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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HERETOFORE

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Astrology, 163:of the Crocodiles. A reference to the tabulation heretofore given will show this. It is only when aAstrology, 286:counterpart of this unity is stronger today than heretofore and the types which produce thisAtom, 6:are susceptible of clearer definition than heretofore, and though we do not know the answers to ourAutobiography, 231:definite lines and on a much larger scale than heretofore is made possible by the coming in of theBethlehem, 155:them He was more than the Person they had known heretofore. Through this experience God became aDestiny, 134:- will begin to work far more subjectively than heretofore. It will recognize the existence ofDiscipleship1, 23:the Hierarchy can work with greater surety than heretofore. There will (through this and analogousDiscipleship1, 108:well and the heart center is more alive than heretofore. You are awakening to the consciousness ofDiscipleship1, 129:people as they really are and appreciating, as heretofore, the divine in them to stand aside fromDiscipleship1, 195:be summed up as follows: Keep your meditation as heretofore. Follow carefully the review workDiscipleship1, 229:I call you to a more dynamic living than heretofore. The attainment of the outer attitude in yourDiscipleship1, 237:background and you are now more inclusive than heretofore. See to it that steady progress is madeDiscipleship1, 268:the general plan. You are inwardly freer than heretofore and must endeavor to keep your personalityDiscipleship1, 305:way your equilibrium, my brother. Preserve as heretofore that inner silence that guards the secretsDiscipleship1, 308:Continue with the breathing exercises as heretofore. Then meditate as follows: Focus theDiscipleship1, 321:group service and not so much individual work as heretofore, and remember that the gift of power inDiscipleship1, 356:in that work and needed more dynamically than heretofore. Grasp that idea and stand steadily withDiscipleship1, 417:meditation; see people and talk to them as heretofore but reduce somewhat the time given to each.Discipleship1, 421:service. Continue the breathing exercise as heretofore, and then proceed as follows: Withdraw yourDiscipleship1, 459:of the inner channel of contact. Continue as heretofore with the breathing exercises and with yourDiscipleship1, 560:of your life) be of greater service than heretofore. If you are a disciple, you must bear in mindDiscipleship1, 695:in much wider distribution of energy than heretofore. Today, as the Coming One nears the earth andDiscipleship1, 700:works in closer relation with his Master than heretofore, he begins to collaborate as far as is inDiscipleship2, 55:brought in a far more complicated activity than heretofore. I explained to you, if you willDiscipleship2, 73:change your full moon work a little. Proceed as heretofore, but as you stand with me before theDiscipleship2, 268:fact that his approach is now mental, and not as heretofore, devotional and emotional andDiscipleship2, 352:which is not that of disciple and Master (as heretofore), but which is based onDiscipleship2, 504:successfully launched, but proceed with them as heretofore - no matter where may be the place ofDiscipleship2, 508:I have few instructions to give you. Proceed as heretofore, but deepen persistently your own innerDiscipleship2, 534:vision but made decision on a higher level than heretofore possible. You underwent a period of muchDiscipleship2, 543:all - with a much more inclusive vision than heretofore. Learn to think in wide terms and worldDiscipleship2, 585:indicates much. You can be trusted to proceed as heretofore, but I would ask somewhat more. I wouldDiscipleship2, 692:so) in your equipment are far more dominant than heretofore. Had you realized how over-potent wasDiscipleship2, 709:work and service with far more to give than heretofore. This I know would be your own desire; IDiscipleship2, 713:You stand much freer from entanglements than heretofore; you face fresh opportunity for service andEducation, 84:will make a far wider use of psychology than heretofore. A trend in this direction is definitely toEducation, 137:all that has been given out on the sex relation heretofore, is twofold in its implications: ToExternalisation, 80:Elder Brothers and Masters are to be found as heretofore, guiding humanity along the path of lifeExternalisation, 461:human family in a sounder way of life than heretofore, and to give a saner and wiser motivation toExternalisation, 539:is now the Custodian of far greater power than heretofore, on account of Its adjustment toFire, viii:usefulness in solving the problems of humanity. Heretofore, advanced esoteric teaching has almostFire, 100:are dealt with here in a larger sense than heretofore, and the subject may later be enlarged. TwoHealing, 304:and will be a great deal more prevalent than heretofore, as this ray is now coming into power. ItHealing, 396:because a man is dead he must be more wise than heretofore. When the medium at times succeeds inHercules, 173:and impersonal sign. All the labors of Hercules heretofore have been concerned with his ownIntellect, 207:enable a man to do more in a shorter time than heretofore and to get better results from hisIntellect, 254:also find themselves unable to sleep as well as heretofore. They are, in fact, over-stimulated. TheMagic, 6:happenings are commoner than at any time heretofore, whilst matters telepathic, psychic, andMagic, 153:and Rishis that they be left freer than has heretofore been the case. This may mean a slightlyMagic, 260:there a coherent group for the Masters to use. Heretofore, there have been lonely isolated workersMagic, 314:now in closer rhythm with this planet than has heretofore been the case (this not being a sacredMeditation, 2:it, - to the physical brain consciousness. Heretofore it has only been direct at rare intervals.Meditation, 10:the quiescent vibration to a higher note than heretofore; to cause the consciousness to vibrate toMeditation, 122:the danger of obsession is greater than ever heretofore. But for your cheering - the reverse holdsMeditation, 128:this contact more easy of attainment than heretofore. It is therefore the ray on whichProblems, 56:will make a far wider use of psychology than heretofore. A trend in this direction is already to bePsychology2, 115:will go forward with much greater speed than heretofore, and to this call many will respond. [116] Psychology2, 191:will make a deeper and different study than has heretofore been undertaken on the Law of Rebirth. Psychology2, 466:and to live in the same state of mind as heretofore, or so he thinks, and so he decides. ThesePsychology2, 651:[651] there is a much closer inner welding than heretofore. The group will be found divided intoPsychology2, 700:can go forward with much greater speed than heretofore, and the results will be appreciablyRays, 338:the initiate to express divinity more fully than heretofore; this means that he increasingly canRays, 424:upon the indicated Path entirely blindly, as heretofore. He is now given a revelation of the trueRays, 513:inner planes of meaning and not to depend, as heretofore, upon the outer activity of sound.Rays, 540:light, to prove more adequately than [540] heretofore his capacities within the greatly increasedRays, 677:his thinking and his purposes - energies which heretofore (even if present) were quiescent and notRays, 716:- made its first direct impact upon humanity; heretofore, it reached mankind in the three worldsTelepathy, 182:organized to convey a better picture than heretofore. This is also a brief preamble to anotherTelepathy, 188:more forcefully the kingdom of souls than heretofore. The Hierarchy has, however, no interior
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