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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Astrology, 435:Leo - Saturn - Shamballa. 2. Pisces - Uranus - Hierarchy. 3. Capricorn - Mercury - Humanity. WhenAstrology, 438:as they penetrate into the wisdom of the Hierarchy. The triangle of Pisces-Uranus-Hierarchy isAstrology, 438:of the Hierarchy. The triangle of Pisces-Uranus-Hierarchy is becoming magnetically attractive toAstrology, 438:of the human kingdom into the fifth kingdom, the Hierarchy of souls. Pisces and Capricorn in unisonAstrology, 439:felt more directly in the triangle of the Hierarchy than in that of Humanity. These three energiesAstrology, 439:of divine purpose. The triangles of which the Hierarchy and Humanity are the expression areAstrology, 439:and to the majority of the members of the Hierarchy. Therefore only a few points can be mentionedAstrology, 440:are more attuned to the gentler vibration of the Hierarchy. I have earlier told you that this LeoAstrology, 440:the human center instead of indirectly via the Hierarchy as has hitherto been the case. TheAstrology, 440:concerned with presenting opportunity to the Hierarchy and its affiliated disciples. The phraseAstrology, 440:come so potently under its influence. For the Hierarchy - as a group - is facing a great crisis ofAstrology, 440:today, as it seeks approach and contact with the Hierarchy. Thus there are two interrelated crisesAstrology, 440:crises affecting both Humanity and the Hierarchy, and these should produce - if correctly effectedAstrology, 440:in the case of Humanity this pull comes via the Hierarchy and - apart from that Hierarchy - mankindAstrology, 440:comes via the Hierarchy and - apart from that Hierarchy - mankind cannot today surmount or properlyAstrology, 441:The intervention desired should come via the Hierarchy, if it is not to be too destructive in itsAstrology, 441:stimulating the planetary triangle of Shamballa-Hierarchy-Humanity. Behind these three stands aAstrology, 445:of Sirian force via Pisces to the [445] Hierarchy. From that "middle center" it passes to thatAstrology, 445:along the stream of love which emanates from the Hierarchy itself. Pisces governs this effort ofAstrology, 445:itself. Pisces governs this effort of the Hierarchy because the highest aspect of Pisces whichAstrology, 445:of right relationship. Today as never before the Hierarchy stands as a "mediating transmitter"Astrology, 445:can come through a closer relation between the Hierarchy and Humanity. 2.Humanity and its karma,Astrology, 447:mankind, under the steady influence of the Hierarchy, to take the first initiation and "give birthAstrology, 450:the present world situation, via Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity, are potent in their oftAstrology, 450:turn react more rapidly and consistently to the Hierarchy, transmitting energies from Pisces andAstrology, 451:in a planned response to the influence of the Hierarchy and the energies transmitted by it. As aAstrology, 451:orientation towards the soul and towards the Hierarchy. [452] A deep love for humanity, present andAstrology, 452:the major three centers which we call Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. We recognize them as:Astrology, 452:Purpose - Planetary head center - Directing Will Hierarchy - Love. Wisdom - Planetary heart centerAstrology, 454:heart center; when this takes place, the Hierarchy will [455] shift its focus of receptivity intoAstrology, 455:seventh root-race fully awakened. Heart center - Hierarchy - 2nd ray - 6th root-race - Love; theAstrology, 456:limitations of its own kingdom in nature; the Hierarchy is attempting to become responsive to thisAstrology, 457:importance as a distributing agency for the Hierarchy and particularly for those Members of theAstrology, 457:and particularly for those Members of the Hierarchy who are dealing with and influencing currentAstrology, 462:in the case of the evolution of members of the Hierarchy) is into the same focal point on the baseAstrology, 466:High in that distant Sun. They pour through the Hierarchy upon the mass of men and enable the unitAstrology, 467:in a peculiar relation to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human, and to our Earth in this fourthAstrology, 478:they express themselves through Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. Again, therefore, we come upAstrology, 479:through the three major centers, Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. My problem has been toAstrology, 482:of humanity or the Great Approach of the Hierarchy to Humanity. It will produce also theAstrology, 483:activity of which produces the manifestation of Hierarchy - the intermediary between Shamballa andAstrology, 492:relation of humanity, through the mind, to the Hierarchy and the approach of that Hierarchy to theAstrology, 492:mind, to the Hierarchy and the approach of that Hierarchy to the human center of energy. Let meAstrology, 492:this connection: Sagittarius The Approach of the Hierarchy - Lemurian in date. Proceeding steadilyAstrology, 492:mountain top of initiation. Leo The Work of the Hierarchy - To raise the mass consciousness. TheAstrology, 493:knowledge. [493] Aquarius The Achievement of the Hierarchy - The self-consciousness of Leo givesAstrology, 493:FUTURE - The merging of the human center and the Hierarchy. Soul Expansion - Recognition ofAstrology, 505:yet unrevealed to humanity, though sensed by the Hierarchy. These are "objectives of esotericAstrology, 528:esoteric center of force and through which the Hierarchy and Shamballa are seeking to work are theAstrology, 528:some are influenced by Shamballa and some by the Hierarchy. The