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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Fire, 1207:every atom, its positive aspect, and the sixth Hierarchy is the life of the forms of all theFire, 1207:of every tangible object. The function of this Hierarchy is well described in the words of the oldFire, 1208:of the hierarchies. The lives which compose a Hierarchy pass in ordered cycles into the next above,Fire, 1208:being transferred and the consciousness of one hierarchy expands into that of the next higher. ThisFire, 1208:in terms of energy. The negative lives of a hierarchy follow the following sequence: NegativeFire, 1208:Positive energy. The positive lives of one hierarchy become the negative lives of another when theyFire, 1208:the matter with accuracy, he must study each hierarchy in a threefold manner, and view it also inFire, 1208:nine states of consciousness through which each hierarchy has to pass, and some idea of theFire, 1208:of the nine Initiations of the fourth Creative Hierarchy. Within these nine distinct expansionsFire, 1208:expansions through which each life in each hierarchy must pass, are to be found lesser expansionsFire, 1209:importance. Then the nine unfoldments of each hierarchy will be somewhat comprehended, and theirFire, 1209:of logoic energy and a positive emanation, and a hierarchy which is a negative emanation of theFire, 1209:positive energy impresses itself, driving that hierarchy on to self expression and forcing theFire, 1210:make to the positive vibration of the seventh Hierarchy is simply to be attracted. They can beFire, 1210:a condition to pass into and become the seventh Hierarchy of the next solar system. The goal forFire, 1213:the fourth or human kingdom, wherein the fourth Hierarchy is seeking experience, there is an effortFire, 1224:the three worlds, so in the five worlds of the Hierarchy the three higher subplanes of the atmicFire, 1224:F - The Law of Attraction The Seven Hierarchies Hierarchy Nos. Symbol Aspect Force Type 1. TheFire, 1225:knowledge as to the essential character of the hierarchy may be revealed. The symbols for the fiveFire, 1226:Love of God as it is revealed through the hierarchy of Beings, or as the Son reveals it, Who is theFire, 1226:the type of force wielded by a particular hierarchy. [1229] Fire, 1235:creator, cooperating with the plans of the Hierarchy of Adepts who work with ideas, and who seek toFire, 1236:This diagram is an outline of a portion of the Hierarchy at the present moment (1925), and givesFire, 1236:of Solar and Planetary Hierarchies THE SOLAR HIERARCHY The Solar Logos. | The Solar Trinity orFire, 1236:Idealism. 7. Ceremonial Magic. | THE PLANETARY HIERARCHY S. Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World.Fire, 1243:the larger number of the sons of men. In the hierarchy of our planet the "Lords of Compassion" areFire, 1244:path is the one that keeps a man linked to the Hierarchy which is pledged to the service of ourFire, 1245:fit themselves to contact the Brothers of the Hierarchy. Their field of employ, Their methods ofFire, 1246:is largely that pouring through the sixth Hierarchy, which has an esoteric relation to the sixthFire, 1247:Libra. Method - Twelve cosmic Identifications. Hierarchy - The sixth. Symbol - A green dragonFire, 1252:Method - The entering of the burning-ground. Hierarchy - The third and fourth. [1253] Symbol - AFire, 1255:objectivity, and have a relation to that fifth Hierarchy which gives to man his egoic body. TheFire, 1257:Source - Betelgeuse, via the sign Sagittarius. Hierarchy - the fifth. Method - prismaticFire, 1259:fourth kingdom, the bulk of the fourth Creative Hierarchy on this fourth globe of the fourth schemeFire, 1260:Sirius via the Sun which veils a zodiacal sign. Hierarchy - veiled by the numbers 14 and 17. MethodGlamour, 15:interrelated understanding is firm and true. The Hierarchy will be able to use the world aspirantsGlamour, 32:has steadily precipitated, until today when the Hierarchy looks at humanity it appears to beGlamour, 33:one of the major problems with which the Hierarchy today has to concern itself; it is also one ofGlamour, 36:to the fact that part of the plan of the Hierarchy embraces the starting of small groups such asGlamour, 58:be found. Some of them are placed there by the Hierarchy for man's finding; some of them are men'sGlamour, 59:between those which are purposely created by the Hierarchy and those which are created by humanity.Glamour, 61:colored by a basic idea, are placed there by the Hierarchy. When thus contacted and discovered, theGlamour, 65:varies from age to age, according to what the Hierarchy is attempting to do, or according to theGlamour, 78:Wisdom. Around the names of the Members of the Hierarchy and around Their work, and the work of theGlamour, 91:the life of the soul and to the service of the Hierarchy, of God and humanity. The Dweller on theGlamour, 126:of illusion are indications to the watching Hierarchy that a man is ready for the processes ofGlamour, 127:to that of the Master. There is naught but the Hierarchy, which is a term denoting a steadyGlamour, 130:who registers it. You might well ask here if the Hierarchy itself is not conditioned by an ideaGlamour, 130:Apart from the fact that the Directors of the Hierarchy and the Custodians of the Plan are neverGlamour, 130:along the channel of the seven rays. Thus, the Hierarchy is wide open, in any case, to the sevenGlamour, 130:ideals and - if it