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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIDDEN

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Fire, 796:and stars of the Zodiac. [796] The mystery is hidden in esoteric astrology, and until the subjectFire, 801:even more abstract and incomprehensible. It lies hidden - not in the seven constellations - but inFire, 803:facts long antedating the solar system, and hidden in the Universal Mind. All that we canFire, 807:to disclose at the right moment that which lies hidden. It covers the period of the evolution ofFire, 845:The mystery of the whole subject lies hidden in three things: First, the fact that our threeFire, 847:back [847] for his own good to run his cycle, hidden in his den and confined within safe limitsFire, 852:results of seeds sown in days long past, and hidden in the mysteries of the earlier system, scheme,Fire, 859:in each case, while in the figure eight lies hidden the idea of duality: [860] The four of theFire, 863:- through his own powerful vibrations - the hidden center in each one. I do not mean by this theFire, 871:Group energy, Material energy or that which is hidden in physical plane matter. In the Hall ofFire, 872:is handed to him and he can then unlock the hidden energies of atomic substance. The key to theFire, 872:thrust into his hand, and he can then unlock the hidden forces within all forms. The key to theFire, 872:is revealed to him, and he learns to unlock the hidden energies of the will aspect. The dynamo ofFire, 874:and the real Man stands revealed, yet remains hidden, for who knows the secret of a man as itFire, 877:It is there available for his use. It is the hidden energy of the planetary Logos which he has toFire, 877:the faculty inherent in the present. It is the hidden energy of the planetary Logos of which heFire, 882:in the Puranas: - S. D., I, 192. The Gnosis, the hidden Knowledge, is the seventh Principle, theFire, 893:to enlarge upon the underlying truth which is hidden in the karmic history of our planetary Logos,Fire, 893:assume a new importance. The secret of life lies hidden in the serpent stage, - not the life of theFire, 928:and the energy centers become veiled and hidden. Accretion and concretion rapidly proceeds. TheFire, 932:of the knowledge to be reached. With them is hidden three secrets: One is concerned with theFire, 932:imperfectly manipulated. The secret of fear is hidden in the etheric body, and the particular typeFire, 937:lower manifestation. Esoterically, this is all hidden in the words of a very ancient writing, whichFire, 981:mantrams and formulae which set in motion the hidden energies of nature and call the devas to theirFire, 985:at any time cooperates with others, it is with a hidden selfish purpose. The exponent of whiteFire, 986:mental forces, and only in a few special cases, hidden in cosmic karma, is a black magician foundFire, 996:all that is objective. In an old book of magic, hidden in the caves of learning, guarded by theFire, 1001:or thought form, man, is similarly dimmed and hidden. [1002] Fire, 1003:to repeat mantrams. These are, at times, hidden in the subconscious nature, and are usedFire, 1008:great logoic aspect, and under that name is hidden much of esoteric moment. Shiva stands for: TheFire, 1015:door of entrance." Under this symbology much is hidden anent the life-giving energy, the centersFire, 1033:the energy of the second aspect. This purpose is hidden in foreknowledge of the Logos and isFire, 1033:in foreknowledge of the Logos and is completely hidden even from the Adept of the fifth Initiation.Fire, 1051:affect the involved monadic units. This is hidden in the karma of the Heavenly Man, and when trueFire, 1052:stimulation, with the planetary Logoi, and is hidden in Their cyclic karma, - a karma which ofFire, 1085:each other in the human family. This effect is hidden in logoic karma and is beyond the ken of man.Fire, 1097:archives: "The vision of the higher sphere is hidden in the destiny of the fourth form ofFire, 1126:Their destination, as well as his, is hidden in the plans of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID,Fire, 1128:on earth in order to express that which lies hidden, and to make his energy felt in the group andFire, 1129:triangle, and can thus pass the fiery energy hidden in each center in circulatory fashion. ToFire, 1139:kingdoms) is, therefore, governed by factors hidden in the nature of that great vibration which weFire, 1146:who reached self-consciousness on our planet is hidden in the methods employed by the Lords of theFire, 1161:through the medium of any scheme. All this is hidden in the mystery of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHTFire, 1162:24 or wheels, at the center of which lies hidden that central cosmic Life, we call a planetaryFire, 1185:"Man of Men" (the human family personified) is hidden the mystery of present animal karma and theFire, 1203:has also a bearing upon this mystery. This is hidden in the karma of the solar Logos, and concernsFire, 1232:to him through a just appreciation of the Jewel hidden at the heart of his own being; then onlyFire, 1232:he become aware of that greater Jewel which lies hidden at the heart of solar manifestation. EvenFire, 1232:seek for terms to express that which lies safely hidden behind all ideas and all thought, whenFire, 1235:put them en rapport with the forces and energies hidden in the akasha and the anima. mundi. A