head center of the Occident isAstrology, 532:fighting for freedom remains unimpaired. The Hierarchy stands. Light is breaking in the world asAstrology, 543:impossible. It is this thought which prompts the Hierarchy to renewed effort. The Forces of LightAstrology, 544:the glamor which descended upon her people. The Hierarchy makes a distinction between theAstrology, 545:by voiced Words of Power on the part of the Hierarchy. Pisces, through its ruler, Pluto (rulingAstrology, Saturn:today. The stars declare it and decree it. The Hierarchy therefore intentionally collaborates. TheAstrology, 558:by, the center which we call the planetary Hierarchy; whilst the Cardinal Cross rules andAstrology, 568:Humanity. The Fixed Cross - the repentant thief. Hierarchy. The Cardinal Cross - the Cross ofAstrology, 570:which led me, under instruction from the Hierarchy, to give out - at widely separated points inAstrology, 573:through an individual disciple and through the Hierarchy, produces likewise three emergingAstrology, 574:of mediatorship which is the major task of the Hierarchy, mediating between Shamballa and Humanity.Astrology, 574:the will-to-save of the Shamballa Lords, via the Hierarchy, which he is in a position directly toAstrology, 574:and is stepped down from Shamballa, via the Hierarchy, into which spiritual organization he isAstrology, 574:the second planetary Center which we call the Hierarchy. Experience upon the Cardinal CrossAstrology, 574:its will-to-good; he blends this into the Hierarchy as far as he can, fusing this human will intoAstrology, 575:two approaches in an effort to evoke - via the Hierarchy - the will-to-save of Shamballa. [579] Astrology, 587:consideration to be given to the relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa, carried forward as theAstrology, 588:absorbing and stepping-down process to which the Hierarchy subjects it. I have referred to thisAstrology, 588:interplay between the two centers: Humanity and Hierarchy. When this is better established, thereAstrology, 593:dream and goal of the highest initiates in the Hierarchy to contact - the secret revelation ofAstrology, 593:preoccupied with the attitude and effort of the Hierarchy as regards human welfare and guidanceAstrology, 593:that just as humanity strives towards the Hierarchy, so that Hierarchy itself strives towardsAstrology, 593:humanity strives towards the Hierarchy, so that Hierarchy itself strives towards Shamballa. As theAstrology, 595:point in the evolutionary process, just as the Hierarchy upon our little planet tunes out or stepsAstrology, 614:illumination. Response to the center called the Hierarchy. Buddhi or the intuition is in control.Astrology, 617:consciousness angle; that is via Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. From thence theAstrology, 617:a transmitting agency. The fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human Kingdom, is the agent through whichAstrology, 617:eventually the energies of Shamballa and of the Hierarchy will be focused for the redeeming of theAstrology, 617:of Shamballa, inspired by love, fostered by the Hierarchy and expressed through the intellect whichAstrology, 622:is preoccupied. It is that which has brought the Hierarchy into being, under the impact of theAstrology, 622:humanity in the West to a realization of the Hierarchy [623] are the Masters Morya and K. H., theAstrology, 624:the fusion of the two centers, Humanity and the Hierarchy. By fusion, I mean their completeAstrology, 628:itself through humanity and consummated in the Hierarchy. Here you have the whole story of unity,Astrology, 632:which will carry the will of Shamballa to the Hierarchy or to the world initiates, giving to ThemAstrology, 633:Most High (Shamballa) with the Holy City (The Hierarchy). The bridge between the Holy Place and theAstrology, 633:Will. Identification. Ray II The Holy Place. Hierarchy. The Secret Place where Light dwelleth.Astrology, 638:animal and kingdom of spiritual man. [638] Each Hierarchy furnishes the aura of one of the sevenAstrology, 678:Doctrine "The esotericism of the first Creative Hierarchy (which is the sixth in reality. A.A.B.)Astrology, 680:for Students The Fourth Kingdom and the Hierarchy of the Planet "Certain facts have already beenAstrology, 680:the government of the planet, founded the occult Hierarchy, and that - though some remain with theAstrology, 683:of the Logos of our scheme, the Head of the Hierarchy, and the One Initiator. This could not haveAstrology, 686:of certain groups in the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human, caused a paralleling event of evenAstrology, 686:in the Venus scheme. This affected the sixth Hierarchy one of the deva Hierarchies, dwelling in theAstrology, 689:or schemes. The seven divisions of the occult Hierarchy. They exist, as does the Heavenly ManAutobiography, 14:in the sense that certain teaching which the Hierarchy of Masters wanted to get out to the worldAutobiography, 40:the Buddha and all the Members of the planetary Hierarchy, and that there were happenings andAutobiography, 139:or afterwards. I found that the Head of this Hierarchy of spiritual Leaders was the Christ and whenAutobiography, 140:was really speaking of Christ and the planetary Hierarchy. I found that the esoteric presentationAutobiography, 142:to approach a little closer to that spiritual Hierarchy [143] which I had always subconsciouslyAutobiography, 155:first lessons which any one affiliated with the Hierarchy has to learn. During all this time theAutobiography, 158:to the service of one's fellowmen, the spiritual Hierarchy and, above all, one's own soul? No
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