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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Fire, 651:in many of the plans and arrangements of the Hierarchy. Modifications have been necessitated, andFire, 652:spirilla of the units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy in this fourth round on the fourth globe inFire, 652:effect can be looked for at this time, and the Hierarchy is preparing itself for the taking over ofFire, 669:on to the physical plane. The sixth Creative Hierarchy likewise is specially connected with thisFire, 682:plane, and finding its link with the human Hierarchy through the mental units. They are the gaseousFire, 691:which are a part of the fourth [691] Creative Hierarchy, the aggregate of purely human Monads.Fire, 703:[703] our planet; but They only reflect (in the Hierarchy of our planet) the function of the fiveFire, 703:embodies in Himself the function of the fifth Hierarchy. This accounts for the activity of Venus atFire, 703:in this round. In the next round, this fifth Hierarchy will be utilizing our Earth scheme in thisFire, 703:working out in the human family. This fifth Hierarchy of Agnishvattas in their many grades embodyFire, 704:to Ray impulse. But within each Ray and each Hierarchy in this system a dual force again will beFire, 704:hidden in this, and in the function of the fifth Hierarchy, and it is not possible to reveal moreFire, 704:these Sons of God, and the secret of the fifth Hierarchy which is the vehicle or recipient ofFire, 704:to the energy flowing through the fifth Hierarchy. As the student of occultism knows, the Lord ofFire, 705:point, certain things will eventuate. The fifth Hierarchy will rise to its full power. This willFire, 706:that the solar Angels concerned with the fifth Hierarchy are naturally a potent factor in theFire, 716:is not yet apparent. This incoming force, the Hierarchy will avail itself of in order to pushFire, 716:the great revelation which is near at hand, the Hierarchy will again take advantage of the time andFire, 725:do not come in connection with any particular Hierarchy but only in relation to the total system.Fire, 727:certain avatars from the fourth Creative Hierarchy, for esoteric and for us inexplicable reasons,Fire, 727:and for us inexplicable reasons, leave Their Own Hierarchy, and appear in one or other of the devaFire, 732:not yet practicable) to the Chohans of the Hierarchy now on Earth. They work consciously carryingFire, 739:in another round, he can return as a member of a Hierarchy to continue His work of service for theFire, 742:the manifestation of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, and leads to the Monads taking form in theFire, 743:entities who sacrifice Themselves for the human Hierarchy (and we must note here the accuracy ofFire, 743:to the totality of the schemes as the Occult Hierarchy of any particular planet stands to men uponFire, 747:Those Who have offered for service as the occult Hierarchy in the next round. In Them have to beFire, 748:not. The strife and cries of the fourth great Hierarchy, blending with the softer note of theFire, 755:would do well to further the ends of the occult Hierarchy by a similar concentration at the time ofFire, 778:of those Egos who choose to remain with the Hierarchy of our planet, and their methods ofFire, 780:present experience in connection with the human Hierarchy has that end in view. It should beFire, 781:I am here dealing with the chord of the human hierarchy as a whole. Within the hierarchy there isFire, 781:of the human hierarchy as a whole. Within the hierarchy there is again diversity, based upon theFire, 829:This fact is being taken advantage of by the Hierarchy on Earth to produce certain results in theFire, 913:have been called to the council chamber of the Hierarchy for specific consultation, and just as theFire, 914:are of equal rank with certain members of the Hierarchy, having chosen to stay and work inFire, 950:thoughts and meditations. (2) By the work of the Hierarchy in training and teaching individuals,Fire, 950:this distorted creation of the fourth Creative Hierarchy (the fourth or human kingdom) and tends toFire, 959:then we have a powerful agent of the Hierarchy on the earth. We might generalize in the followingFire, 985:with that which lies outside the plans of the Hierarchy and with that which is not included in theFire, 988:three worlds. The white brother works under the Hierarchy, or under the great King, carrying outFire, 1078:of men passed out of the fourth Creative Hierarchy into another and a higher one. Many posts heldFire, 1087:appearance of units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy. Thus we pass down the scale through all theFire, 1099:and close relation to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, that of the human monads, and this isFire, 1099:of those lives who form the fourth Creative Hierarchy. As we know, the esoteric number of thisFire, 1099:As we know, the esoteric number of this Hierarchy is nine, the exoteric number being four. It isFire, 1099:as follows: That of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, who, in their aggregate, form the force centers.Fire, 1100:cosmic ether, the buddhic. The fourth Creative Hierarchy. When this has been completed, the goalFire, 1118:Who [1118] hold a position in the cosmic Hierarchy similar to that of the "ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHTFire, 1145:and concerns