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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Discipleship2, 356:they are thus preserved in the Archives of the Hierarchy. Discipleship2, 356:is as follows: "The changes brought about in the Hierarchy have been the result of the work of theDiscipleship2, 357:of this hint: That the Law of Change governs the Hierarchy just as it governs Humanity. That theDiscipleship2, 357:events which are taking place within the Hierarchy. Contribute to the wise circulation andDiscipleship2, 357:center of changing energies. This is the way the Hierarchy works. You who read and study the waysDiscipleship2, 357:the effect of the changes produced in the Hierarchy by two major factors, to both of which I haveDiscipleship2, 357:new energies pouring through Shamballa into the Hierarchy; these are of an extra-planetary natureDiscipleship2, 358:The concept of service rendered by the Hierarchy is consistently present. The way to world changeDiscipleship2, 358:The way to world change is also given. The Hierarchy as a meeting-place of energies is emphasizedDiscipleship2, 358:this problem is that he is already a part of the Hierarchy whilst at the same time he is a part ofDiscipleship2, 358:he is not alone or isolated; he is a part of the Hierarchy because he has "entered with his group";Discipleship2, 361:in relation to humanity, the planning of the Hierarchy falls into certain definite phases ofDiscipleship2, 361:and registered by the senior Members of the Hierarchy. The stage of hierarchical Planning. This isDiscipleship2, 362:chosen disciples are always held in the Hierarchy to work solely with the pattern; this is a mostDiscipleship2, 363:of souls, from the Kingdom of God and from the Hierarchy. They are rightly oriented energyDiscipleship2, 365:the future possibilities which confront the Hierarchy. Formula 4. Concerns dynamic energy and isDiscipleship2, 369:lies permanently within the consciousness of the Hierarchy. Discipleship2, 370:holds eternally good, and it is the task of the Hierarchy to demonstrate this. The relation of theDiscipleship2, 371:cycle, disperse the energy - generated by the Hierarchy, under the inspiration of the divineDiscipleship2, 374:consequently from that high place within the Hierarchy and do not need to employ the ajna center orDiscipleship2, 374:something which he has received from the Hierarchy and of which he is simply the agent or channel.Discipleship2, 375:used, conditions his work with and for the Hierarchy. The energy of the ashram of which he mayDiscipleship2, 375:ashrams or of the entire group of Ashrams, the Hierarchy itself. The use of this highly qualifiedDiscipleship2, 375:correctly. The energy of the Head of the Hierarchy, or the Christ force, as it is sometimes called.Discipleship2, 378:energy to the task of destruction with which the Hierarchy is confronted in connection with theDiscipleship2, 378:of the Will - as do all the Members of the Hierarchy; he realizes, consequently, that he mustDiscipleship2, 381:now be undertaken, and it is for this that the Hierarchy is working today, where aspirants andDiscipleship2, 382:this puts him in touch with the Heart of the Hierarchy and - through the Hierarchy - energies fromDiscipleship2, 382:the Heart of the Hierarchy and - through the Hierarchy - energies from the Heart of the Sun canDiscipleship2, 383:the present basic change in the methods of the Hierarchy. A would-be-initiate does not, at first,Discipleship2, 384:inner attitude is given solely to the concept of Hierarchy. The disciple is not, at this time,Discipleship2, 384:he is attentive to the Christ, the Head of the Hierarchy, because he is the Initiator of the firstDiscipleship2, 384:has been laid upon the love quality of the Hierarchy, on its being the expression of the secondDiscipleship2, 387:were: Hint I. - The changes brought about in the Hierarchy have been the result of the work of theDiscipleship2, 393:its apex reaches to the highest levels of the Hierarchy; its second point is anchored in the NewDiscipleship2, 395:and is gradually absorbed into the ranks of the Hierarchy. There are other and deeper meanings thanDiscipleship2, 405:precipitate them into the ring-pass-not of the Hierarchy, and consequently hasten the redemptiveDiscipleship2, 405:attained in the world of appearances as the Hierarchy applies the redemptive energies; it is alsoDiscipleship2, 405:has been greatly facilitated since the entire Hierarchy shifted its location (since 1925 A.D.) fromDiscipleship2, 406:initiation" is only used by the Members of the Hierarchy in reference to the first two initiationsDiscipleship2, 407:to their souls, and consequently linked to the Hierarchy. There have always been those in everyDiscipleship2, 408:persons prepare - the externalization of the Hierarchy and the reappearance of the Master of thatDiscipleship2, 408:and the reappearance of the Master of that Hierarchy, with the Personnel of which it is composed;Discipleship2, 408:in another section (The Externalization of the Hierarchy) and will not enlarge upon it here. TheDiscipleship2, 409:here. The work or the radiatory activity of the Hierarchy is today more potent than at any time inDiscipleship2, 409:protective, guarding and nurturing. Later, the Hierarchy withdrew into a subjective expression andDiscipleship2, 409:had, therefore, to find their way alone to the Hierarchy; in silence that Hierarchy has waited,Discipleship2, 409:way alone to the Hierarchy; in silence that Hierarchy has waited, until the number of "enlightenedDiscipleship2, 410:the pronounced indication of the approach of the Hierarchy. These three happenings will alsoDiscipleship2, 410:who form part of the subjective groups which the Hierarchy is everywhere forming upon all rays, onDiscipleship2, 411:embody your life