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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Magic, 281:as of other evolutionary processes stands the Hierarchy. Both represent centers of energy; bothMagic, 291:lower kingdoms in Nature, whilst the work of the Hierarchy, in its relation to the human kingdom,Magic, 292:who are dominant personalities. Groups, i.e. The Hierarchy of the Planet. Subjective. TheMagic, 331:[331] who, under the guidance of the planetary Hierarchy are building the new form. 3. ThatMagic, 350:all; take courage from the realization that the Hierarchy stands. Magic, 372:body, however, from the standpoint of the Hierarchy is not confined only to the bodies of men. ItMagic, 374:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy The Founding of the Hierarchy The variousMagic, 374:Founding of the Hierarchy The Founding of the Hierarchy The various energies which play upon theMagic, 376:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy It should be remembered that just as theMagic, 377:facts about that drama and the work of the Hierarchy should be grasped and I here enumerate them:Magic, 377:These in their aggregate, form the occult Hierarchy of the planet, working in three main divisions,Magic, 377:and Solar. 3. In the very early stages, this Hierarchy was called by various names; among others itMagic, 377:for our earth humanity the advent of the occult Hierarchy was epochal; it brought about two things:Magic, 378:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy 5. It was decided about seventeen millionMagic, 378:seventeen million years ago (the coming of the Hierarchy and the founding of Shamballa being aboutMagic, 382:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy In Atlantean days, the goal that theMagic, 382:Hierarchy In Atlantean days, the goal that the Hierarchy of Teachers set before Themselves was theMagic, 383:In our race, the condition is reversed. The Hierarchy is working now entirely on mental levels,Magic, 384:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy Students must always remember that allMagic, 386:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy To the three concise statements aboveMagic, 388:man. Dominant human beings. Groups: such as The Hierarchy of Adepts. The integrating Group ofMagic, 388:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy In all thoughts concerning these energiesMagic, 391:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy I would again point out that we shall notMagic, 393:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy The characteristics of the individual whoMagic, 396:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy These three - idealism, group service andMagic, 398:the physical plane reflection of the planetary Hierarchy. Magic, 398:and not by any outer organization. The planetary Hierarchy has always existed and from timeMagic, 398:sacrifice those masses will never know. With the Hierarchy of adepts I do not propose to deal. TheMagic, 399:later would be admitted into the ranks of the Hierarchy. The remnants of this Atlantean groupMagic, 399:modern Masonic movements, and the work of the Hierarchy was thus perpetuated in sign and symbol.Magic, 399:another formation or precipitation from the Hierarchy of adepts has become possible. On theMagic, 400:but are gathered and chosen, not by the watching Hierarchy or by any Master, but by the power ofMagic, 401:us begin with the past. About the year 1400, the Hierarchy of Masters was faced with a difficultMagic, 405:race. This determination of the members of the Hierarchy to train the minds of men more rapidly andMagic, 409:know and who sense the inner guiding hand of the Hierarchy are aware that the heart of humanity isMagic, 410:turn, been cooperating consciously with the Hierarchy of Knowers. This has [411] been the case evenMagic, 412:borne in mind) is most definitely planned by the Hierarchy. They are bringing about effects uponMagic, 412:is not confined to one nation or race. The Hierarchy is now faced with another situation whichMagic, 413:a group which should contain (as does the Hierarchy itself) men of all races, of all types andMagic, 413:of all an attempt at an externalization of the Hierarchy upon the physical plane, or a smallMagic, 416:physical plane. He is therefore of use to the Hierarchy as he can be used in a variety of ways, forMagic, 419:group. These focal points through which the Hierarchy is now seeking to work stand togetherMagic, 430:word thinkers) and of human knowledge stands the Hierarchy of Masters and in between these twoMagic, 432:concept of the highest adept in our planetary Hierarchy. The planetary Entity is the sum total ofMagic, 451:in connection with the work of the planetary Hierarchy, are based on a few fundamental formulasMagic, 460:is the sole work of the organized planetary hierarchy. The second phase of the work is carried onMagic, 460:workers, who, cooperating consciously with the hierarchy, demonstrate the reality of that work inMagic, 461:are responsible for its functional activity. The hierarchy of Masters, of the senior initiates, andMagic, 475:remain unknown to all save the members of the Hierarchy of Adepts for long ages to come. TheMagic, 482:the various groups and types, and of the Occult Hierarchy itself. The influence of this band ofMagic, 516:disciple who is seeking to cooperate with the Hierarchy of Masters and to manifest this