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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHICAL

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Discipleship2, 324:method of teaching which is profoundly rooted in hierarchical technique. I said: That more rapidDiscipleship2, 324:initiation permits a closer sharing within the hierarchical life and that this sharing is closelyDiscipleship2, 324:factors are responsible for this change in the hierarchical requirements: The mental development ofDiscipleship2, 325:took them years to master in earlier cycles of hierarchical effort. This is true, on a lower turnDiscipleship2, 325:This must perforce produce certain important hierarchical changes; new situations come about inDiscipleship2, 325:circles and many fit candidates are supplied for hierarchical vacancies; this produces a shiftingDiscipleship2, 325:vacancies; this produces a shifting of the hierarchical personnel on a scale hitherto unknown.Discipleship2, 328:indicated a closer sharing in all forms of the hierarchical life. Do you realize in any measureDiscipleship2, 333:of an Avatar of some degree. The merging of all hierarchical thought and activity into some oneDiscipleship2, 342:to create situations which are related to the hierarchical Plan which I - as a disciple - mustDiscipleship2, 347:of Revelation: The mental, occult, spiritual, hierarchical and triadal approach, revealing facts.Discipleship2, 347:of Shamballa and not in accordance with the hierarchical Plan. The above various stages of theDiscipleship2, 350:ideals; thus, they presented spiritual goals and hierarchical objectives to the race, this beingDiscipleship2, 350:is therefore to perceive the Plan which is the hierarchical mode of implementing the divine Will,Discipleship2, 351:or quality of the disciples being admitted into hierarchical participation necessarily conditionDiscipleship2, 351:of the disciple seeking entry into the hierarchical sphere of work is producing a unification ofDiscipleship2, 354:is not so easily seen and is concerned with hierarchical impression, involving necessarily ashramicDiscipleship2, 361:senior Members of the Hierarchy. The stage of hierarchical Planning. This is the formulation of theDiscipleship2, 361:presentation of the Plan. The emergence of the hierarchical Pattern (based upon the recognition ofDiscipleship2, 362:of synthesis and an ability to hold streams of hierarchical energy under control. Disciples who areDiscipleship2, 363:They are not many, but they indicate a phase of hierarchical working and of training in a certainDiscipleship2, 368:as a result of ashramic training and of hierarchical initiation. I would remind you that in allDiscipleship2, 368:in this series of instructions I am dealing with hierarchical initiations and not with thoseDiscipleship2, 373:who are working in close with some hierarchical group. If I say to you that theDiscipleship2, 375:generated by his Master's group, the ashram. Hierarchical energy or the energy of certainDiscipleship2, 375:an unique relation to the physical plane, to the hierarchical workers in physical bodies, and toDiscipleship2, 379:as it implements, impulses and motivates hierarchical activity. Through those revelations theDiscipleship2, 384:expression of the second divine aspect, that the hierarchical mentality (if I may use such aDiscipleship2, 385:Purpose, as it expresses itself through the hierarchical Plan and manifests that quality of loveDiscipleship2, 385:the redemptive work connected with all true hierarchical endeavor and becomes an "active part of aDiscipleship2, 390:its own level and is related entirely to the hierarchical group intention and to the furthering ofDiscipleship2, 390:is so close to the heart of the Master that the hierarchical planning becomes something in which heDiscipleship2, 391:as to the immediate mode of turning the hierarchical ideas into ordinary human ideals are ofDiscipleship2, 391:of his Ashram. His value in this aspect of the hierarchical work is that he is not a Master, thatDiscipleship2, 391:are, it should be pointed out, three types of hierarchical workers: Souls; i.e., those initiatesDiscipleship2, 394:seeking knowledge and wisdom as he works out the hierarchical Plan as best he can. He must perforceDiscipleship2, 395:relation to the work which he may be doing under hierarchical impression in the world of everydayDiscipleship2, 396:he learns to cooperate with, and work out, the hierarchical Plan. This is the positive and not theDiscipleship2, 397:into the work and into the group which is under hierarchical influence, through his own immediateDiscipleship2, 404:Just as the Science of Redemption, under the hierarchical Plan, is the technique employed to redeemDiscipleship2, 411:carefully the background [411] of this present hierarchical undertaking (I had almost said,Discipleship2, 412:grasped, the whole subject was shifted, within hierarchical circles, from the mental plane to thatDiscipleship2, 413:to intuitional understanding. It was realized in hierarchical Ashrams that the light of the soulDiscipleship2, 414:point that the new training in this new era of hierarchical activity is applied to the modernDiscipleship2, 419:initiation which will shift his focus into the hierarchical center, into that center of energyDiscipleship2, 421:waiting, and inaugurate a new cycle of deepened hierarchical activity. Recognition of the limit ofDiscipleship2, 424:understanding - participators in this great hierarchical activity. You will also note that each ofDiscipleship2, 424:points of revelation, the expression of five hierarchical laws; it is interesting to realize thatDiscipleship2, 429:working out successfully through the medium of hierarchical endeavor. Their work lies with theDiscipleship2, 429:the Plan and