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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHICAL

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Externalisation, 680:important factor in the implementation of the hierarchical Plan. This mental approach is not theExternalisation, 684:or in any definitely physical plane adjustments. Hierarchical orientation has for some centuriesExternalisation, 685:the more detailed structure and the sweep of the hierarchical intention have been given by me inExternalisation, 687:in Shamballa), and yet as one with Him (as the hierarchical Head), and as one also with all thatExternalisation, 687:into activity the sacrificial will of both the hierarchical groups; this remains the binding cordExternalisation, 688:new and electric fashion from Shamballa, via the hierarchical minority referred to above, and intoExternalisation, 692:upon certain mantric usages and certain hierarchical formulas, thus setting loose the energiesExternalisation, 694:is this that is now being studied in the various hierarchical ashrams, and when applied - afterExternalisation, 694:so that they will be sensitive to hierarchical impression. At the same time, their intuition willExternalisation, 696:the aspirant in some form or another anent the hierarchical Plan, concerning the reappearance ofExternalisation, 696:forth between the outer world and the world of hierarchical endeavor; they will be sometimesExternalisation, 698:of the existence of the Masters and Their hierarchical endeavor and of the united Hierarchy of ourFire, 339:with evolution, or the fundamentals of hierarchical work. In the third case the Spirit employs theFire, 348:fifth major initiations, with the two higher. Hierarchical, used by an occult Hierarchy for minorFire, 361:The general outline - solar, planetary, and hierarchical - may be suggested, and by the veryFire, 480:owing to this very thing, in the early days of hierarchical effort to give out some of the WisdomFire, 483:of the matters involved if we studied this vast hierarchical standpoint, getting thereby a conceptFire, 485:physical. What has been said applies to all hierarchical efforts in all schemes and on all globes,Fire, 502:body and the physical brain. Adaptability to Hierarchical enterprise shown by the Initiate orFire, 703:until eventually the life is set free from hierarchical limitation. It then returns to its eternalFire, 704:pass down into [704] negative matter, deva or hierarchical substance, thus causing certainFire, 781:there is again diversity, based upon the hierarchical chord, and this produces the many egoicFire, 870:own Master (if he is evolving in a cycle wherein hierarchical effort for humanity takes the form itFire, 874:work in connection with the Chain, for the same hierarchical grading is seen as in connection withFire, 985:constructive endeavor in order to cooperate in hierarchical plans, and to further the desires ofFire, 1080:radioactive life. In one great department of hierarchical endeavor all Egos are divided into twoFire, 1082:of the highest rank find their place in the hierarchical archives of this fifth (or third)Fire, 1141:see and interpret some of the records in the hierarchical records, for in them men and angels,Fire, 1147:of the then civilization, and justified hierarchical effort. Thirdly, They fostered the germ ofFire, 1148:his record transferred into another file in the hierarchical archives, and becomes what is occultlyFire, 1151:manifestation of those who are grouped in the Hierarchical records as "the aligned points of fire."Fire, 1175:in connection with the human units passing under hierarchical influence in the Hall of Wisdom, andFire, 1179:sense than is our planetary Logos. Most of its hierarchical instructors come from the fifth cosmicGlamour, 160:true values and thus bring in the age of soul or hierarchical control? Time alone will show. I willGlamour, 195:many results in psychic sensitivity, of which hierarchical contact, illumination, service andGlamour, 213:proposed, they are definitely participating in a hierarchical activity and are, therefore, in aHealing, 144:second or soul aspect, as is the case with the hierarchical initiations for which the disciple isHealing, 152:speaking, the first major initiation from the hierarchical angle is the third. The first initiationHealing, 156:love. It is the organ for the distribution of hierarchical energy, poured out [157] via the soulHealing, 158:by group consciousness, and the inflow of hierarchical energy follows as a natural consequence, forHealing, 162:following factors: The growing potency of the hierarchical approach. A rapidly establishing soulHealing, 255:which all such new ideas (and shall I call them hierarchical proposals) have to contend? Do youHealing, 290:man, Karma, related to the life of the disciple, Hierarchical karma, [291] must be added to theHealing, 468:the Manual of Death which is to be found in the hierarchical archives would prove explanatory toHealing, 503:whereby the minds of men can become sensitive to hierarchical plans and to the purposes ofHealing, 508:of the man is dedicated to the fulfilment of hierarchical intent. The man begins to work on andHealing, 517:and physical body to carry out behest and hierarchical intent, as far as may be. That hasHealing, 576:conditioned all occult healers, working under hierarchical impression. In the early days of theirHealing, 578:the needed purity. The goal, as you know, of hierarchical effort in those days was to teachHealing, 598:from the