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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HEREIN

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Magic, 85:in the attempt to make the mind receptive, for herein lies the clue to right action). The soul'sMagic, 127:than the set phrase composing the word of power. Herein lies the problem - to sound these two notesMagic, 127:notes synchronously and with the mind focused. Herein lies a clue to the significance of the AUM orMagic, 151:moment that the aspirant must seize opportunity. Herein lies a hint. Then comes the process ofMagic, 164:will it serve his purpose and express his ideal. Herein lies the secret of all successfulMagic, 352:Christ life enters and the form becomes alive. Herein lies the difference between theory and makingMagic, 404:of speed, towards Their objective, but - and herein lies the immediate interest of what I have toMeditation, 211:bands do not all move at the same rate, and herein lies hid the key to the complexity of theMeditation, 235:profit by the sum of the qualities of his life. Herein comes opportunity. In the intelligentMeditation, 336:this force will be possible in individual cases. Herein lies one of the secrets of initiation. InPatanjalithe world is achieved by following the rules herein contained. When all the sons of men havePatanjali, 15:the "Makara" and treads the Way of the Kumaras. Herein lies a hint to the more advanced students ofPatanjali, 20:form the sum total of the "great illusion!" Herein lies a hint to the earnest aspirant. ThatPatanjali, 276:on desire) of every human unit throughout time. Herein lies the great deception of the records.Patanjali, 308:birth of the Christ in the cave of the heart. Herein lies the deep mystery of initiation, and it isPatanjali, 354:types of energy to the chosen objectives, and herein opens up a vast field of study for thePatanjali, 409:light and our entire approach to him is changed. Herein lies the clue to our limitations. HereinPatanjali, 409:Herein lies the clue to our limitations. Herein lies the promise of our success. Latent faculty,Problems, 97:is widely different to that of the Western, and herein is to be found a part of the difficulty. ItPsychology1, 264:and travaileth together in pain until now." Herein is found the secret of the resurrection, viewingPsychology1, 269:only when need arises and right demands. Herein lies a great distinction and a clue is offered toPsychology1, 394:did not function with true unanimity; hence (and herein lies a hint) our Earth is not one of thePsychology2, 13:of the living process on the physical plane. Herein lies much danger and difficulty, and also muchPsychology2, 29:we are enfolded within it and subject to it. Herein may be found a clue to the difficult problem ofPsychology2, 29:he is helpless. He has no choice and no escape. Herein lies a hint upon the working of karma in thePsychology2, 57:Influence But it must also be remembered (and herein lies the clue to world unfoldment and to thePsychology2, 93:solar angels to make further progress possible. Herein lies Our service to God, through sacrificePsychology2, 153:passed, and raised, and now can be perfected. Herein lies a great mystery. These seventeen degrees,Psychology2, 192:universe can carry forward the work needed; and (herein lies the clue) those building forces willPsychology2, 216:the benefit [216] of man, upon this opportunity. Herein lie both responsibility and the ground forPsychology2, 252:and that is in the direction of consciousness. Herein lies its major interest, for in this respectPsychology2, 638:to all the groups outlined above, and that herein lies their strength and herein lies theirPsychology2, 638:above, and that herein lies their strength and herein lies their usefulness to the New Group ofRays, 32:said "spiritual energy" and not soul force, and herein lies a distinction which you will some dayRays, 133:manner than perhaps the most optimistic suspect; herein lies the hope of the world, and here is toRays, 163:in perfect harmony with the will of Shamballa. Herein lies one of the mysteries of the resurrectionRays, 449:and the other the basis of continuity. Herein lies a fine distinction for the investigator. OneRays, 485:of consciousness or toward light appearance." Herein lies the difficulty for the beginner. He has,Reappearance, 160:and taken in by what we have decided is a fraud. Herein lies our challenge. It will take all thatSoul, 155:ultimate nature, is incapable of formulation. Herein the higher will is not peculiar. "All things,"Telepathy, 147:love) in the case of advanced humanity. Herein lies full opportunity for all, as the Law ofTelepathy, 179:and the resemblance - based upon what I gave you herein in relation to the human centers - is
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