of penetrating to the periphery of hierarchical influence. The Masters seek disciplesDiscipleship2, 431:and thus employ them for the furthering of the hierarchical Plan. These three stages of consciousDiscipleship2, 432:have been considering are major key words in the hierarchical program. One of the tasks of aDiscipleship2, 434:and dynamic energies in accordance with the hierarchical Plan in order to bring about theDiscipleship2, 434:carry out what has been revealed to him of the hierarchical Plan, from the attained Point ofDiscipleship2, 447:ashramic plans (which are part of still greater hierarchical endeavors) and has little in it thatDiscipleship2, 457:what it is you are attempting to do. The main hierarchical need today (apart from its need forDiscipleship2, 501:of the Ashram" which guards the heart of the hierarchical life. With courage and withDiscipleship2, 514:is intuitional sensitivity. The attitude of the hierarchical worker to the Plan. - This isDiscipleship2, 521:of the group will to the Hierarchy, and of the hierarchical will to that of Shamballa. Such areDiscipleship2, 523:the Ashram; endeavor to respond consciously to hierarchical impression, [524] shutting out (atDiscipleship2, 524:days are productive of renewed contact with hierarchical force. You will know to whom these lettersDiscipleship2, 540:in mind that, as your karma carries you towards hierarchical contact, and as your radiationDiscipleship2, 560:and magnetism lies at the foundation of the hierarchical method of work. A disciple becomesDiscipleship2, 560:you - being trained to handle this phase of the hierarchical work among men. This might be statedDiscipleship2, 560:might be stated to be the underlying motive and hierarchical purpose for the Arcane School. EachDiscipleship2, 584:to the impression of the Hierarchy and the hierarchical idea at any given time, of correctDiscipleship2, 586:as you well know, is not the case in any true hierarchical training. Obedience, for the disciple,Discipleship2, 609:second ray line of energy as it penetrates the hierarchical center. K.H. is at this time, under theDiscipleship2, 613:and students, bring them en rapport with hierarchical force. This you should remember, and alsoDiscipleship2, 631:yet disciples are definitely pledged to certain hierarchical forms of service which must takeDiscipleship2, 632:of his expanding consciousness within the hierarchical awareness; they are related to hisDiscipleship2, 639:on Earth. Be interested anew and alertly in the hierarchical plans, and fit yourself into the timeDiscipleship2, 646:can be made manifest in you; and through your hierarchical contact, the will of God can pour intoDiscipleship2, 667:dark indeed. [667] The Plan is as much of the hierarchical intent (as an entire and whole picture)Discipleship2, 677:focal points of spiritual energy through which hierarchical activities can be set in motion. YourDiscipleship2, 732:at their first attempt and - from the hierarchical angle - that connotes failure. But the failureDiscipleship2, 732:unimportant effort (from the point of view of hierarchical work) as your attempt to gain the rightDiscipleship2, 752:at times as to sound within the periphery of the hierarchical sphere of influence. This is somewhatEducation, 103:awareness which is the goal of all divine and hierarchical effort. The goal is not for bettermentEducation, 105:an entity. It has led to the undermining of the hierarchical structure of the social order. ThisEducation, 105:hierarchical structure of the social order. This hierarchical structure is a basic and eternalEducation, 107:there can never be any permanent evasion of the hierarchical structure which underlies ourEducation, 110:time. Some of the plans and ideas controlling hierarchical action I will seek to lay before you,Education, 118:the human standpoint, and interesting from the hierarchical point of view) , they are seeking toEducation, 126:great. It is with a small section of the hierarchical structured a very small section at that -Education, 126:of the members of this hierarchy within its hierarchical periphery; it deals also with a possibleEducation, 126:subhuman realms on a lower rung of the ladder of hierarchical existence, and with that hierarchicalEducation, 126:ladder of hierarchical existence, and with that hierarchical structure which is found immediatelyEducation, 126:kingdom, the Kingdom of God. With that great hierarchical unit which we call the animal kingdom,Education, 126:have to be woven between each and every hierarchical unit, and that within the human kingdom itselfEducation, 129:which is ultimately ideal: The recognition of hierarchical status, which is, in the last analysis,Externalisation, 41:at this time, and eventually this branch of the hierarchical effort can find due expression uponExternalisation, 46:work; thus will be brought about an emergence of hierarchical effort into outer activity. Thus youExternalisation, 65:the group members that if they ever hope to have hierarchical standing, they must learn that loveExternalisation, 65:seed groups is to familiarize people with the hierarchical Plan as it is working out today in thisExternalisation, 69:are concerned, and should give a conviction of hierarchical potency and a sense of illumination. ItExternalisation, 73:are seeking to serve humanity and to join in the Hierarchical effort to bring healing to a world inExternalisation, 78:work, to concentrate upon the Shamballa and the Hierarchical forces. I ask you to regard [79]Externalisation, 85:This information constitutes one of the major hierarchical sciences and indicates to us who know itExternalisation, 86:first ray display of energy with second ray or hierarchical force. This latter energy - working
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