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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Initiation, 32:wise guidance of this initial Brotherhood. This Hierarchy of Brothers of Light still exists, andInitiation, 33:perfection. [33] The central home of this Hierarchy is at Shamballa, a center in the Gobi desert,Initiation, 33:and Solar - Chapter IV - The Founding of the Hierarchy The Opening of the Door of Initiation It isInitiation, 33:is not possible to touch upon the history of the Hierarchy during the long ages of its work, beyondInitiation, 34:to take their place, the lesser members of the Hierarchy were all moved up a step, leavingInitiation, 34:spiritual kingdom. In this way the ranks of the Hierarchy could be filled by the members of earth'sInitiation, 35:within the consciousness of the Solar Logos. The Hierarchy thus took advantage of theInitiation, 35:karma and disaster. These three decisions of the Hierarchy are having, and will have a profoundInitiation, 36:to point out that, working as members of that Hierarchy are a great number of beings called angelsInitiation, 36:the form aspect, whilst the other members of the Hierarchy are occupied with the development ofInitiation, 37:and Solar - Chapter V - The Three Departments of Hierarchy THE THREE DEPARTMENTS OF THE HIERARCHYInitiation, 37:of Hierarchy THE THREE DEPARTMENTS OF THE HIERARCHY We have already dealt with the subject of theInitiation, 37:dealt with the subject of the founding of the Hierarchy upon earth, and we saw how it came to be,Initiation, 37:with the work and aims of the personnel of the Hierarchy, it will not be possible to state whatInitiation, 37:during the past millennia of years since the Hierarchy came into existence. Many great Beings fromInitiation, 37:were taken by those among the members of the Hierarchy who were willing to undergo a specificInitiation, 37:men and women to pass into the ranks of the Hierarchy, and thus constantly has there been aInitiation, 41:exalted rank. The remaining personnel of the Hierarchy is divided into three main and fourInitiation, 41:and Solar - Chapter V - The Three Departments of Hierarchy The Work of the Manu The Manu presidesInitiation, 43:and Solar - Chapter V - The Three Departments of Hierarchy The Work of the World Teacher, theInitiation, 45:and Solar - Chapter V - The Three Departments of Hierarchy The Work of the Lord of Civilization,Initiation, 45:one who held the office at the founding of the Hierarchy in Lemurian days - it was then held by oneInitiation, 48:somewhat the highest offices in the ranks of the Hierarchy of our planet. Now we will deal withInitiation, 48:that is herein imparted concerns the work of the Hierarchy in connection with the fourth or humanInitiation, 51:relative, and that the work and personnel of the Hierarchy are infinitely greater and moreInitiation, 65:a group of assistants to the Members of the Hierarchy. Initiation, 67:Masters and their disciples. First, that in the Hierarchy nothing is lost through failure toInitiation, 94:of the human family was initiated by the Hierarchy during the Atlantean root-race at the latter endInitiation, 94:fact that the emphasis for the fourth Creative Hierarchy in every fourth chain and globe during theInitiation, 94:that of the Crucifixion. The fourth Creative Hierarchy is the great expression of the consciousInitiation, 101:"occult memory," which concerns the work of the Hierarchy and primarily his share in the generalInitiation, 105:at a certain crisis during the Great War the Hierarchy of our planet deemed it well nigh necessaryInitiation, 105:the department of the Manu, and members of the Hierarchy concern themselves with that which isInitiation, 108:At the final two initiations many members of the Hierarchy who are, if one might so express it,Initiation, 109:and to a place in the council chambers of the Hierarchy. Initiation, 119:in the initiate, and thus it is judged by the Hierarchy to be the necessary preamble to all laterInitiation, 122:not only into the council chambers of his own Hierarchy, but is permitted entrance also when agentsInitiation, 127:scheme. 4. Hierarchical, used by an occult Hierarchy for minor initiations, and for the first twoInitiation, 128:as used since the foundation of our Planetary Hierarchy - and holds it forth to the Lord of theInitiation, 133:interlude, wherein the united wills of the Hierarchy are blended in order to transmit that forceInitiation, 146:of Oaths All oaths connected with the occult Hierarchy may be divided into two groups: The Oath ofInitiation, 146:of oath, as it concerns only officials of the Hierarchy. The Oath of Initiation The Oath ofInitiation, 152:instance, the human kingdom (the fourth creative Hierarchy) was produced by a triple AUM sounded inInitiation, 153:information anent the three departments of the Hierarchy of our planet will come to the student whoInitiation, 154:even the dense physical. 