 133:of the philosophers and saints of both hemispheres, we should be able to work out a system and aSoul, 137:of the great mystics, saints and adepts of both hemispheres will give much information about theSoul, 144:and deity in all the ancient pictures of both hemispheres an indication that the artists knew they
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