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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HERSELF

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Astrology, 271:Virgo guards and nourishes and hides within herself. Through Aries and Scorpio, the Christ-life andAstrology, 284:the disciple, the voice emerges from the Virgin Herself and she says: "I am the mother and theAstrology, 664:Constantly vampirized by her child, she revenges herself on it, by soaking it through and throughAutobiography, X:I alone know how triumphantly she opened herself to receive the impact of many types of destructiveAutobiography, 15:later took up cancer research and has made herself a brilliant name in the field of this mostAutobiography, 18:and though her theology was very narrow, yet she herself was very broad. She gave me certainAutobiography, 18:which have never failed me and to the end, she herself never failed me. When I became interested inAutobiography, 30:it but that - as a matter of discipline for herself and in order to help me - she was not going toAutobiography, 54:were quite unique and that Miss Elise Sandes herself was a very exquisite, charming and culturedAutobiography, 63:who could be spared to go out in her place. She herself was getting old and Eva Maguire could notAutobiography, 130:"She must have done something to have brought herself down to this kind of work." "Better not beAutobiography, 185:taking no advantage of the girl unless the girl herself were willing. When I make this criticism ofAutobiography, 207:which I could scarcely read, telling me about herself. The letter was mailed for her by someone.Autobiography, 217:out what was our point of view and offering herself as a collaborator with us. She suggested theAutobiography, 225:a very real friendship between her husband and herself and Foster and me. Later we stayed with themAutobiography, 248:alike of Angels and of men. She has steadily set herself, with my full [249] approval, against theAutobiography, 257:by thousands of people. She has not sheltered herself behind me or her own Master and made usAutobiography, 260:data in the Treatise that Mrs. Bailey could not herself have formulated this teaching, for it dealsAutobiography, 302:impressions. She is not, however, occupying herself with running around to individuals, tellingBethlehem, 65:Mary, with her husband Joseph and bearing within herself the Christ Child, went up from Nazareth inBethlehem, 76:and distressed, called His attention to herself and to His father, but only received the calmBethlehem, 145:of the material nature of God. She typifies in herself that which preserves the life of God, latentDestiny, 76:the Leo influences. France, as yet, matters to herself more than humanity matters and the questionDestiny, 76:she achieve the terrific task of decentralizing herself, of sacrificing herself for the common goodDestiny, 76:task of decentralizing herself, of sacrificing herself for the common good and of relinquishing herDestiny, 81:the Libra aspect. Great Britain regards herself as the preserver of the balance of power among theDiscipleship1, 95:it to my group of disciples and to me to see herself as she truly is - a disciple in preparationDiscipleship1, 331:to express this, that she retires within herself and (if I may use a phrase of real ugliness) sheDiscipleship1, 366:place. I am suggesting to her that she regard herself as suspended from her group endeavor and fromDiscipleship1, 396:only present need is to stand steady and to give herself time to stabilize into her new rhythm.Discipleship1, 781:alike of Angels and of men. She has steadily set herself, with my full approval, against theDiscipleship2, 28:plane. C.D.P. is now in process of freeing herself from astral limitations, and by the time the sunDiscipleship2, 712:that her workers make. She has made them herself and knows their relative unimportance. SheExternalisation, 207:has come upon the world, but she has within herself the seeds of her own punishment; these seedsExternalisation, 356:however, be said that Germany has focused in herself world glamor - the most potent and expressiveFire, 18:of blue felt the vibration and answering, roused herself and hastened to the call. The Second, withFire, 1068:and inadequate; these Nature, if left to herself, would long ago have discarded. They therebyGlamour, 37:them. I.B.S. has gone a long way in freeing herself from certain aspects of glamor. L.T.S-K. isGlamour, 163:however, be said that Germany has focused in herself world glamor - the most potent and expressiveHealing, 350:and suffering to forms which nature (left to herself) would not long use, and would extinguish.Hercules, 15:of the Way. Minerva handed him a robe, woven by herself, a robe that fitted well, of beauty rareHercules, 124:the disciple, the voice emerges from the Virgin herself, and she says: 'I am the mother and theInitiation, 1:Lest it be inferred that the writer arrogates to herself any credit or personal authority for theIntellect, 170:quite apart from her mysticism, expresses herself about her central vision in a quite similar way.Problems, 16:and desire for material gratification, priding herself on her realism, but not on any spiritualProblems, 17:and sought collaboration, [17] thus proving herself innately weaker than those much smaller nationsProblems, 22:fermentation in other countries before she herself really knows what is the revelation of which shePsychology1, 386:the Jew I will deal later. Germany cannot help herself, for though the first ray is not inRays, 626:will recover, provided she does not again permit herself to become a battleground, owing to her
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