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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Psychology2, 712:been stated) even the advanced members of the Hierarchy [713] do not know finally the manner inPsychology2, 715:under the guidance of the planetary Hierarchy. There are many such, particularly in high placesPsychology2, 715:The first group is in touch with the planetary Hierarchy and it works, if we might so express it,Psychology2, 716:are gradually instilled into humanity by the Hierarchy and by the senior workers in the firstPsychology2, 716:be pointed out here that the entire planetary Hierarchy, though cognizant of the present endeavorPsychology2, 717:the outer world that type of activity which the Hierarchy expressed when it developed andPsychology2, 718:need, and this momentous crisis with which the Hierarchy had to deal in its May Council of 1937. 4.Psychology2, 719:is but incidental to the Plan. The work of the Hierarchy is concerned with the expansion andPsychology2, 719:constituted a definite problem with which the Hierarchy had to deal. It will be apparent,Psychology2, 720:them. We can simply state what are facts to the Hierarchy but which may only be an interestingPsychology2, 721:to register the fact. The energy of the united Hierarchy of the planet which has lately made one ofPsychology2, 721:and rapid pouring forth of the force of the Hierarchy with the subsequent stimulation of the higherPsychology2, 722:active in world affairs. From the side of the Hierarchy and the use of spiritual energy, these menPsychology2, 724:into a period of quiet and of freedom? The Hierarchy is doing all that is possible, but under thePsychology2, 725:out through the separated outer groups. The Hierarchy held its Council during the week of the fullPsychology2, 726:plane of some of the achievements of the Hierarchy upon the inner side of life. For instance, eachPsychology2, 726:For instance, each department and section of the Hierarchy is working together today as one unit.Psychology2, 727:next immediate assistance to be rendered, to the Hierarchy of Masters (and this is only another wayPsychology2, 729:III - Humanity Today - The Great Approaches The Hierarchy is working primarily during the next fewPsychology2, 731:space upon the methods and the plans of the Hierarchy at this time of crisis and emergency inPsychology2, 732:potent instrument in the hands of the spiritual Hierarchy, is the spreading of good will and itsPsychology2, 735:the work will not be done and the plans of the Hierarchy cannot then materialize. Should that notPsychology2, 738:spiritual leaders of the race, of the planetary Hierarchy, of Christ and His Church. These WorkersPsychology2, 739:impression. The servants of the spiritual Hierarchy and the world disciples are found in everyPsychology2, 739:matter what its ideology or creed or belief. The Hierarchy does not look for cooperators in any onePsychology2, 740:everywhere. They are the only agents which the Hierarchy chooses to employ at this time and to themPsychology2, 740:interrelating of the three groups: The planetary Hierarchy, which is the spiritual Hierarchy calledPsychology2, 740:The planetary Hierarchy, which is the spiritual Hierarchy called in the West, the kingdom of God.Psychology2, 741:complicated ones fail in their objective. The Hierarchy of Masters is governed by simplicity andPsychology2, 742:straightening out the world which the spiritual hierarchy has, at this time, determined to use. ItPsychology2, 743:standing at a midway point between the spiritual Hierarchy and the world of men, are the agents ofPsychology2, 744:- The Great Approaches e. Immediate Plan of the Hierarchy What, therefore, is the Hierarchy seekingPsychology2, 744:Plan of the Hierarchy What, therefore, is the Hierarchy seeking to do today? Let me briefly statePsychology2, 745:desire of the spiritual forces of the Hierarchy, of the Christ and of all associated with Him (callPsychology2, 746:in no way dependent upon any recognition of the Hierarchy on the part of the Servers. Where thatPsychology2, 747:and for the men and women of good will, the Hierarchy of spiritual Leaders have laid down thePsychology2, 748:world, wherever they may be found. The spiritual Hierarchy cannot work through people whose tonguesPsychology2, 750:inner spiritual impression, emanating from the Hierarchy and the Group. The achieving of anPsychology2, 750:there is every indication that the work of the Hierarchy and of the Christ will be tremendouslyPsychology2, 751:can work and the forces of Light enter. The Hierarchy waits. It has done all that is possible fromRays, 12:ones for me as they are for all members of the Hierarchy. I seek to give you some furtherRays, 12:to give you some further instructions anent the Hierarchy itself. (The teaching is the continuationRays, 13:The Great Council at Shamballa and the planetary Hierarchy. The Buddha and His Arhats as TheyRays, 13:His disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom. The Hierarchy, the embodiment of the fifth kingdom inRays, 14:well-nigh unintelligible) the effects upon the Hierarchy are even more compelling and transmutingRays, 15:readjustments are going on within the Hierarchy itself and within that intervening area of theRays, 15:in the New Age, Vol. I. and II.) As regards the Hierarchy itself, speaking esoterically andRays, 17:and spiritual awareness of the Members of the Hierarchy which are responsible for the new trends inRays, 18:which they must follow and obey