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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIDDEN

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Psychology1, 75:forth. A beam of light illuminates the form; the hidden now appears. Knowledge of God and how HePsychology1, 85:to open the door wide into the temple of the hidden mystery to man. One by one we shall undergo thePsychology1, 88:Some hint towards its solution will be found hidden in the real meaning of the words "exoteric" andPsychology1, 88:achievement of the solar Logos. This again is hidden in mystery. The seventh ray and the first rayPsychology1, 92:hopes and dim unuttered longings of his deeply hidden thought life. Belief in God and Heaven and inPsychology1, 97:unknown, are seeing a phenomenal world usually hidden to them, and are generally becoming aware ofPsychology1, 103:of colors, and we shall see what at present is hidden. All this will tend to destroy the platformPsychology1, 113:growth is undertaken; correction of the hidden factors producing emotional conditions may bePsychology1, 131:which constitute the body, and the light hidden in the atoms which constitute the form nature. AsPsychology1, 172:more sensitive and to develop certain latent but hidden powers, and also to attempt to bring thePsychology1, 178:human consciousness, of bringing to light the hidden wonders of the universe, and of hastening thePsychology1, 196:sounded by all beings, and of registering the hidden motif of all appearing. The unawakened man orPsychology1, 198:and perfume, and are [198] susceptible to the hidden influences of Those to Whom is confided thePsychology1, 198:The secret of release for the animal nature is hidden in the "watery nature;" this is the bloodPsychology1, 225:and therefore supremely powerful, do certain hidden changes take place in these seven groups. ThesePsychology1, 227:in the mineral world, the divine [227] Plan hidden in the geometry of a crystal, and God's radiantPsychology1, 227:story of evolution. If you could study the hidden processes which go on under the influence ofPsychology1, 228:upon the next two points, - condensation and its hidden secret, transmutation. From the standpointPsychology1, 230:and to react divinely to the potencies which lie hidden from him [231] in the custody of the otherPsychology1, 234:blindly forward. Secret: Transformation. Those hidden alchemical processes which enable thePsychology1, 239:symbolic forms in which these five secrets are hidden, and so conveyed to the intelligence of thePsychology1, 245:are other planetary influences to be felt, and hidden forces likewise play upon our planetary life,Psychology1, 247:secret of this kingdom appears. The secret is hidden in the word "transformation," for the raysPsychology1, 248:that the roots of human psychology lie hidden in this expression of God. Humanity is an expressionPsychology1, 249:manifests a fuller revelation of the inner and hidden glory. When, however, a unit of life isPsychology1, 263:and it will raise and awaken the consciousness hidden in all material forms, both in man and in thePsychology1, 275:naught but discontent, frequently a secret and hidden sex life, ill-health as a result of thePsychology1, 281:lead to the revelation of spirit and of the hidden glory, when that which has been revealed of thePsychology1, 281:He prophesied that, at the end of the age, the hidden things would be made plain, and secrets bePsychology1, 283:of humanity out of the tomb of matter. The hidden divinity will be revealed. Steadily all formsPsychology1, 283:sense only vaguely and nebulously what these hidden ideals may be. The question at issue is notPsychology1, 287:preparatory to the enunciation of certain hidden principles which will eventually govern thePsychology1, 309:in the image of God. It is this innate and hidden power which gives man the capacity to sufferPsychology1, 312:begins. Humanity is the custodian of the hidden mystery, and the difficulty consists in the factPsychology1, 312:that which man conceals from the world is also hidden from himself. He knows not the wonder of thatPsychology1, 312:flower and together. In man, God the Father has hidden the secret of life; in man, God the Son hasPsychology1, 312:conclave before the dissolution) what has lain hidden in the Mind of God. Hence the injunctionPsychology1, 335:- 3rd ray. Pluto - 1st ray. The Moon (veiling a hidden planet) - 4th ray. The Sun (veiling a hiddenPsychology1, 335:a hidden planet) - 4th ray. The Sun (veiling a hidden planet) - 2nd ray. I deal here with the majorPsychology1, 346:man. Number nine, the number of initiation, is hidden midway in force, but the climaxing figuresPsychology1, 363:where the meaning (inherently present) remains hidden and unrealized, there must as a consequencePsychology1, 377:or (as it is sometimes called) the Law of Hidden Radiance. This law concerns the Light which is inPsychology1, 379:of Materialization - Lemurian race. The Law of Hidden Radiance. The Law of the Tides - AtlanteanPsychology1, 398:but the results of their early betrayal of the hidden events of initiation still persist. CuriouslyPsychology1, 417:place to harmony, and from the center of the hidden Light let the soul speak, let the word rollPsychology1, 424:blindly forward. Secret: Transformation, those hidden alchemical processes which enable thePsychology2, 24:and animating soul becomes ever more deeply hidden, the prisoner of the form nature. The entirePsychology2, 36:to the rhythm of the planet will release the hidden Blessed One and order bring."' Ray Two "ThePsychology2, 36:am a prisoner within my building. My light is hidden. Only my word goes