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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHICAL

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Astrology, 102:the birth of the ideas of God in the form of the hierarchical plans to which the initiate becomesAstrology, 141:in Taurus, Vulcan has both an esoteric and hierarchical effect, whilst in Leo the Sun rules allAstrology, 141:all three - the exoteric, the esoteric and the hierarchical life. This we will study somewhat laterAstrology, 147:governs all expressions - exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical. It rules the personality, the soulAstrology, 160:solar influence that the door of initiation into hierarchical experience was opened and two moreAstrology, 163:through the constellation Scorpio, to the hierarchical center through Capricorn, and to the massAstrology, 187:Pluto - 1st Ray - Destructive aspect. Hierarchical Mars - 6th Ray - Devotion. War to the death ofAstrology, 211:the true esoteric name of man, and through its hierarchical planetary ruler, the Sons of Mind, theAstrology, 216:relation of the orthodox, the esoteric and the hierarchical planets and the rays of which they areAstrology, 218:from three angles - orthodox, esoteric and hierarchical - and hence involving both Neptune and MarsAstrology, 219:which governs the [219] human family (being the hierarchical planet in Scorpio), and throughAstrology, 219:the Moon is given as the orthodox ruler and the hierarchical rule of Aquarius. I would here remindAstrology, 221:Venus Taurus 5th Orthodox 2. Vulcan Taurus 1st Hierarchical. Esoteric 3. The Sun Leo 2nd All threeAstrology, 221:6th Orthodox and Esoteric 5. Mercury Scorpio 4th Hierarchical 6. Uranus Aquarius 7th Orthodox 7.Astrology, 221:Aquarius 2nd Esoteric 8. The Moon Aquarius 4th Hierarchical From this tabulation, it will appearAstrology, 263:the medium of form. Jupiter - This is the hierarchical ruler and rules the second CreativeAstrology, 268:energies which we have tabulated under the term hierarchical and which have reference to the twelveAstrology, 294:three conditions of Leo - exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical. It is a correct surmise that theAstrology, 294:awareness (esoteric), and of spiritual life (hierarchical). I am reiterating the necessity toAstrology, 319:transition. Such is the way of the disciple. The hierarchical center is affecting him powerfully.Astrology, 321:its three expressions (orthodox, esoteric and hierarchical) by the Sun, Cancer is the only otherAstrology, 355:of life. You will note that Venus is also the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, thus showing theAstrology, 356:It is interesting to discover that the hierarchical ruler of Gemini is the Earth itself, which is aAstrology, 359:has a mass or general effect, for it is the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio and its effect is of aAstrology, 361:by two facts: one is that the Earth is the hierarchical ruler of Gemini and the other that Venus isAstrology, 382:its exoteric ruler and Vulcan its esoteric and hierarchical ruler. We touch upon one of theAstrology, 395:rulers of Leo and Scorpio and Mercury is the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio. Uranus is the orthodoxAstrology, 437:and Humanity itself) are ready to come under hierarchical influence and to be swayed consequentlyAstrology, 439:are becoming responsive to Shamballa - the hierarchical center greatly so and the human centerAstrology, 446:- is nevertheless a germ or seed of future hierarchical effort when that effort is - at some laterAstrology, 446:of the letter, then we shall see a new form of hierarchical endeavor appear to aid in theAstrology, 485:from all three angles - exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical - the Sun. The mass movement towardsAstrology, 492:and Aquarius. This is from the angle of hierarchical effort, as I earlier pointed out. ThroughoutAstrology, 548:it is also the esoteric ruler of Libra and the hierarchical ruler of Aries. It is peculiarly activeAstrology, 549:which indwells the form. It is, finally, the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio, which is the sign ofAstrology, 549:The two notes synchronize. Saturn is also the hierarchical ruler [550] of Libra and, therefore, itAstrology, 550:in the three fields - exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical - and if you will relate what I here sayAstrology, 556:that which lies ahead of those who attain hierarchical standing: "All beauty, all goodness, allAstrology, 559:is concerned) and to realize that there is a hierarchical purpose which can only be grasped by theAstrology, 572:have a function to carry out in evoking hierarchical response in [573] reply to the aspiration ofAstrology, 574:as far as he can, fusing this human will into hierarchical activity in an effort to evoke responseAstrology, 588:upon the human consciousness, apart from the hierarchical center altogether - an impact madeAstrology, 593:mankind. I am indicating what is the goal of all hierarchical endeavor. Mankind is so preoccupiedAstrology, 622:or first ray force. It is, however, with hierarchical energy that humanity is, at this time,Astrology, 694:of cosmic students than is ours. Most of its hierarchical instructors come from the 5th cosmicAutobiography, 172:Petrovna Blavatsky was an integral part of a Hierarchical plan. There have always been theosophicalAutobiography, 230:All these projects if carried forward under Hierarchical inspiration and in a spirit of trueAutobiography, 230:It is with one of these dramatic expressions of Hierarchical purpose that I want to deal at thisAutobiography, 257:everywhere will present increasingly the hierarchical plan of brotherhood, spiritual living andAutobiography, 