cooperationMagic, 518:of the group of world mystics, and of the hierarchy of souls. In Instructions such as these, whichMagic, 521:made to free the "prisoners of the planet". The Hierarchy, through the Group of World Servers nowMagic, 525:the sons of men. It includes on the one hand the hierarchy of adepts who have deliberatelyMagic, 527:in the world of phenomena. The members of the hierarchy represent those who have achieved peace andMagic, 528:human cells be brought into activity. The occult hierarchy is to the planetary Life what the lightMagic, 529:which we call, esoterically, the occult hierarchy, the cloud of witnesses, the disciples of theMagic, 529:to the trend of the disciple's convictions. This hierarchy is also attempting to externalize itselfMagic, 532:to communicate anent the evolution of the human hierarchy through the medium of pain. The devas doMagic, 548:to a mere handful of the members of the present hierarchy. But in the thoughts of purity,Magic, 578:adept or advanced healer, are linked with the hierarchy. A man should know his status before he canMagic, 588:is the one employed by the guiding hierarchy which stands behind world affairs. Steadily They haveMagic, 589:stage is now in process of initiation. The hierarchy, for the first time in world history, can nowMagic, 602:awareness of his position in the spiritual hierarchy of Beings. So much misinformation has beenMagic, 602:laid upon status and position in the so-called hierarchy of souls, that sane and balanced disciplesMagic, 608:group of all is that of the members of the Hierarchy itself. I care not the least whether theseMagic, 610:to remember that even the [610] members of the Hierarchy profit by the opinions and advice of thoseMagic, 615:misuse of the magical powers. The work of the hierarchy is primarily to bring to an end the shadowsMagic, 618:to knowledge by the knowers of the race, the Hierarchy of Adepts has gathered its personnel. Meditation, 23:and its relationship to other egos and to the Hierarchy. Keep this clearly in mind: - theMeditation, 23:From the standpoint of our occult planetary Hierarchy, as before I have told you, we are measuredMeditation, 26:giving indication of burning. To the onlooking Hierarchy it is apparent that the divine fire isMeditation, 32:measures up to the standard looked for by the Hierarchy. Then the work of destruction supervenesMeditation, 33:consider the relationship of that Self to the Hierarchy, to surrounding egos, and to the Spirit. ItMeditation, 34:Meditation Relationship of the Ego to the Hierarchy The relationship of the Ego to some one MasterMeditation, 34:consciousness or spirits in the evolving human hierarchy. These are found on causal levels, thoughMeditation, 36:and aspiration be merged in sight. The Hierarchy begins to take action and his instruction isMeditation, 39:in its relationship to the lower self and to the Hierarchy. The state of the body must be known,Meditation, 40:upheavals in all three departments of the Hierarchy, - the department of the World Teacher, that ofMeditation, 41:with the inner results aimed at by the Hierarchy gradually taking shape. Forget not that in theMeditation, 49:on its own plane with its group, with the Hierarchy, and with its reflection, the Personality. YouMeditation, 55:the fourth [55] Breath and the fourth Creative Hierarchy, that of the human Spirits. This fourthMeditation, 55:of the threefold Word is the sound of the Human Hierarchy, and in its entirety might be called theMeditation, 85:of the spine and the cross of the fourth human Hierarchy in the heart. When the Sacred Word isMeditation, 129:is being made at this time by the Planetary Hierarchy to communicate to the devas their part in theMeditation, 142:group affiliations but his place in the human Hierarchy on its own plane. He knows himself in factMeditation, 155:also on the progress made, not only by the human hierarchy, but by the deva or angel evolution asMeditation, 163:from the early days of the founding of the Hierarchy. They were brought by the Lords of Flame whenMeditation, 164:to the three Great Lords and the Heads of the Hierarchy, whereby They can call the seven PlanetaryMeditation, 164:when urgent need arises. Once a year the entire Hierarchy employs a composite mantram that createsMeditation, 164:the highest and the lowest members of that Hierarchy and on up - via the seven Planetary Logoi - toMeditation, 166:Master, and which puts him en rapport with the Hierarchy. Then he will begin to meditate with hisMeditation, 166:These three Departments represent in the Hierarchy the three aspects of the Logos as manifested inMeditation, 174:and willingly with the Masters of the Occult Hierarchy. They can be found on all the lesser gradesMeditation, 182:which originated in their desires. The ruling Hierarchy deemed the danger too great, for theMeditation, 187:(when used by the Master or by a member of the Hierarchy) combine all the three effects. TheyMeditation, 193:uplift of all. Part of the power of the Hierarchy is based on Their ability to do just this veryMeditation, 194:to the low point of evolution of the human hierarchy. When the use of this word is restoredMeditation, 198:so universally in India to this day, when the Hierarchy forms itself into a channel for theMeditation, 200:certain mantrams and the united efforts of the Hierarchy and the Deva Lords of the planes. These
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