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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HERD

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Astrology, 102:man who emerges out of the mass and herd in Cancer, substituting, for instinctual consciousness,Astrology, 234:work it out as the aeons slip away and as the herd instinct gives place to the premeditated andAstrology, 234:I would remind you, however, that the herd instinct in relation to sex has its basis either inAstrology, 292:consciousness in Leo. Out of the mass or the herd emerges the self-sufficient unit which becomesAstrology, 485:stepping out of the ranks of the mass-conscious herd, and out of the deep sleep of irresponsibilityAstrology, 496:the slow unintelligent subconsciousness of the herd becomes the self-awareness of the developed manAstrology, 554:Common Cross because it conditions the common herd, the mass of humanity. Bethlehem, 201:self-assertion of the individual against the herd, a principle which we can only designate by theDiscipleship1, 187:of spiritual aspiration to be found in the herd, in the mass, and not with or in the individual.Discipleship1, 703:plane. This is the higher correspondence to the herd instinct of the animal world and of the worldDiscipleship1, 703:and quite differently motivated. The lower herd instinct is motivated largely by the instinct ofExternalisation, 120:and community life or the expression of the herd instinct on a higher or lower turn of the spiralHealing, 193:manner) and are not so definitely related to the herd or mass condition, They arise within theHealing, 278:over-population of the planet, leading to the herd life of humanity and the consequent economicHealing, 354:[354] days of the racial life - for then the herd instinct was not so powerful as it is today - isHealing, 546:mass consciousness and the demonstration of the herd instinct must not be confounded with the senseHercules, 88:therefore, Cancer is the sign of instinct, of herd life, of mass reaction. It represents theHercules, 92:the sheepfold; he is no longer one of the great herd of emigrants, but he has emerged out of theHercules, 191:all forms and transcendent also. I am one of the herd animals that has been kept by Augeas, and theHercules, 195:hands, is lord and king. Unlawfully he holds a herd of dark red cattle. From Erytheia to our SacredHercules, 195:Erytheia to our Sacred City must you drive this herd. Beware of Eurytion, the shepherd, and hisHercules, 196:cattle strayed, and Hercules would leave the herd in search of errant wanderers. Across the Alps heHercules, 197:Geryon with a body of three men united. He had a herd of red cattle, guarded by a shepherd and aHercules, 212:to individual awareness. Emergence out of the herd. Self-consciousness. Self assertion. PolarIntellect, 80:between the soul and its vehicle; whilst the herd instinct will be transmuted into groupMagic, 627:which the race can come into manifestation. The herd instinct can easily be seen to have its rootMagic, 628:soul and the negative and receptive form. The herd instinct finds its divine consummation in anMagic, 629:union At-one-ment Religion. Mysticism. 3. Herd Group consciousness Brotherhood. 4. Self-AssertionProblems, 19:nation in Europe. Germany still expresses the herd consciousness. This must be transmuted intoProblems, 98:protection and for communal happiness tended to herd together and to seek each other out, and thePsychology1, 251:power to love, to serve and to emerge from the herd into the [252] group. Ponder on the words ofPsychology1, 255:course present in its form-building aspect, as herd instinct and as the basis of the sex relationPsychology1, 324:instinctual love for family and children and herd which men share in common with the animals andPsychology1, 426:power to love, to serve and to emerge from the herd into the group. Ponder on the words of thisPsychology2, 233:makes him psychically gregarious and willing to herd (of choice or perforce) with his fellow man.Psychology2, 559:b. Sex. Sex. Human love. Attraction. c. Herd instinct. Gregariousness. Group consciousness. d.Psychology2, 563:whatever that environment may be. The herd instinct of the animal is, for instance, the embryonicTelepathy, 13:of group telepathic communication, of which herd or mass telepathy (so well known) is the lowest
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