angle of its interest) there are two hierarchical [599] officials - the Mahachohan and HisHealing, 612:(from the angle of mental attention and of hierarchical action) in the previous solar system. ItHercules, 122:moon exerts fourth ray energy; Jupiter is the hierarchical ruler representing the second creativeHercules, 202:"The point of decision, as it is called in all hierarchical circles, was reached during the periodInitiation, 25:cooperative, adjusting itself to the group and hierarchical plan and thus fitting in with theInitiation, 30:with the Lord of the World, form the heart of hierarchical effort. Initiation, 33:necessitated a change, or innovation in the Hierarchical method. Certain of its members were calledInitiation, 36:and unfamiliar. The devas who cooperate with the Hierarchical effort, concern themselves,Initiation, 46:so as to take in the four lesser aspects of Hierarchical rule. Under the Manu work the regents ofInitiation, 46:department of energy of the Mahachohan, yet in Hierarchical work he may and does hold officeInitiation, 51:from this. Again, there are certain aspects of hierarchical work affecting, for instance, theInitiation, 52:and to cultivate the ability to recognize the hierarchical vibration as it demonstrates through theInitiation, 92:oath and secret. In these three expressions of hierarchical government - Sanat Kumara on theInitiation, 127:secret of their particular planetary scheme. 4. Hierarchical, used by an occult Hierarchy for minorInitiation, 146:any member of the Lodge takes a specific post in Hierarchical work. This oath deals with hisInitiation, 165:The last hieroglyph gives one of the seven hierarchical keys by means of which the members of ourInitiation, 181:for our Heavenly Man. The present stimulation in hierarchical effort is leading up to a lesserInitiation, 195:life is attuning itself to that [195] of the hierarchical life, then, one by one, the door open,Initiation, 206:use of the hands in service, of the feet upon hierarchical errands, and the development ofMagic, 4:back of your [4] books no esoteric principle of hierarchical authority or support, such as hasMagic, 94:Enough human units have now contacted the hierarchical plan so that it may be safely concluded thatMagic, 211:over the world of souls, or egoic impulses, of hierarchical work and of pure thought. This is theMagic, 277:who are finding their way into the center of hierarchical endeavor. Magic, 379:made, revealing the reality of the old form of hierarchical work; ancient records and monumentsMagic, 379:came when another big change was made in the hierarchical methods, and the door from the animalMagic, 398:some mode of activity which would carry on the hierarchical work on earth and thus constitute aMagic, 399:women who will supersede eventually the previous hierarchical effort. They will supersede allMagic, 403:sensitivity, that instinctive response to hierarchical vibration, and that freedom from the lowerMagic, 403:between the vibrations of the various grades of hierarchical workers still greatly hinder the work.Magic, 406:groups of thinkers be recognized as part of the hierarchical program, designed to produce a certainMagic, 560:the work of white magic and the carrying out of hierarchical purpose meets with basic hindrances inMagic, 609:at will and with the end in view of furthering hierarchical plans and consequent usefulness toMagic, 622:facts. This is therefore the problem of the hierarchical workers: - how to avert the dreadedMeditation, 170:before, the line of occultism. It emphasizes the hierarchical method, it embodies the divinePatanjali, 87:and of the Buddhas, and so on up the scale of hierarchical life till that great Dreamer is known,Patanjali, 203:lower psychic nature. The great "push" of the hierarchical endeavor for this century, 1926-2026,Patanjali, 276:between those records which are: Planetary, Hierarchical or pertaining to the work of the twelveProblems, 69:and would like to see the restoration of the old hierarchical, paternalistic and feudal system; theProblems, 132:churches are relatively free, owing to their hierarchical method of government and theirPsychology1, 150:activity of that Being Who is designated in our hierarchical archives as the "One About Whom NaughtPsychology1, 170:so than in the working out, at this time, of the Hierarchical Plan. If the teachings in thisPsychology1, 176:real progress has been made in this phase of the Hierarchical work. There is today in the world aPsychology1, 389:day will give out to the world a sound form of hierarchical government. It is interesting to notePsychology1, 390:- in spite of appearances - imposing order and hierarchical control upon the planet. It must bePsychology2, 145:power. None of these ray participants in the hierarchical crusade today can really work withoutPsychology2, 215:seek to indicate the basic rules determining the hierarchical government, and conditioning,Psychology2, 218:for man to emphasize those aspects of the hierarchical work which concern himself. The Masters ofPsychology2, 220:factors which determine this peculiar process of hierarchical work, and which therefore constitutePsychology2, 220:These - if we may so express it - determine hierarchical activity, leaving wide scope forPsychology2, 240:on this last phrase, as it presents an aspect of hierarchical endeavor not hitherto considered inPsychology2, 271:these three soul approaches - individual or hierarchical - and to ponder upon them and put
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