together. The Hierarchy into which they will enter when fullRays, 18:demonstration have been shown will be the same Hierarchy, characterized by the same soul awareness,Rays, 18:consciousness. In reality, this means that the Hierarchy will be more closely related to the GreatRays, 30:with humanity (omitting the transmission via the Hierarchy, which has hitherto been customary), youRays, 37:this ideal is to be found in the activity of the Hierarchy itself which, from progressive point toRays, 41:you that the third initiation is regarded by the Hierarchy as the first major initiation, and thatRays, 45:is. Identification with the soul and with the Hierarchy is dependent upon the ability of theRays, 46:advanced disciples and initiate members of the Hierarchy. Love governs the Way into the life of theRays, 46:Love governs the Way into the life of the Hierarchy and is the foundation for all approach to, andRays, 56:been so materialized that it is the task of the Hierarchy to restore the knowledge of its meaning,Rays, 57:to His Ashram, and Shamballa in relation to the Hierarchy, can work, expressing plan in the initialRays, 58:in that Ashram, is fused and blended with the Hierarchy and hears the extension of the Word, spokenRays, 58:and the seal is set on the acceptance of the Hierarchy, with all its new associates, by the Lord ofRays, 60:he is unalterably one with his group, with the Hierarchy, and finally with Shamballa. The key toRays, 65:of the Lord of the World. All the efforts of the Hierarchy or of the "conditioning Lives" (as TheyRays, 67:the three worlds and right cooperation with the Hierarchy. He works now under the inspiration ofRays, 68:of the functions of the great meeting of all the Hierarchy, under the aegis of the three GreatRays, 68:where annually - after due preparation - the Hierarchy makes contact with Shamballa and aRays, 68:forward upon the ladder of evolution. Even the Hierarchy [69] itself needs the protection of itsRays, 69:of the Will is to relate the Council, the Hierarchy and Humanity, thus creating a basic triangle ofRays, 70:of Shamballa as it conditions the plans of the Hierarchy and is impulsed by the Registrants of theRays, 70:group dealing with the senior members of the Hierarchy and the latter with those initiates andRays, 71:out, the first one (The Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page V). ("Let the Forces of Light bringRays, 71:the soul, in the first instance, and from the Hierarchy, in the second. The door is only a symbolRays, 71:and there, of soul and body, of God and man, of Hierarchy and humanity. But Rule III, as voiced forRays, 73:of the Ashram and the all-including light of the Hierarchy. These are two aspects of soul lightRays, 74:is focused in the Ashram, and the second in the Hierarchy as a whole, and both of them are theRays, 74:light of buddhi or pure reason. The light of the Hierarchy as a center of radiance in the planetaryRays, 76:That is one of the objectives before the Hierarchy at this time (written April, 1943) as itRays, 76:These are the important questions which the Hierarchy is attempting to solve. It must be rememberedRays, 76:not be invocative were it not that the Spiritual Hierarchy (and by that term I include bothRays, 76:term I include both Shamballa and the planetary Hierarchy) is evoking the spirit of man. TheRays, 80:that conflict; 4 is also the number of the human hierarchy, and 2 is the number of the spiritualRays, 80:hierarchy, and 2 is the number of the spiritual hierarchy. Technically speaking, until the thirdRays, 81:the number of man, 8 is the [81] number of the Hierarchy, and 9 is the number of initiation or ofRays, 81:or of Forget not that, from the angle of the Hierarchy, the third initiation is regarded as theRays, 88:it achieves through the instrumentality of the Hierarchy, that great group of souls which has everRays, 89:pure love for His fellowmen. The annals of the Hierarchy contain many such histories of sacrificeRays, 89:same time strengthens the link which relates the Hierarchy to Humanity. The task of the Christ (asRays, 89:of Deity furthers the approach of the Hierarchy to mankind, and seals this service by some finalRays, 89:He stays with His people as Head of the Hierarchy until His second opportunity comes, in which asRays, 89:which as Representative both of Humanity and the Hierarchy, He can relate them both to Shamballa.Rays, 89:three great planetary centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy, and Humanity. He can do this because theRays, 89:is the energy of Love-Wisdom. Love relates the Hierarchy to Humanity, and Wisdom relates theRays, 89:Hierarchy to Humanity, and Wisdom relates the Hierarchy to Shamballa. Only when Humanity and theRays, 89:to Shamballa. Only when Humanity and the Hierarchy are working together in a practical synthesis,Rays, 90:approach between the Lord of the World and the Hierarchy, via His four Representatives: the Buddha,Rays, 90:beauty the nature of the life of the Head of the Hierarchy, the Initiator Whom they must face atRays, 91:the point in the evolutionary process which the Hierarchy has attained. The attitude and positionRays, 91:The attitude and position of the members of the Hierarchy are not static. All are moving forward.Rays, 91:of the fire." His major task as Head of the Hierarchy is to evoke the electric fire of Shamballa,Rays, 91:divine Will, and this in such a form that the Hierarchy can be drawn nearer to the source of Life,
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