service to humanity and to the Hierarchy. With these ideas on group initiation, IDiscipleship2, 412:Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part X The Hierarchy was faced with the fact that thousands ofDiscipleship2, 413:of those who stood on the periphery of the Hierarchy, and in line, therefore, for ashramicDiscipleship2, 413:of soul contact. The problem confronting the Hierarchy was interesting. This new type of aspirantDiscipleship2, 413:to the light of love, which dominates the Hierarchy. The light of the Triad, which is an aspect ofDiscipleship2, 419:into that center of energy which we call the Hierarchy; from that point of attained focus he willDiscipleship2, 419:where the love of God is demonstrated, the Hierarchy. In these two centers a great activity is onDiscipleship2, 422:and also within the forms in the service of the Hierarchy. This Law of Attraction is a major soulDiscipleship2, 424:These points of revelation concern the Hierarchy and its intelligent appreciation of the second orDiscipleship2, 426:by the desire and the motivation of the united Hierarchy and Humanity; this Invocation cannotDiscipleship2, 429:about initiation, the Masters and the occult Hierarchy. Humanity was not ready, and the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 429:Hierarchy. Humanity was not ready, and the Hierarchy is not as it has been portrayed by earnestDiscipleship2, 429:by earnest Theosophists and Rosicrucians. The Hierarchy has been pictured as a group of eager men,Discipleship2, 429:with humanity. In this, the Members of the Hierarchy are not primarily interested. The primeDiscipleship2, 433:works from a point of Polarization within the Hierarchy itself, distributing and precipitating theDiscipleship2, 435:the Christ or whoever is the cyclic Head of the Hierarchy should be considered, working inDiscipleship2, 436:The light that shines within the sacred Hierarchy of Souls discovers these two lights revealed andDiscipleship2, 449:on soul levels? Is it focused consciously in the Hierarchy, in my Ashram, or where? What is yourDiscipleship2, 453:the needed times. As he inhales the life of the Hierarchy, and increasingly that of the MonadDiscipleship2, 457:the range of influence of that super group, the Hierarchy. Such groups are forming now in theirDiscipleship2, 464:at this time than can any other member of the Hierarchy. I can find and reach you with a minimumDiscipleship2, 472:of the Plan, in unison with the entire Hierarchy. This produces an inevitable crisis andDiscipleship2, 479:be saved by me and all affiliated with the Hierarchy." Stage III. The Sandals on the Feet. ReflectDiscipleship2, 485:Ashram, as a branch of the great Ashram of the Hierarchy. You are peculiarly fitted for this work;Discipleship2, 493:learning. I, the Master D.K., am a member of the Hierarchy and am teaching you through your ownDiscipleship2, 498:is required, and that a master Plan of the Hierarchy must be carried out, and that into this PlanDiscipleship2, 501:world scene; they are the senior members of the Hierarchy, working under the Christ. They arrive atDiscipleship2, 501:work becomes fused and blended, and the entire Hierarchy, at a time of crisis such as the present,Discipleship2, 507:your undeviating adherence to the service of the Hierarchy. For many years you have done our workDiscipleship2, 511:govern group endeavor. These rules govern the Hierarchy. They recede increasingly into theDiscipleship2, 511:but this withdrawal into the silence of the Hierarchy is not based and never will be based upon anyDiscipleship2, 514:is service. The attitude of the disciple to the Hierarchy. - This is intuitional sensitivity. TheDiscipleship2, 520:brings its energies to bear direct upon the Hierarchy, and energy from Sirius does not normallyDiscipleship2, 521:will to the group will, of the group will to the Hierarchy, and of the hierarchical will to that ofDiscipleship2, 524:reconsecrate yourself to cooperation with the Hierarchy, and regain your early enthusiasm inDiscipleship2, 524:proffer rich cooperation to them and to the Hierarchy. My love and blessing is ever yours, and thisDiscipleship2, 531:Ideals are formulations by the human mind. The Hierarchy has no ideals. The Hierarchy is simply theDiscipleship2, 531:the human mind. The Hierarchy has no ideals. The Hierarchy is simply the channel for pure love andDiscipleship2, 541:process. I might add that every member of the Hierarchy, from Christ down to the disciple who isDiscipleship2, 567:towards that which is good and towards the Hierarchy. But the use of the spiritual will as it canDiscipleship2, 568:the Ageless Wisdom and you have served the Hierarchy consciously for many decades; you are givingDiscipleship2, 569:We are forever linked as workers in the one Hierarchy and under the leadership of the Christ andDiscipleship2, 573:ascending upwards from the soul towards the Hierarchy, passing through the members of the group.Discipleship2, 581:that statements emanating from any member of the Hierarchy, such as myself, have in them a potencyDiscipleship2, 584:of sensitivity to the impression of the Hierarchy and the hierarchical idea at any given time, ofDiscipleship2, 586:sixth ray tendencies, to the very heart of the Hierarchy? People are apt to regard obedience as theDiscipleship2, 586:reaction to the Plan as it emanates from the Hierarchy, rapid and correct sensitive registration ofDiscipleship2, 587:By this statement I do not mean the aura of the Hierarchy. You are all of you already sensitive toDiscipleship2, 587:his quality impregnated the entire aura of the Hierarchy. [588] I mean his individual aura. ADiscipleship2, 588:aura. A disciple has "the freedom of the Hierarchy" (as it is called) and can now make this attempt
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