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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Healing, 228:of the "entering fire." The work of the Hierarchy in Lemurian days was, as I have told youHealing, 229:and no consciousness of wrong doing. The Hierarchy in those days had its own methods of teachingHealing, 230:was one of the first tasks undertaken by the Hierarchy and the first effort toward any form ofHealing, 231:people, and was used by those Members of the Hierarchy Who were entrusted with the guidance of theHealing, 254:the work undertaken by Members of the spiritual Hierarchy and Their disciples; it takes soul powerHealing, 255:determinations which have to be moved before the Hierarchy can cause a new and needed concept toHealing, 269:and the mode of living together. The Hierarchy sees no distinction. The Head of the Hierarchy,Healing, 269:Hierarchy sees no distinction. The Head of the Hierarchy, though not in a Jewish body at this time,Healing, 269:for humanity whilst in a Jewish vehicle. The Hierarchy is also sending into Jewish bodies certainHealing, 283:Science has failed from the angle of the Hierarchy, and its usefulness has been largely negated.Healing, 290:he shares in the karmic responsibility of the Hierarchy itself. All these stages: Elementary groupHealing, 340:applied today to the masses by the planetary Hierarchy. The intent is to bring to an end old formsHealing, 347:that, for the patience of the soul, as of the Hierarchy, is illimitable. Just because we speakHealing, 361:for which He comes and to which the attendant Hierarchy is pledged is to help Him in the "healingHealing, 380:realm of causes. There is no questioning in the Hierarchy, except upon those matters which touchHealing, 382:and developed souls, and the coming of the Hierarchy and Humanity into a closer relationship. TheHealing, 384:and those functioning in the world of the Hierarchy are aware, or are steadily becoming aware, ofHealing, 389:major task of all healing groups, such as the Hierarchy seeks to see functioning in the future, IHealing, 406:necessarily, lies far ahead for all in the Hierarchy and is at present only possible andHealing, 410:it is evoking the inevitable response from the Hierarchy. It is also my hope that students will doHealing, 448:He was speaking as the Representative of the Hierarchy, the second planetary center, into which allHealing, 449:will abstract the life principle from the Hierarchy, and all life and consciousness will then beHealing, 449:the planetary ring-pass-not. Such members of the Hierarchy Who pledge Themselves to this work areHealing, 451:before there could come the emergence of the Hierarchy into the public consciousness; all this hadHealing, 452:theologies, will soon give place to the Hierarchy with its emerging teaching - clear, factual,Healing, 501:or through recognition of the necessities of the Hierarchy or the purposes of Shamballa. Healing, 509:and one through which every Member of the Hierarchy has passed. Study and meditation combined areHealing, 510:by a submissive following of the example of the Hierarchy, and finally by the activity of theHealing, 510:simply the mediator of soul life between the Hierarchy and Humanity. Again - ponder on this. Healing, 512:of God and the occultist calls the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. Remember also that theHealing, 519:by the world of men but recognized by the Hierarchy. His radiant appearances after the resurrectionHealing, 519:way to Emmaus - symbolizing His contact with the Hierarchy. To the twelve disciples in the upperHealing, 521:teaching, which emanates directly from the Hierarchy, contains within it the living seed of thatHealing, 564:essentially a law related to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, and it was definitely imposed andHealing, 564:disease will die out and the fourth Creative Hierarchy will finally be freed from that greatHealing, 576:were submitted to and accepted by members of the Hierarchy at that time - the time or age ofHealing, 576:these rules were accepted by members of the Hierarchy. Unless you were a member you could notHealing, 583:advanced men - and that since time began and the Hierarchy started its agelong task of influencingHealing, 598:to the use of this sevenfold knowledge by the Hierarchy, plus the scientific knowledge of humanityHealing, 599:the healing devas. These seven Members of the Hierarchy are aided in Their turn by one of theHealing, 615:as the intermediary between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, acting in this capacity once a year; theHealing, 615:acting in this capacity once a year; the Hierarchy itself is the intermediary between Shamballa andHealing, 619:The first aspect The energy of will. 2. The Hierarchy The ray of love-wisdom The second aspect TheHealing, 653:patient is very far advanced spiritually and the Hierarchy requires his services for a longer term.Healing, 661:form nature. Frequently I have told you that the Hierarchy works only with the spiritual nature orHealing, 661:your vaunted civilization from the angle of the Hierarchy - and will return in better bodies to aHealing, 663:Servers and by the men of goodwill, aided by the Hierarchy, from which planetary center the healingHealing, 664:happened which had not been foreseen even by the Hierarchy. During the past two hundred years theHealing, 665:The factor of the growth of knowledge anent the Hierarchy and, above all else, of the spiritualHealing, 665:I might indicate that evil emanates from that hierarchy of evil