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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Meditation, 200:Lords are aided by the deva evolution, and the Hierarchy [201] by those of the human race who areMeditation, 210:colors belong more exclusively to the human Hierarchy, others to the deva. In their ultimateMeditation, 234:It is in this way that the members of the Hierarchy in Whose Hands is placed evolutionaryMeditation, 236:incomprehensible units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, awaiting opportunity of expression, justMeditation, 264:of vibration to work with the Heads of the Hierarchy of this planet, and in conjunction withMeditation, 269:demonstrating to the eyes of the watching Hierarchy that the pupil has somewhat to give. He mustMeditation, 273:and closer touch with his group and with the Hierarchy. He is not only vibrating in tune with hisMeditation, 283:and only one - the furthering of the plan of the Hierarchy of Light. The method followed is that ofMeditation, 302:educational disciplinary training work of the Hierarchy. There will be found the Chohan Who isMeditation, 315:other, and in the school will form a miniature hierarchy, showing on the physical plane a tinyMeditation, 329:Study of occult cosmogony. Study of the human hierarchy. Study of the deva evolution. Study of theMeditation, 353:A Master in metaphysical and ethical doctrines. Hierarchy That group of spiritual beings on theMeditation, 353:the earth scheme, there is a reflection of this Hierarchy which is called by the occultist theMeditation, 353:which is called by the occultist the Occult Hierarchy. This Hierarchy is formed of chohans, adepts,Meditation, 353:by the occultist the Occult Hierarchy. This Hierarchy is formed of chohans, adepts, and initiatesMeditation, 355:The Head of the third great department of the Hierarchy. This great being is the Lord ofMeditation, 360:this festival, at which all the members of the Hierarchy are present, the Buddha, for a briefPatanjali, 50:by the guides of the race, the planetary Hierarchy, The vision of what lies ahead. Thus does thePatanjali, 52:training given towards the climax by the occult Hierarchy whereby souls receive a stimulation andPatanjali, 60:and thus furthering the plans of the planetary hierarchy. Patanjali, 76:of purpose deals with our relation to the Hierarchy of the planet, and dispassion concerns ourPatanjali, 76:on the physical plane in cooperation with the Hierarchy, Discipline of the physical appetites andPatanjali, 77:plane and a cooperator in the plans of the hierarchy as they demonstrate in cyclic evolution. ThePatanjali, 168:of Raja Yoga and hence the determination of the Hierarchy to give this science to the criticalPatanjali, 203:In this cycle, however, the interest of the Hierarchy is being largely centered on the question ofPatanjali, 279:order to work out intelligently the plans of the Hierarchy and of evolution. The power here isPatanjali, 310:in this fourth round of the fourth creative Hierarchy (the Hierarchy of human monads or spirits),Patanjali, 310:round of the fourth creative Hierarchy (the Hierarchy of human monads or spirits), the fourthPatanjali, 326:them in the service of his brother and of the Hierarchy, but they must be regarded as instrumentsPatanjali, 354:are some of the most erudite and advanced in the hierarchy. The other senses are capable too ofPatanjali, 418:for the life of the soul. In the service of the Hierarchy. In cooperation with the plan ofPatanjali, ix:has been gathered together the personnel of the Hierarchy of our planet. In the time of the BuddhaProblems, 7:great sin of separateness. Impressions from the Hierarchy have been received, distorted, misappliedProblems, 84:problem with which we are dealing. The spiritual Hierarchy of our planet recognizes neither capitalProblems, 130:its coffers supports a powerful ecclesiastical hierarchy and provides for its many institutions andProblems, 133:in the heavens". They serve that spiritual Hierarchy which stands - unseen and serene - behind allProblems, 133:no inner allegiance to any outer ecclesiastical hierarchy. The guidance of the human being intoProblems, 133:conscious relation to Christ and that spiritual Hierarchy is to them the factor of major importanceProblems, 144:- The Problem of the Churches 3. Christ and the Hierarchy The third great spiritual and essentialProblems, 144:will be the goal. The fact of the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, the ability of mankind toProblems, 145:will be based. The fact of the existence of this Hierarchy and its supreme Head, the Christ, isProblems, 145:cooperating consciously with the Members of the Hierarchy that ecclesiastical antagonisms and theProblems, 149:God, working through the Head of the spiritual Hierarchy and its Membership, this effort wasProblems, 150:between God and man, between the spiritual Hierarchy and humanity, became possible and the doorProblems, 152:Approaches. For some years now, the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet has been drawing nearer toProblems, 154:Christ they serve; let them gather closer to the Hierarchy those they are seeking to help; let themProblems, 156:emphasis upon the fact of the spiritual Hierarchy, upon the office and the work of the Christ andProblems, 158:with God transcendent, via the spiritual Hierarchy of the earth. Problems, 158:emanating in new and clear tones from the Hierarchy today. The great theme of the New WorldProblems, 159:focused through Christ and His spiritual Hierarchy, and trained also to voice their demand forProblems, 159:has been