7. Within our own Hierarchy there are numbers of Words built up upon theInitiation, 165:by means of which the members of our planetary hierarchy can link up with the solar. This isInitiation, 170:worlds can be negated. The relation of that hierarchy of spiritual beings who are connected withInitiation, 178:to make people cooperate intelligently with the Hierarchy, and to train them to join the ranks ofInitiation, 178:days and continued to this time) made by the Hierarchy of the planet, and is very largely in theInitiation, 186:This is the Path that keeps a man linked to the Hierarchy that is pledged to the service of ourInitiation, 193:transmitted by him to the recording angel of the Hierarchy; only those disciples who seekInitiation, 197:fanatics are not desirable members of the Hierarchy. Equilibrium, a just sense of proportion, a dueInitiation, 218:A Master in metaphysical and ethical doctrines. Hierarchy That group of spiritual beings on theInitiation, 218:the earth scheme, there is a reflection of this Hierarchy which is called by the occultist theInitiation, 218:which is called by the occultist the Occult Hierarchy. This Hierarchy is formed of chohans, adepts,Initiation, 218:by the occultist the Occult Hierarchy. This Hierarchy is formed of chohans, adepts, and initiatesInitiation, 220:The Head of the third great department of the Hierarchy. This great being is the Lord ofInitiation, 225:this festival, at which all the members of the Hierarchy are present, the Buddha, for a briefIntellect, 38:in which it may be said that, in the ascending hierarchy of stages of progress, regarded asMagic, 8:cause of the diverse forms and the vast hierarchy of sentient beings who compose the sum total ofMagic, 25:the great Hidden Mystery to the members of the hierarchy of adepts. The nature of spirit, itsMagic, 29:in connection with the work of the planetary hierarchy are based on a few fundamental formulasMagic, 38:under some one Master who represents to him the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy might be defined as theMagic, 38:Master who represents to him the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy might be defined as the sum total ofMagic, 47:lower three. The higher three are: The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, nature spirits or angelsMagic, 47:in what we call the angel or deva kingdom. The Hierarchy of Rays - certain groupings of the sevenMagic, 47:of the seven rays in relation to our planet. A Hierarchy of Lives, gathered by an evolutionaryMagic, 48:as the middle principle connecting [48] the Hierarchy of Monads with outer diversified forms whichMagic, 56:band of consecrated disciples whom we call the "hierarchy of our planet". Students of these mattersMagic, 56:therefore begged to extend their concept of that hierarchy of souls so that they include all theMagic, 56:divine manifestation form part of the planetary hierarchy and are integral units in that greatMagic, 81:of other solar entities besides his own Hierarchy). Mind separates; love attracts. Mind creates aMagic, 89:which expresses itself through the planetary Hierarchy. The rational mind and the abstract mindMagic, 90:embody as much of the great plan (on which the Hierarchy is working) as the man can vision, grasp,Magic, 102:essentials to all work under the guidance of the hierarchy of adepts; the stabilizing of theMagic, 104:you also, that the magical work of our planetary Hierarchy consists of tending the psyche in theMagic, 115:which He bases action connected with the human Hierarchy is the power of love to drive onward, -Magic, 119:into the seven, which marks unity for the human hierarchy. All these factors and many othersMagic, 129:of faithfulness comes from the watching Hierarchy. Give this Instruction careful consideration.Magic, 135:of being the channel through which the Hierarchy can work, and through which the Great Ones canMagic, 138:into closer connection with the work of the Hierarchy, and others will be temporarily set back.Magic, 141:has its place also in the magical work of the Hierarchy. Thought forms are created for theMagic, 141:organized, taught and lifted, and thus the Hierarchy of Adepts can reach the world. There are manyMagic, 151:and that part of the general purpose of the Hierarchy in which his soul feels called upon toMagic, 158:become an active and potent cooperator with the Hierarchy. These are the Eye, the Heart, theMagic, 168:and increased capacity to vision the plan of the Hierarchy. This will make him, in the earlyMagic, 171:that they are Their intermediaries and that the Hierarchy is depending upon them. Ambition, love ofMagic, 186:he can be used for working out the plan of the Hierarchy, and can be influenced to materializeMagic, 204:nation, there grows service to a member of the Hierarchy, to a Master's group and thence service toMagic, 216:plan which is the motivating power of the occult Hierarchy. [219] Magic, 222:Lives, including those of the occult planetary Hierarchy, and the sum total of forces present isMagic, 237:the man can become an active cooperator with the Hierarchy, able to create and to wield mentalMagic, 259:this endeavor. Seen from the standpoint of the Hierarchy, the effort has been successful, for theMagic, 260:the critical situation existing between the Hierarchy of Light and the hierarchy controlling theMagic, 260:existing between the Hierarchy of Light and the hierarchy controlling the left-hand path, or theMagic, 276:the womb of matter is the objective of the Hierarchy, with all the consequent implications. NoteMagic, 276:make the goal. One word here, and one hint. The Hierarchy of the planet constitutes symbolicallyMagic, 277:the vibrations of the head center - the occult Hierarchy. Some of the cells are awake. Let themMagic, 277:and investigating. The objective of the Hierarchy (again symbolically speaking) is to make theMagic, 281:disciple does in relation to his service for the Hierarchy. Back of the outer form of a human
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