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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEREAFTER

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Bethlehem, 209:abundant life is surely not a life to be lived hereafter, in some distant heaven where those whoBethlehem, 250:of the world provides legitimate assurance of a hereafter wherein the integrity of the divineBethlehem, 251:attention to the eternal interest of man in the hereafter, and his many speculations as to hisDestiny, 43:today) that the true nature of death and of the hereafter will be revealed. But it is in connectionDiscipleship1, 387:from point to point upon the Way, both now and hereafter. The decision and effort must come fromExternalisation, 121:in the nature of an aspiration towards a sensed hereafter, for a satisfying beauty and forFire, 114:- S. D., I, 153. They are concerned with the Hereafter. - S. D., I, 151. They are in three groups.Fire, 701:of the coming of the Lords of Flame is discussed hereafter under the heading "Individualization."Magic, 84:the inner voice that bears witness to the life hereafter, and they drown the words that echo in thePatanjalieither earthly or traditional, either here or hereafter. 16. The consummation of thisPatanjali, 28:either earthly or traditional, either here or hereafter. Non-attachment can also be described asPatanjali, 326:powers described hitherto and to be described hereafter... serve as obstacles because they becomeProblems, 107:the emphasis upon love and goodness and the life hereafter) is understood by the emotionallyPsychology1, 276:results, either today in the physical body or hereafter in the other world of [277] penalty. ButPsychology2, 368:and on the remaining three which are indicated hereafter, we shall bring clearly into ourSoul, 145:has supplanted its predecessors, so it may hereafter itself be superseded by some more perfect
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