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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HID

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Fire, 1279:The cosmic Lord, Whose sacred Name as yet is hid [1280] e'en from the highest Chohan, holdethGlamour, 79:a mystery, for the secret of world glamor lies hid in the thought that this triple differentiationHealing, 11:can grasp. The whole intent, as it lies hid in the mind of God, may be very different to what manHealing, 65:or difficulty - physical or psychological - lies hid in a long past which the victim (with hisHealing, 128:to the establishment of the world order lies hid in this symbology - free circulation of all thatHealing, 416:lies a yet more esoteric and ulterior purpose, hid in the Will Consciousness of the [417] SupremeHercules, 68:ways Of my own mind; and in the mist of tears I hid from Him, and under running laughter. UpHercules, 126:skill. He set a snare with skill, and wisely hid, and then he waited in a shadow dark for theHercules, 156:that remained. They rose in clouds so thick they hid the sun. He thought of setting traps withinInitiation, 18:between the Ego and the personality lies hid the mystery of the Christian doctrine of theInitiation, 115:the accomplishment of a purpose which has been hid during the ages in the heart of the Self. ThatInitiation, 116:angel," "sphere of fire," and "lotus," lies hid some aspect of the central mystery of human life,Initiation, 189:In the physical plane structure of the eye lies hid the secret and in its study may come someMagic, 10:quality) of a life. These springs of action lie hid in the purpose of any life, whether it be aMagic, 149:an esoteric habit, and in this thought lies hid the secret of esoteric psychology. The man isMagic, 211:towards that central Life or Energy which holds hid within Itself the purpose and plan towardsMagic, 262:changes, and in this changing of vibration lies hid the secret of form-shattering andMagic, 371:that in the destruction of the form lies hid the secret of all evolution. Think not this is truism.Magic, 436:the body with which man [436] is equipped lies hid the secret of past experience, and every lunarMagic, 456:latency, and in these mathematical formulas lie hid the purpose, the quality and the form of theMagic, 457:has been inspired by the Spirit aspect, lie hid the potencies of the finished thought-forms. TheMagic, 463:however that the mystery of causes lies hid in past universes - all, in their day, the "formsMagic, 465:circumstances. In this realization lies hid the secret of racial and national karma and conditions.Magic, 605:that which lies beyond that kingdom must remain hid to man just as much as the human state of beingMeditation, 7:goal. It is a point far ahead in time, but holds hid the secret of the greater cycle. [8] Meditation, 24:developed. Later Atlantean days hold the analogy hid. The desires are not so purely physical, forMeditation, 37:is largely pain in matter. The pain that lies hid in comprehension, not resistance, is felt to theMeditation, 51:of the Secret Doctrine. Four yet remain hid, though the fourth is emerging somewhat through theMeditation, 52:In the apprehension of these basic facts lies hid much light on the use of the Word in meditation.Meditation, 78:the centers, the causal body and meditation lies hid in the following hint: it is through the rapidMeditation, 101:vibration. "The secret of the Fire lies hid in the second letter of the Sacred Word. The mystery ofMeditation, 102:latent in the microcosmic physical vehicles lies hid a veritable fire that can either be aMeditation, 155:evolution as well. The secret of it all lies hid in the seventh Ceremonial Ray, and the hour forMeditation, 182:setting back of the plans of the Logos lies hid in the remnants of active cosmic Evil that hadMeditation, 193:point is of fundamental interest, and holds hid the secret of the most potent use of sound. ThatMeditation, 205:permitting supply. The law of gravitation holds hid the secret. Think this out. Meditation, 211:not all move at the same rate, and herein lies hid the key to the complexity of the matter. SomeMeditation, 215:that in the esoteric interpretation lies hid half the mystery, and the other half is concealed byMeditation, 220:between indigo, blue and yellow lies hid a secret. In the relationship between green, orange andMeditation, 247:on the etheric, and this again will be found hid in the law of vibration and of color. Later... weMeditation, 250:bring about cohesion; in these two thoughts lie hid the next step ahead for the science of theMeditation, 336:is, that in the manipulation of electricity lies hid much that concerns the vivification of theMeditation, 336:safeguarding of the secret. It holds the mystery hid. [337] The refining of the etheric ThisPatanjali, 160:the entire science of yoga. Certain thoughts lie hid in its formulation which cover the wholePatanjali, 252:illumine any subject. Nothing can therefore be hid from him and all knowledge is at his disposal.Patanjali, 369:the words: My life (the lower physical life) is hid with Christ (the soul life) in God (thePsychology1, 75:way comes as a cloud which veils the sun. But hid behind this cloud of immanence is love, and onPsychology1, 89:side of the three kingdoms in nature. It holds hid the secret of physical color and sound. It isPsychology1, 122:But the rarer levels of the physical plane lie hid and are, for man, his next field of discovery.Psychology1, 189:are only apparent, and their cause lies hid in the right understanding of the Law of Cycles. UntilPsychology1, 213:is quite unavoidable. Their comprehension lies hid in the capacity to "recover" the past and to seePsychology1, 388:and future functioning of the nations lie hid in the present activity. The readers of this treatisePsychology1, 388:incidents of travel cannot be revealed, but lie hid in the racial karma. The time has not yet comePsychology2, 36:floated upon the bosom of the waters. Deeply he hid himself, and his light was no more seen, - onlyPsychology2, 37:Ray Three "The Blessed One gathered force. He hid himself behind a veil. He rolled himself withinPsychology2, 37:He rolled himself within that veil, and deeply hid his face. Naught could be seen but that whichPsychology2, 88:of sins" and of the "at-one-ment" lies hid in this simple phrase. It is the basis of the ChristianPsychology2, 171:His hand held others, and for their sake, he hid his shame, his fear, his hopelessness and hisPsychology2, 271:soul, and the revelation of divinity. The secret hid by the inverted lotus (the world) is to beRays, 11:may be rapid. In the heart of every man lies hid the flower of the intuition. On that you canRays, 52:the note of the involutionary arc. In it are hid the secret of evil or matter, the uses of form,Rays, 114:approaches to truth the new revelation lies hid; it will take the place of the teaching upon theRays, 766:close by the outer rim, lies the key that holds hid the secret. The threshold of that inner door,Rays, 766:- Appendix The Key Key the first lies hid under the Threshold, guarded by the Watcher. He whoRays, 766:bloodstained feet and the nail-marked hands lies hid the secret. Seek you them. Then door theReappearance, 72:workers; yet all of these future events lie hid in a certain fundamental decision of humanitySoul, 59:most subtle spirit which pervades and lies hid in all gross bodies; by the force and action ofTelepathy, 10:which sent them forth. In this thought lies hid the cause of: The failure on the part of the
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