manFire, 1268:name on earth hath yet been found." Its tone is hidden. The sons of men (and few their number is)Fire, 1269:presents three precious jewels. Their names are hidden from those sons of men who have not yetFire, 1274:to Sirius. The mysterious Lhas of the sacred hidden fire withdraw Their thought, emerge fromFire, 1274:within the unknown place where fire lies hidden. The serpent stretches forth inert. Its coilsGlamour, 50:by Those Who know and lead. Naught can then be hidden, and at each turn, a man must face himself.Glamour, 50:turn, a man must face himself. Upon the Road the hidden stands revealed. Each sees and knows theGlamour, 51:heart and shew his fellowmen the nature of his hidden life; a purse of gold, which he scatters notGlamour, 82:comes into touch with the reality in all forms, hidden hitherto by the veil of illusion. This isGlamour, 85:helpless. He is the victim of mass force, hidden in the animal nature or in the world and theGlamour, 134:(often distorted in presentation and hidden through wrong methods), of spiritual objectives and ofGlamour, 176:of expression, thereby testifying to the latent hidden Presence. The reaction of the intuitivesGlamour, 249:He becomes a scientific worker in the field of hidden forces. He knows then what he is doing, withHealing, 4:irritations, secret delights and the many hidden impulses which emanate from the desire life of theHealing, 5:release the nature of the true art of healing is hidden. Herein lies an occult hint. In the fourthHealing, 9:allied professions, that in the subjective and hidden attitudes of the mind and of the emotionalHealing, 15:life of our planet) of causes, deep seated and hidden in the mind of God. The causes that we mayHealing, 57:inner pressures, from subjective inhibitions and hidden retentions. Primarily, from the point ofHealing, 80:are frequently effects of subtler causes, hidden in the life of the astral and mental bodies and,Healing, 100:the true and occult causes of disease and their hidden origins, and with the work of healing, as itHealing, 107:and the basis of all nervous trouble lies hidden in the emotional body wherein humanity at thisHealing, 144:dual active relationship. In this statement is hidden the key to liberation. Healing, 189:Being. The key to the full life of the soul lies hidden in my words, but it takes the dedicatedHealing, 226:the investigator has not touched and which are hidden in the very history of the planet itself andHealing, 236:of the time when nothing secret would remain hidden and when all secrets would be shouted aloudHealing, 310:medicine does not yet permit the hypothesis of hidden cause except those superficial ones such as,Healing, 386:perception. This is one of the meanings hidden in the phrase, the "work of restitution," though notHealing, 436:through the process of incarnation, remains a hidden matter; ancient heredities and environmentsHealing, 444:the "resurrection principle which lies hidden in the work of the Destroyer," as an old esotericHealing, 453:the right path, and that the impulses which lie hidden in the physical vehicle or in the astralHealing, 509:student is one who is in search of that which is hidden - in their case of that hidden, integratingHealing, 509:of that which is hidden - in their case of that hidden, integrating thread which will enable themHealing, 710:place within the healer's plan. That which is hidden must be seen and from the three, greatHealing, 714:remain behind a veil of unsuitable language and hidden by inappropriate words. This fact, as I haveHercules, 5:laws, cycle after cycle, until gradually the hidden God can be seen in man and in the universe. Or,Hercules, 6:and of Illumination is attained. The hidden mysteries and the forces, latent in human beings, needHercules, 12:the Christ and of his Church, the plans of the hidden band of world workers, the Rishis and theHercules, 21:the midst of the investigation the arcana and hidden sense are drawn forth which dwell in its shadeHercules, 21:to do. He must tread the Path whereon all the hidden things can be brought forth into the light; heHercules, 21:of himself and can begin to investigate the hidden forces of nature. This is the problem of allHercules, 51:- Labor II There are potencies and faculties hidden in the human being that, when developed andHercules, 70:Dwelling within us is the inner [70] ruler, the hidden divinity, the redeemer. We go forthHercules, 88:to Cancer as "the womb", we have the thought of hidden life, of a veiling form, of potentiality,Hercules, 90:gradually becomes so strong that it lifts the hidden, struggling individual out of his environmentHercules, 92:that elusive, sensitive, and deeply occult, or hidden, spiritual intuition which will guide him inHercules, 104:that within him which is the king or the ruler. Hidden in the constellation is also a vivid groupHercules, 115:is to shield, nurture and finally reveal the hidden spiritual reality. This, every form veils butHercules, 142:much pondering. Perhaps the use of the phrase, "hidden under the rock of the will", is revealing.Hercules, 159:the form side, was nurturing a beautiful hidden something, and his eyes were opened. In Libra heHercules, 162:symbol of immortality, the symbol of that secret hidden thing that lies back of our souls even; forHercules, 167:the land, but they could not be seen; they were hidden in the brush, in the undergrowth, doing
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