260:the reading of certain stanzas and data in the hierarchical archives have been also shown to Mrs.Autobiography, 266:effort should be placed. Nothing can arrest the hierarchical plans as outlined above. Those whoAutobiography, 268:or group. He is taught to cooperate with the Hierarchical plan as it is gradually revealed to himAutobiography, 297:relationship to the highest that we know about Hierarchical work. We therefore seek to deal withAutobiography, 297:in all our future undertakings. Without this Hierarchical relationship consciously recognized andAutobiography, 300:activity in each incarnation which serves the Hierarchical Plan and which more especially aids inAutobiography, 300:who would be available to carry forward the Hierarchical Plans. An esoteric school could find theAutobiography, 303:the problem of the right relation of money to Hierarchical work ceased altogether. The building ofDestiny, 18:and adequate fusion of the Shamballa and the hierarchical energies and thus temper destruction andDestiny, 19:being built and the Shamballa potencies, plus hierarchical guidance, are working towards ends whichDestiny, 20:love is primarily concentrated (for purposes of hierarchical activity) in the New Group of WorldDestiny, 22:have filtered through from the Shamballa and the hierarchical centers [23] into and through theDestiny, 70:rulers (again either exoteric, esoteric or hierarchical); these effects are again conditioned byDestiny, 78:This affects the masses as a whole, as it is the hierarchical ruler and (because of their point ofDestiny, 141:and express the Shamballa urge to synthesis, the hierarchical aspiration towards love and theDiscipleship1, 17:a unit which will indeed be a living atom in the hierarchical body. You are all on the Path ofDiscipleship1, 35:that they fit. In the early stages of any hierarchical experiment, much difficulty is encountered,Discipleship1, 43:their own identities in an effort to make this hierarchical work possible. In this type of groupDiscipleship1, 54:future centuries. To this particular branch of hierarchical work, I pledged myself; it wouldDiscipleship1, 55:life) simply a worker - one of a great army of hierarchical workers - with supposedly noDiscipleship1, 68:to externalize upon earth, certain phases of hierarchical endeavor. The energy used in theDiscipleship1, 71:Groups. They are intended to be outposts of the hierarchical consciousness as it focuses itselfDiscipleship1, 81:is a true occultist - working with energy under hierarchical guidance. 4. The individual objective.Discipleship1, 86:approximates itself, as far as possible, to the hierarchical Plan and to hierarchical lifeDiscipleship1, 86:far as possible, to the hierarchical Plan and to hierarchical life impulses. The second phase,Discipleship1, 91:and divine purpose - that the Masters work and hierarchical purpose takes shape. Therefore, myDiscipleship1, 93:which he may have dreamed, become his. New hierarchical contacts are now possible to him; newDiscipleship1, 116:of Masters and, therefore, the quality of the hierarchical service to humanity must also beDiscipleship1, 151:The immediacy of surrounding [151] need and of hierarchical request for help in world work shouldDiscipleship1, 251:life because you will be a channel through which hierarchical life can flow and not simply be aDiscipleship1, 309:personality. 5th month - with the hierarchical endeavor. 6th month - The service of theDiscipleship1, 371:must first be induced. Others emerge into the hierarchical Light and we know - as we study them -Discipleship1, 380:is to train yourself to be - as are all true hierarchical workers - the one in the background, andDiscipleship1, 592:along this somewhat peculiar line. The duty of a hierarchical Observer (such as myself) is only toDiscipleship1, 592:line with soul intent. This is ever in line with hierarchical intent. This, I therefore, do. [593] Discipleship1, 612:endeavor but who are working in other fields of hierarchical activity - of equal importance to beDiscipleship1, 620:a losing one. Think, my brother, of the ages of hierarchical struggle and the slow, slow growthDiscipleship1, 634:to specific work by me; there is also the hierarchical group, my particular Ashram, to which youDiscipleship1, 684:life, evoked by his response to the united hierarchical purpose and a growing ability to respond toDiscipleship1, 691:to employ in materializing this vision. The hierarchical vision (as far as you can understand it)Discipleship1, 693:and consecrated group of servers through whom hierarchical Plans can be carried forward and toDiscipleship1, 695:of spiritual energy from Shamballa into the hierarchical Center becomes greater, there is a greatDiscipleship1, 696:to create and to materialize (in line with the hierarchical Plan) begins to take form. By the powerDiscipleship1, 697:his wisdom grew and his capacity to further the hierarchical Plan had been dedicated, used andDiscipleship1, 712:factors: The first factor is that directed, hierarchical impression is not imposed until the manDiscipleship1, 714:vortex of force in the group aura. This attracts hierarchical attention. The next point is not soDiscipleship1, 714:process which is undertaken by the soul under hierarchical impulse, and not to that in which theDiscipleship1, 716:consciousness and is ready to subject himself to hierarchical impression without reservation. ThereDiscipleship1, 722:true nature of love and the real vision of the hierarchical Plan. It is the Fire of Love which heDiscipleship1, 723:neophyte in charge. It is in this way that many hierarchical relationships are established. WhenDiscipleship1, 723:and constitute one of the factors which produce: Hierarchical integrity. Eventual close
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