forth. Around me lie thePsychology2, 36:- these will release the Blessed One, deep hidden in the ark.' " [37] Ray Three "The Blessed OnePsychology2, 37:Come forth into the light of day. Display the hidden glory of the Blessed One, the glory of the OnePsychology2, 38:to the vision clear evoked: - 'The truth lies hidden in the unknown Way. The Angel of the PresencePsychology2, 40:The cultivation of a separative spirit, The hidden light, The realization of selfish desire,Psychology2, 84:place to harmony, and from the center of the hidden Light, let the soul speak: Let the word rollPsychology2, 86:virtues of humanity are only indications of hidden potentialities, which have not beenPsychology2, 143:who investigate the form in order to find its hidden idea, its motivating power, and to this endPsychology2, 212:this crisis in the lives of souls remains as yet hidden in the consciousness of the planetary LogosPsychology2, 216:spiritual unfoldment must eventuate before the hidden implications can be adequately comprehended.Psychology2, 220:of development, and leave eternity to reveal its hidden secrets. The factors which determine thisPsychology2, 221:still higher life purpose. 2. The quality of the hidden vision. This quality, on the form side,Psychology2, 223:to be no better term by which to express this hidden wonder which must be revealed than thePsychology2, 223:today counting, as They endeavor to bring the hidden meaning to the fore in the consciousness ofPsychology2, 237:for Inducing Soul Control b. The Quality of the Hidden Vision The next emerging trend is one mostPsychology2, 238:and self-induced imaginings, and the vision gets hidden behind a multitude of words, both spokenPsychology2, 238:the vision, and have endeavored to reduce God's hidden goal and intent to forms and rituals and toPsychology2, 241:to Formulate a Plan The third divine instinct or hidden inner trend is the urge to formulate aPsychology2, 247:It might be said that divinity is veiled and hidden in the multiplicity of forms with theirPsychology2, 247:on the outer plane which will run true to the hidden impulse. This is brought about by thePsychology2, 248:and touch, but can hold and contact at will this hidden world of beauty. The cultivation of thisPsychology2, 250:revealing the world of meaning, of divinity, and hidden beauty which the phenomenal world usuallyPsychology2, 254:Whether it is the power of the tiny seed, deeply hidden in the dark earth, to penetrate through itsPsychology2, 317:only the outer expression or formulations of a hidden "wish life." This wish life is, we are told,Psychology2, 317:is, we are told, based upon an inner and often hidden and unrealized sense of frustration, ofPsychology2, 414:an animal, and the conscious man is deeply hidden and imprisoned. It is the life principle and urgePsychology2, 444:the tendencies evoked in past lives and lying hidden in the subconscious, or his heredity andPsychology2, 488:from a previous life or lives. These are deeply hidden in his nature but can be brought to thePsychology2, 498:the basic determining conditions which lie hidden in the happenings of childhood or infancy. ThesePsychology2, 498:applied if the subjective dream life and the hidden difficulties were left untreated - temporarilyPsychology2, 516:- is the bringing to the surface of the deeply hidden and submerged mass consciousness, a silent,Psychology2, 566:which enables the man to see that which is hidden, such as the number of symbols on a playing cardPsychology2, 577:stated, the Forces of Light work with the soul, hidden in every form. They are concerned with groupPsychology2, 630:the objective of the planetary Hierarchy (that hidden band of Workers which the Christian calls thePsychology2, 704:the activity and the consequent potency of that hidden power. By thus bringing it to the fore inRays, 20:the fires which separate him from the veiled and hidden door. For Disciples and Initiates: Dual theRays, 23:of the Word which has been imparted, or the hidden name egoic. For Disciples and Initiates: Let theRays, 23:Initiates: Let the group get ready to reveal the hidden mystery. Let the group demonstrate theRays, 140:something of which humanity knows nothing; it is hidden and veiled by the self-will of theRays, 163:the "resurrection principle which lies hidden in the work of the Destroyer," as an old esotericRays, 201:to manifest. The entire story of incarnation is hidden in the understanding of the Sound and itsRays, 202:recognize "cosmic glamor," and will give him the hidden key to the world of feeling and ofRays, 218:at the very heart of the group life, veiled and hidden by its outer personality expression and byRays, 247:Rule XIII Let the group get ready to reveal the hidden mystery. Let the group demonstrate theRays, 247:of the Word which has been imparted, or the hidden name egoic. [248] In this earlier rule, theRays, 248:force into egoic energy. He must know the "hidden name egoic" or the first letter of the impartedRays, 248:Word but to the name of the planetary Logos, the hidden name of Sanat Kumara Who is the soul of theRays, 256:the first: Let the group get ready to reveal the hidden mystery. The readiness here referred to hasRays, 260:achieved, then the group can begin to reveal the hidden mystery. All that I can tell you about thatRays, 260:process. Evolution is an effect of this hidden work, emanating from cosmic levels; only whenRays, 260:will we know something of the true nature of the hidden mystery. In the Council Chamber ofRays, 262:of the world group which will reveal the hidden mystery will all of them be "radiant centers" to a
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