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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIDDEN

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Astrology, 678:(which is the sixth in reality. A.A.B.) is hidden in the zodiacal sign Leo." (Vol. I, 234) Astrology, 682:in the development of our scheme, and in it lies hidden the secret of this world cycle. It is notAstrology, 691:Mars are closely allied to these three, but a hidden mystery lies here. The evolution of the innerAtom, 14:"sweetly ordering" all things according to some hidden purpose which it is not possible for us,Atom, 22:is latent within that world itself, that lies hidden at the heart of the atom of chemistry, withinAtom, 50:that the mystery of all we see around us may be hidden in the will and intelligent purpose of thatAtom, 152:defined as something which holds a great truth hidden until we are ready to understand it), and ifAtom, 156:say that in the mystery of electricity is hidden all knowledge, and that when we have fathomed thatAutobiography, 266:"esoteric" and "occult" signify "that which is hidden"; they indicate that which lies behind theAutobiography, 266:subjective but nevertheless material forces (hidden within the human being), and frequently uponAutobiography, 275:knowledge. The truth has also been veiled and hidden by a vast body of secondary teaching which hasBethlehem, 21:dwells within. It reveals, step by step, the hidden life which every form and symbol veils andBethlehem, 24:which is the attribute of Deity and also the hidden attribute of every son of God. Sentiment isBethlehem, 35:achievement. Only by our living divinely can our hidden divinity find true expression. ThisBethlehem, 37:to the final peak of human achievement. The hidden divinity will then shine forth in its glory,Bethlehem, 38:earth is to bring to the surface that which is hidden within the human heart, and to unveil to ourBethlehem, 42:of the living Christ has been present, though hidden, in every human being. But in due time andBethlehem, 52:It is this Word which will quicken into life the hidden soul of man and galvanize him into aBethlehem, 65:on the episode itself and unveil some of its hidden meaning. In the study of the Bible story, IBethlehem, 67:when the inner divine life is so deeply hidden that it shows no sign, and only the material natureBethlehem, 67:and triumphant. Then matter, the custodian of hidden divinity, beauty and reality, ready to bringBethlehem, 67:whether one is speaking of the cosmic Christ, hidden by the form of a solar system; of the mythicBethlehem, 67:form of a solar system; of the mythic Christ, hidden in humanity down the ages; of the historicalBethlehem, 67:the form of Jesus; or of the individual Christ, hidden within the ordinary man. For always the [68]Bethlehem, 71:revealed God, and through the individual Christ, hidden in every human heart, Who must be broughtBethlehem, 77:of solitude to do His duty among men. After the hidden experience in Egypt (for no account of thisBethlehem, 82:needed? Perhaps from the following statements: Hidden in every human being is the "Word incarnate,"Bethlehem, 83:of men. Christ is not yet made manifest. He is hidden and veiled by the form. Mary is seen, not theBethlehem, 83:and nearer to the indwelling reality and the hidden deity. But the Christ Child is still hidden inBethlehem, 83:the hidden deity. But the Christ Child is still hidden in the womb of the form. In due time, theBethlehem, 83:Son. The long journey draws to a close, and the hidden Christ Child is born at the firstBethlehem, 92:never previously seen. The soul, which is the hidden Christ in all, mediates between the spiritBethlehem, 92:which He came to show and which He saw also (hidden and veiled) in all, enjoining upon us that weBethlehem, 93:open up before us, new aspects of our own hidden spiritual nature emerge, and we begin to discoverBethlehem, 101:up: John, symbolizing the divine aspect deeply hidden in man, which prompts a man towards theBethlehem, 102:to labor for the Kingdom as the unrecognized and hidden Messiah, and must prove and purify himselfBethlehem, 116:the issue with Christ, and such the implications hidden in the devil's threefold "If." [117]Bethlehem, 117:by the devil. If that Word is remote, deep-hidden by the veiling form, only distorted sounds willBethlehem, 138:him divinity may be present, but it is deeply hidden. However, today, through our psychologicalBethlehem, 146:Mary regarded her body, as the repository of the hidden Christ, and we shall look forward to thatBethlehem, 147:into the butterfly. Deep in man lies this hidden beauty, unrealized, but struggling for release. Bethlehem, 149:while the outer form which has veiled and hidden it dissolves, or is so transformed that only theBethlehem, 192:who fitted himself to penetrate into a hidden arcanum or temple, but Christ revealed them toBethlehem, 194:when man, as man, has died in order that the hidden Christ may live. The lower carnal nature (asBethlehem, 201:as he sets himself up against the divine aspect hidden in himself, is a sinner. Some words by Dr.Bethlehem, 202:in. It consists in the relation between the "hidden man of the heart" (I St. Peter, III, 4.) andBethlehem, 202:between these two, and when the wishes of the "hidden man" are violated, the sin occurs. When theseBethlehem, 203:in the strength of the inner spiritual man, the "hidden man of the heart." "Iniquity" is a wordBethlehem, 215:we approach Him through Christ. It is the inner hidden man of the heart, the unrealized Christ whoBethlehem, 233:and has a faculty of discovering the truth hidden by a form. The early Christians were simple inBethlehem, 247:For that which is of value, the