were no more than that - the Hierarchy is so far fluid and pliable. But it isGlamour, 130:more than just this, for, to the members of the Hierarchy, the idea and its effects are not onlyGlamour, 131:be revealed or to the Plan as the Members of the Hierarchy know it. This illusion evokes in theGlamour, 134:guidance and the paternalistic attitude of the Hierarchy and the initiate-priests of the time, menGlamour, 136:Himself, conditioning Shamballa, and guiding the Hierarchy, are brought to his notice progressivelyGlamour, 137:City (Shamballa) and of the New Jerusalem (the Hierarchy). They are thus unique in their contactsGlamour, 141:which can be found in the Archives of the Hierarchy and which refers to this particular process. IGlamour, 156:in a peculiar manner the fourth creative Hierarchy and might be regarded as forming the basicGlamour, 156:the basic personality ray of the fourth creative Hierarchy. The one given above is a transient andGlamour, 159:as a whole is concerned and the approaching Hierarchy. The consciousness of humanity from theGlamour, 159:Legion. Humanity today is the Dweller whilst the Hierarchy of Souls is the Angel and behind standsGlamour, 159:the PRESENCE of Divinity Itself, intuited by the Hierarchy and dimly sensed by humanity butGlamour, 160:PRESENCE. And so they stand - Humanity and the Hierarchy. And so you stand, my brother, personalityGlamour, 169:of communication between Shamballa and the Hierarchy has been opened and enlarged, and as theGlamour, 170:in the Buddha, the Love of God, expressed in the Hierarchy and focused through the Christ, and theGlamour, 183:with the teaching which emanated from the Hierarchy (the Custodian of secondary revelations, asGlamour, 185:perception. One of the major tasks of the Hierarchy is to seek for and find those who are sensitiveGlamour, 188:achievement of one man who is so close to the Hierarchy and so imbued with conscious divinity thatGlamour, 213:will be employed in the new age. For this, the Hierarchy has planned and worked and it is nowGlamour, 225:work has been carried forward by members of the Hierarchy, and then only with the idea of holdingGlamour, 227:rituals are today (from the angle of the Hierarchy) entirely obsolete and of no importance whereGlamour, 247:activity under the direction of the spiritual Hierarchy? Such are some of the questions to whichGlamour, 259:the soul and, later, the musical quality of the Hierarchy can be heard. Forget not [260] that soundGlamour, 260:contribute to the great symphony which the Hierarchy and Humanity are playing, and playing now.Glamour, 260:which are in process of collaborating with the Hierarchy make music ceaselessly. This rhythm ofGlamour, 260:of chords and notes blend with the music of the Hierarchy itself and this is a steadily enrichingGlamour, 266:to function in a dual manner: as a member of the Hierarchy, cooperating with the Plan and occupiedGlamour, 268:three initiations or (from the angle of the Hierarchy) before the two initiations of the thresholdHealing, 6:each other. The healing energy of the spiritual Hierarchy cannot flow through the group if there isHealing, 71:and the planetary life are not well. This, the Hierarchy knows, and is working for the ameliorationHealing, 109:hermaphroditic. E'en though the evolving human Hierarchy is masculine or positive, yet that is noHealing, 116:vibratory influence he is ever susceptible. The Hierarchy, the energy of which can reach himHealing, 126:integration with the soul, integration into the Hierarchy, integration with the Whole, untilHealing, 146:divinity - that of love - and therefore to the Hierarchy; the Buddhas of Activity relate him to theHealing, 147:you that this initiation is regarded by the Hierarchy as the first major initiation, a fact which IHealing, 147:is the center through which the fourth Creative Hierarchy on its own plane finds expression, [148]Healing, 148:plane finds expression, [148] and here also this Hierarchy and fourth kingdom in nature, the humanHealing, 148:- Love. Buddhi. The eye of the Son - the Soul - HIERARCHY. The second aspect of love-wisdom.Healing, 154:The three major planetary centers are Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. When perfection has beenHealing, 154:the head center, the love-wisdom energies of the Hierarchy will flow through the heart center, andHealing, 157:between a rapidly developing humanity and the Hierarchy. In this way two great planetary centers -Healing, 157:In this way two great planetary centers - the Hierarchy and Humanity - are brought into a closeHealing, 157:and on an intelligent relation of mankind to the Hierarchy, with the consequent response of man toHealing, 158:the personality to the soul, and thus to the Hierarchy. Relationship to the Hierarchy automaticallyHealing, 158:and thus to the Hierarchy. Relationship to the Hierarchy automatically takes place as thisHealing, 158:for all souls are only aspects of the Hierarchy. It is this established relationship, with itsHealing, 158:physical body through the medium of which the Hierarchy works; it is also the agent of the soul.Healing, 161:far as humanity is at present concerned, is the Hierarchy. He is drawn into close serviceHealing, 169:one which is receiving much attention from the Hierarchy. There is a downflow of energy from theHealing, 183:demands of the initiate and the service of the Hierarchy and of Humanity. The spinal column (from
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