Forces which are the materialHealing, 665:are the material correspondence to the spiritual Hierarchy; this is related to the fact that allHealing, 666:aspirant. The main task of the spiritual Hierarchy has ever been to stand between the Forces ofHealing, 666:the door open into the spiritual realm. This the Hierarchy has done, with small help from humanity;Healing, 667:it is temporary from the point of view of the Hierarchy (though possibly long from the angle of menHealing, 667:- as had hitherto been the case - to the Hierarchy and from thence to humanity. According to theHealing, 667:World Servers and by the preparation which the Hierarchy is making towards its externalization uponHealing, 668:upon the [668] physical plane. The Hierarchy is at this time exceedingly powerful; its Ashrams areHealing, 669:and not the problem of humanity; for aeons the Hierarchy has handled this problem, and is now inHealing, 670:forces there concealed (and mobilized) that the Hierarchy is effective; the methods and modesHealing, 670:or phase of harmlessness as employed by the Hierarchy, under the direction of the Perfect One, theHealing, 670:but good. On a higher turn of the spiral, the Hierarchy also employs harmlessness, but it isHealing, 674:understands the Plan as it is formulated by the Hierarchy. All three of these divine attributesHealing, 679:at this stage "transference") the fact of the Hierarchy and of Shamballa can be established. ThereHealing, 683:with it the assertion as to the existence of the Hierarchy. The stage of abstraction, or the periodHealing, 688:hearts and the clear unimpeded will of both the Hierarchy and Shamballa. It will be apparent toHercules, 12:band of world workers, the Rishis and the occult Hierarchy of our planet, is now focused uponHercules, 90:the life of that world center which we call the Hierarchy." (Esoteric Astrology, p. 168) The ThreeHercules, 122:ruler representing the second creative Hierarchy (divine builders of earth's planetaryHercules, 135:sign is the ruler of that "stupendous creative Hierarchy" which forms part of the third aspect ofHercules, 151:do in Scorpio. He has to demonstrate, not to the Hierarchy, not to the onlooker, but to himself,Hercules, 202:we are told exceeded the expectations of the Hierarchy. In the book on the reappearance theHercules, 226:of humanity, consecrated to the work of the Hierarchy, and this spiritual dedication to serviceInitiation, 1:open before the perfected man, and on the Occult Hierarchy, certain statements may be made whichInitiation, 4:themselves but subsidiary branches of one cosmic Hierarchy. They form but one chord in the cosmicInitiation, 5:know that somewhere in that scheme we, the human hierarchy, have our place. All, therefore, that weInitiation, 13:on different grades of expansion, and always the Hierarchy endeavors to bring the race to the pointInitiation, 20:Human and Solar - Chapter III - The Work of the Hierarchy THE WORK OF THE HIERARCHY Though theInitiation, 20:III - The Work of the Hierarchy THE WORK OF THE HIERARCHY Though the subject of the occultInitiation, 20:THE HIERARCHY Though the subject of the occult Hierarchy of the planet is of such a profoundlyInitiation, 20:in connection with it. First, that the entire Hierarchy of spiritual beings represents a synthesisInitiation, 20:those great Personalities who compose the Hierarchy, link it and all that it contains with theInitiation, 20:it and all that it contains with the greater Hierarchy which we call Solar. Our Hierarchy is aInitiation, 20:the greater Hierarchy which we call Solar. Our Hierarchy is a miniature replica of the greaterInitiation, 20:our solar system is composed. Thirdly, that this Hierarchy of forces has four pre-eminent lines ofInitiation, 20:To develop Self-Consciousness in all Beings The Hierarchy seeks to provide fit conditions for theInitiation, 21:(occultly understood) which emanate from it. The Hierarchy might be considered as the aggregate onInitiation, 21:type of consciousness, and it is the work of the Hierarchy to develop these types to perfectionInitiation, 21:kingdoms. In the mineral kingdom the work of the Hierarchy is directed toward the development ofInitiation, 22:wherein he works as a Master, as part of the Hierarchy, the love-wisdom, or second aspect, comes toInitiation, 23:Human and Solar - Chapter III - The Work of the Hierarchy To transmit the Will of the PlanetaryInitiation, 24:of men everywhere. This is the work of the Hierarchy of Light, - to demonstrate to men the trueInitiation, 24:Human and Solar - Chapter III - The Work of the Hierarchy To set an Example to Humanity The fourthInitiation, 24:know and to realize as a basic fact is that this Hierarchy is composed of those who have triumphedInitiation, 26:with this matter of the work of the occult Hierarchy, in a book for the general public, much mustInitiation, 28:and Solar - Chapter IV - The Founding of the Hierarchy THE FOUNDING OF THE HIERARCHY Its AppearanceInitiation, 28:Founding of the Hierarchy THE FOUNDING OF THE HIERARCHY Its Appearance on the Planet It is notInitiation, 28:with the steps which led to the founding of the Hierarchy on the planet, nor to consider theInitiation, 30:and Solar - Chapter IV - The Founding of the Hierarchy The Immediate Effect The result of theirInitiation, 31:and an attempt to show the relation [31] of the Hierarchy to its planetary source, and also theInitiation, 32:his career. Another result of the advent of the Hierarchy was a similar, though less recognized
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