divine and hidden beauty which life-experience and initiation haveBethlehem, 253:have revealed sequentially more and more of the hidden divine nature, until we come to man whoseBethlehem, 264:reconstruction. Our need today is to see the hidden thread of purpose which will lead us out of theBethlehem, 277:go on to the manifestation of the beauty of the hidden kingdom. God needs man's cooperation. HeBethlehem, 277:of its love and loves. Full expression of the "Hidden [278] Man of the Heart" is the need today.Destiny, 115:be otherwise (under the present plan) sealed and hidden to the experience and experiment of theDiscipleship1, 52:"unearthing" or "revelation of that which is hidden." I am consequently proffering to you, throughDiscipleship1, 93:that the training for initiation was so deeply hidden in the emphasis laid upon the relation ofDiscipleship1, 120:for the magnet and sees it not, for it is hidden in the forms of many men. The soul descends andDiscipleship1, 141:rule in the future. Into these words read their hidden meaning. Clearer I may not speak for theseDiscipleship1, 148:the sources and the roots of pain, lying deep hidden in the manifested world. For you, at this timeDiscipleship1, 276:you to certain values, revealing to you many hidden things within yourself and others, andDiscipleship1, 283:it clothes and veils ideas. There is an occult (hidden) beauty also to be achieved in the field ofDiscipleship1, 293:should be your main thought and control your hidden life during the next [294] six months. With theDiscipleship1, 380:the background. You will then gradually become a hidden force, galvanizing others into activity andDiscipleship1, 391:which acts as a barrier to vision, if soiled or hidden by a blind. This and your ability to projectDiscipleship1, 401:power to organize and rule, and also love of the hidden realities. [402] Your mental body has beenDiscipleship1, 420:glamor. It has also fanned into activity a few hidden seeds of self-satisfaction, which stillDiscipleship1, 425:which hides and veils (and yet reveals) the hidden glory of the spirit. Your faults are there, asDiscipleship1, 426:It reveals by bringing to the surface the hidden things, and the germs of weaknesses, thusDiscipleship1, 512:are looked for are found and the real self is hidden from your eyes. You can check the accuracy ofDiscipleship1, 513:be careful not to cast it away from you into the hidden depths of yourself, whence again it mustDiscipleship1, 514:glamor roll away. Ponder on the symbolism [514] hidden in this garden and work steadily for theDiscipleship1, 529:form of wings, going as far up as the narrow, hidden path along the eastern wall, so that one,Discipleship1, 531:an old time link connects us, and because of a hidden development which is very unusual, but whichDiscipleship1, 531:disgust. That is due to the ferment of the hidden spiritual life which you have yet to offer toDiscipleship1, 531:yourself, either mentally or in fact. It is this hidden something that I have realized and soughtDiscipleship1, 532:"ferment of the spiritual life" which lies deep hidden in your personal life is [533] increasing inDiscipleship1, 537:- R.L.U. September 1936 MY BROTHER: The hidden gift of the intuition, released through love, isDiscipleship1, 542:my brother, and let the love that is deeply hidden in your nature emerge more fully to the surfaceDiscipleship1, 542:A block of marble, deep within the quarry lies. Hidden within it lies [543] likewise a form ofDiscipleship1, 556:whereof I speak. I enlarge not here upon the hidden significance which is apparent to you. [557] ItDiscipleship1, 563:word this time, but it will suffice. Release the hidden beauty which lies in realDiscipleship1, 571:is your real contribution lies as yet deeply hidden; only a close attention to my impartedDiscipleship1, 584:who know and lead. Naught [584] can then be hidden, and at each turn upon that Road a man must faceDiscipleship1, 584:Road a man must face himself. Upon the Road the hidden stands revealed. Each sees and knows theDiscipleship1, 584:heart and shew his fellowmen the nature of his hidden life; a purse of gold, which he scatters notDiscipleship1, 585:the vibration contacted will be the same as the hidden or emerging soul ray. That is an aspect ofDiscipleship1, 678:light of Truth. This is the path back to the hidden center. "Use pain. Call for the fire, ODiscipleship1, 679:of earth, except to that small voice of all the hidden souls within the outer forms, for they areDiscipleship1, 705:they are the precipitated effects of hidden causes which lie deep in the subconsciousness ofDiscipleship1, 723:is the Transmutation. These fires release the hidden light and blend it with the greater." It is,Discipleship1, 737:disciples are still shut up within themselves, hidden behind the wall of the personal self andDiscipleship2, XIII:of the soul for the present incarnation, the hidden hindering karmic forces working out and theDiscipleship2, 218:Thus, creatively, the glory which is hidden in every form is evoked and slowly brought to exotericDiscipleship2, 248:into my group and brings a revelation of the hidden side of a chela's life. When I say this I referDiscipleship2, 249:this esoteric negation of death are the deeply hidden and impressive causes of the two stages ofDiscipleship2, 287:by "fixed determination" to meet the deeply hidden divinity within these seeds. What he initiatedDiscipleship2, 315:forms, then the One in whom we live reveals his hidden, secret lighted Will. "When the purpose ofDiscipleship2, 321:formula and unearth or bring to the surface its hidden significance. In line with the hints given
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