the interaction between the human Hierarchy (the fourth Kingdom) and the greatFire, 1145:to enter into the councils of the planetary Hierarchy, and himself to direct streams of energyFire, 1151:that particular quality at the disposal of the Hierarchy, and is sent forth to balance that group,Fire, 1174:fifth kingdom, therefore, all the members of the Hierarchy. The planetary Logoi throughout theFire, 1175:of consciousness, and each planetary school or Hierarchy subjects its pupils to this law, only inFire, 1179:They are each depicted in the archives of our Hierarchy as holding a trident of fire surmounted byFire, 1186:Negative. PLANES: 1. Plane Raja Lord. A Deva Hierarchy. Atomic Subplane. Fohatic. Central Fire.Fire, 1196:[1196] Ray is dependent upon the quality of the hierarchy of Beings who use it as a means ofFire, 1196:Section Two - Division F - The Law of Attraction Hierarchy I. The first great Hierarchy is emanatedFire, 1196:Law of Attraction Hierarchy I. The first great Hierarchy is emanated from the Heart of the centralFire, 1197:flower on the human plant." The symbol of this Hierarchy is the Golden Lotus with its twelve petalsFire, 1197:petals folded. It should be remembered that this Hierarchy is literally the sixth, for fiveFire, 1197:their totality the sumtotal of manas. It is the Hierarchy which is the fifth in order, and which weFire, 1197:the animal kingdom and the fifth Creative Hierarchy of the earlier system which makes itself feltFire, 1197:is the law of the Builders. This first (sixth) Hierarchy has for its type of energy the firstFire, 1197:and long through the sixth sphere of sense." Hierarchy II. The second Hierarchy is closely alliedFire, 1197:sixth sphere of sense." Hierarchy II. The second Hierarchy is closely allied with the Great Bear.Fire, 1198:not the Monads; They are far higher. [1198] This Hierarchy, which is literally the seventh, is theFire, 1198:of His threefold nature. The first (sixth) Hierarchy might be viewed as endeavoring to express theFire, 1198:or cosmic astral, nature. This second (seventh) Hierarchy has for its type of force the secondFire, 1198:cosmically to gain. It is the energy of this Hierarchy (whose numbers are two and seven) whichFire, 1198:Section Two - Division F - The Law of Attraction Hierarchy III. The third Creative Hierarchy (orFire, 1198:of Attraction Hierarchy III. The third Creative Hierarchy (or the eighth) is a peculiarlyFire, 1199:ready for service, which is to give to another hierarchy certain qualities which are lacking. ThisFire, 1199:certain qualities which are lacking. This Hierarchy is regarded as the great donors of immortalityFire, 1199:body into the dense physical vehicle. This third Hierarchy wields the third aspect of electricFire, 1199:fire, solar fire and fire by friction. Each hierarchy manifests a triple energy or an aspect ofFire, 1199:of the Triadal Lives by units in the fourth Hierarchy, that of the human Monads, which precipitatesFire, 1200:two groups are literally three, as the fifth Hierarchy is a dual one and it is this which has ledFire, 1200:it is owing to this occult fact that the fourth Hierarchy is regarded as masculine and the fifth asFire, 1200:Section Two - Division F - The Law of Attraction Hierarchy IV. The fourth Creative Hierarchy is theFire, 1200:of Attraction Hierarchy IV. The fourth Creative Hierarchy is the group wherein the highest aspectFire, 1200:this they do through the agency of the fifth Hierarchy and the four wicks, or the two dual lowerFire, 1200:place and importance of man in the scheme. The hierarchy, for instance, which is the essence of theFire, 1200:on the love and desire of the Logos, but each hierarchy also expresses itself through oneFire, 1200:to be regarded by the finite mind of man as the hierarchy itself. This [1201] is not so, and careFire, 1201:through the medium of a form, or another hierarchy. These hierarchies are all interrelated and areFire, 1201:be. As is stated in the Secret Doctrine, this hierarchy is the nursery for the incarnating Jivas;Fire, 1201:into a state of latency. The condition of the hierarchy is similar, only on a cosmic scale, to theFire, 1201:or those having forms. The fourth Creative Hierarchy, or the ninth, must ever be regarded in thisFire, 1203:Son as He vitalizes the Sun. The fourth is the hierarchy of human Monads who are the mediators orFire, 1203:It might, therefore, be said that the fifth Hierarchy serves as the representative of the fiveFire, 1203:Section Two - Division F - The Law of Attraction Hierarchy V. The fifth Creative Hierarchy is, asFire, 1203:of Attraction Hierarchy V. The fifth Creative Hierarchy is, as we know from study of the SecretFire, 1203:is incident upon the relation of the fifth Hierarchy to the five liberated groups. This relation,Fire, 1203:the Secret Doctrine. The relation of the fifth Hierarchy to a certain constellation has also aFire, 1204:is for this reason that the units of the fifth Hierarchy are called "The Hearts of Fiery Love";Fire, 1205:central Life of the solar system. This Fifth Hierarchy is equally, under the law, a distributor ofFire, 1205:is the fifth counting from below upwards. This hierarchy wields, as we know, the dual aspects ofFire, 1206:of the systemic dense physical body. The fifth Hierarchy has an interesting position as theFire, 1207:it might be noted that the seventh Hierarchy is the life or energy found at the heart of every
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