given out for use at this time by the Hierarchy. This new religious science for whichProblems, 159:forward, will evoke response from the waiting Hierarchy [160] and from its Head, the Christ.Problems, 160:great divine centers of energy or groups - the Hierarchy and Humanity itself - will begin to workProblems, 163:the will of God is known, through the spiritual Hierarchy where the love of God is fully expressedProblems, 163:risen, living Christ, the Head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the Inaugurator of the Kingdom of GodProblems, 163:of the love of God. On this day, the spiritual Hierarchy which He guides and directs will beProblems, 163:where the will of God is known and the spiritual Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of theProblems, 164:represented humanity and has stood before the Hierarchy as the God-man, the leader of His peopleProblems, 164:achieved; if they unitedly invoked the spiritual Hierarchy and sought consciously to contact itsProblems, 165:God, in the person of Christ and His Hierarchy would draw nearer to His people; God, through theProblems, 165:cooperation; God, through the spiritual Hierarchy and through that center where the will of God isProblems, 171:for which all men must struggle. The spiritual Hierarchy of the planet is primarily interested inPsychology1, xviii:sensitive to the vibration of a Master or to the Hierarchy. That is but incidental and of minorPsychology1, xxi:away from the group of workers and from the hierarchy which they constitute and to be fixed onPsychology1, 19:in the human family, and to the guiding Hierarchy and the world of souls. The seven ray types mustPsychology1, 39:and purpose. It might be noted here that the Hierarchy as a whole is distinguished by the signPsychology1, 50:The process of initiation as taught by the hierarchy of adepts. Lower Expression: Religion. Ray IIIPsychology1, 50:The Masonic work, based on the formation of the hierarchy, and related to the second ray. LowerPsychology1, 65:colors all that life of love. Within the human hierarchy, the affirmation gathers power and sound.Psychology1, 71:between the fourth ray, the fourth Creative Hierarchy, or the human monads, and the fourth kingdomPsychology1, 72:[72] and at the time when the fourth Creative Hierarchy came into incarnation: Speak low the Word.Psychology1, 74:it is necessary that some of the methods of the Hierarchy should begin to be understood. The workPsychology1, 112:than is now deemed possible by the watching Hierarchy. Some of the teaching is of immediatePsychology1, 113:it to be so. It is the group of Masters, the Hierarchy as a whole, that is of moment and itsPsychology1, 117:of communicators to be employed later by the Hierarchy. In this matter (as in all else in thePsychology1, 141:founded. They are for me, a humble worker in the Hierarchy, as they are for the Great White LodgePsychology1, 143:is a brief statement of the Plan. Of this the Hierarchy of Masters in Its seven divisions (thePsychology1, 157:of every aspirant and of every member of the hierarchy. Psychology1, 169:of a planet is really the influence of the Hierarchy ruling over that planet. This personal ray isPsychology1, 170:I outlined one of the first steps taken by the Hierarchy in the work of inaugurating the new Plan.Psychology1, 170:at one of the great quarterly meetings of the Hierarchy. In 1925, at the next great meeting forPsychology1, 171:by the collective members of the planetary Hierarchy, over a period of several years (that is untilPsychology1, 171:and intermediaries between the inner active Hierarchy and the thinkers of the world, and also servePsychology1, 174:to find his way into the ranks of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers. InPsychology1, 185:from the race, plus a response from the waiting Hierarchy, must inevitably produce potent results.Psychology1, 186:will mark an intensive effort on the part of the hierarchy and on the part of the New Group ofPsychology1, 186:and must go forward with hope and certainty. The Hierarchy is, with concentration, working andPsychology1, 231:truth, are a great detriment to the cause of the Hierarchy. And everywhere these things are to bePsychology1, 313:in order to be intellectually grasped. The hierarchy of mystics, knowers and lovers of God, arePsychology1, 313:the guarantee of the future possibilities. The Hierarchy of Angels and of Saints, of Masters,Psychology1, 314:Christ," and the appearance of the manifested Hierarchy. This is what is happening today, and allPsychology1, 320:to be noted here, for the fourth creative Hierarchy of human monads, the fourth ray, in this fourthPsychology1, 330:Those watched from a distance by the guiding Hierarchy. Those awakened by and attracted to thePsychology1, 330:Those awakened by and attracted to the Hierarchy. Those who, from the angle of the personality,Psychology1, 330:is being integrated into that of the Hierarchy. These are the new group of World Servers. To thesePsychology1, 330:of World Servers. To these three last groups the Hierarchy Itself may well be added. The table as aPsychology1, 344:the lowest manifestation of the fourth creative Hierarchy. This unification of the three majorPsychology1, 344:an eventual beauty, the fourth ray. The creative hierarchy of human monads, who (little as they mayPsychology1, 345:be established; the glory seen; the rule of the hierarchy demonstrated. "In the fourth race (thePsychology1, 346:which is an expression of the fourth creative hierarchy of human monads, is swept by the instinct
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