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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Rays, 92:time and space. Having related Humanity to the Hierarchy (which in the case of individual man meansRays, 92:more closely, with the aid of the Buddha, the Hierarchy to Shamballa, love to will, electric fireRays, 92:Initiator and His responsibility as Head of the Hierarchy. The nourishing of the little livesRays, 92:this way, under soul guidance, and aided by the Hierarchy and its schools of instruction, theyRays, 92:thus represent the three divine Aspects in the Hierarchy; They, with the four Lords of Karma, formRays, 93:Savior. His work as Preserver and as Head of the Hierarchy had not then begun. It was at that timeRays, 93:Avatar Who waits for the perfected work of the Hierarchy, focused in the Christ, and the powerfulRays, 93:Shamballa, and of the Christ, representing the Hierarchy, plus the sincere demand of Humanity, willRays, 93:done at this time by the senior Members of the Hierarchy, and also upon the steadfastness of theRays, 94:will-to-good, and this will reach the attentive Hierarchy. The Members of this Group will, throughRays, 95:prophetic passage in the ancient Archives of the Hierarchy which deals with the present cycle ofRays, 95:The work now being done by Shamballa and the Hierarchy on behalf of humanity will tend also toRays, 96:a rule peculiarly related to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, embodying its goal as the AryanRays, 96:to the consciousness aspect of Deity, to the Hierarchy as a whole, entering it through the AshramRays, 97:which works out through Shamballa, through the Hierarchy and through Humanity, thus forming part ofRays, 99:theosophical platitudes, and to see life as the Hierarchy sees it. This means that life isRays, 110:or disciples who are likewise a part of the Hierarchy but are not yet able to contact the centralRays, 111:it will become increasingly possible for the Hierarchy to admit such disciples in group formation.Rays, 111:Hence the new experiment being undertaken by the Hierarchy of externalizing Their Ashrams. ThisRays, 112:Signs of this can already be seen. The Hierarchy has been confronted with definite difficulty inRays, 112:This has brought about the intention of the Hierarchy to train such ready minds and hearts for aRays, 112:These two requirements have been demanded of the Hierarchy by Shamballa in order to safeguard theRays, 115:is the goal held before the members of the Hierarchy. They too are on the way of evolution, andRays, 117:to the three planetary centers: Humanity, Hierarchy and Shamballa. This first demand is, curiouslyRays, 118:highest center have reached humanity via the Hierarchy, and vice versa. This demand concerns theRays, 119:the Ashram of the Master and the focus of the Hierarchy were on the higher levels of the mentalRays, 119:love, of the intuition and of buddhi. The Hierarchy is both retreating towards the higher center ofRays, 119:and on higher levels than ever before. This the Hierarchy recognizes. The growing aspiration of theRays, 127:type of consciousness which distinguishes the Hierarchy, even if you are only able [128] to do soRays, 128:generally speaking, workers in the ranks of the Hierarchy (I did not say "with the Hierarchy") areRays, 128:ranks of the Hierarchy (I did not say "with the Hierarchy") are divided into two main groups: thoseRays, 128:(who are working in cooperation with the Hierarchy) are also working in two major divisions: ThoseRays, 130:Lives of which the higher initiates in the [130] Hierarchy are a part; They are to that spiritualRays, 130:understood by the most advanced Members of the Hierarchy, and the relation of these Lives to theRays, 130:different, to the relation of the Members of the Hierarchy to the three Great Lords - the Christ,Rays, 130:What you call "the Plan" is the response of the Hierarchy to the inflowing purposeful will of theRays, 130:the Buddha) is it safe for Them to contact the Hierarchy. I am seeking only to point to a widerRays, 131:Minds" which is known under the name of the Hierarchy. It is illumination and consequentRays, 131:and which will finally lead the Members of the Hierarchy (when Their term of service is completed)Rays, 131:who is beginning to tread the Path to the Hierarchy. It provides testimony, which he can recognize,Rays, 133:and move and have Their being. The fact of the Hierarchy is to many thinkers an established fact;Rays, 133:fact; the hypothesis that there may be a Hierarchy is a widespread recognition. InformationRays, 133:belief and hope in the existence of a planetary Hierarchy has today leavened the entire mass ofRays, 133:disciples must prepare. The rules whereby the Hierarchy may be reached are already well known toRays, 134:or the seed of the coming manifestation of the Hierarchy as the Heart of God (directly related toRays, 135:before there could come the emergence of the Hierarchy into the public consciousness; all this hadRays, 135:theologies, will soon give place to the Hierarchy, with its emerging teaching - clear, factual,Rays, 135:clear, factual, intuitive and non-dogmatic. The Hierarchy has been invoked and its Members areRays, 136:"act of orientation." This will force the Hierarchy, of its own free will, to turn towards a newRays, 136:of orientation will end when a powerful, earthly Hierarchy will factually, externally and inRays, 136:through the medium of the senior Members of the Hierarchy, Who invoke the "Lights which carry outRays, 136:and disciples of the world. Thus is the chain of Hierarchy only a life line, along which travel theRays, 136:of the relationship between humanity and the Hierarchy, and between the Hierarchy and the highestRays, 136:humanity and the Hierarchy, and between the Hierarchy and the highest Center, Shamballa, isRays, 137:of the Wisdom and a member of the planetary Hierarchy. In the coming new cycle the emphasis will beRays, 138:the Will element); this is as much a goal of the Hierarchy as approach to the Hierarchy is the goalRays, 138:much a goal of the Hierarchy as approach to the Hierarchy is the goal of advanced humanity. ItRays, 138:to grasp for it completes the planetary chain of Hierarchy and throws a light upon the Way of theRays, 138:situation which ever exists between the Hierarchy and Shamballa. The energies concerned are soRays, 139:teaching, if followed, brings a man into the Hierarchy. He then becomes a factual part of theRays, 143:the soul itself is light, and that the entire Hierarchy is a great center of light, causing theRays, 144:when the will of the Monad and the will of the Hierarchy of souls meet and blend in the "upperRays, 144:the blended lights of Humanity and of the Hierarchy. Faintly this group fusion and junction can beRays, 145:at Shamballa, 'Working until now through the Hierarchy, is with the life within the form; They haveRays, 145:Shamballa," without stepping it down via the Hierarchy, as has hitherto been the custom. TheRays, 145:scale prior to 1825. The knowledge of the Hierarchy is also spreading over the earth; the factsRays, 146:faint idea of the relation existing between the Hierarchy and Shamballa. I did this in order thatRays, 147:three great planetary centers (Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity) when as yet he scarcely knowsRays, 148:evolutionary cycle - we call them Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. With these fundamentalRays, 150:groups - The seven groups or Ashrams within the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy These carry out theRays, 150:groups or Ashrams within the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy These carry out the hierarchical will, whichRays, 150:Ashram. The perfect or complete group is the Hierarchy itself, containing all the seven majorRays, 153:as the instrument of the soul and later of the Hierarchy, to learn to contact energy, to handle andRays, 153:of the greater seven groups, that is, within the Hierarchy. This he does first upon the peripheryRays, 154:centers) and the seven great groups within the Hierarchy; he comes to realize that only when hisRays, 154:him to work within the larger framework of the Hierarchy, and this because the quality of theRays, 154:He has passed out of the human kingdom into the Hierarchy; later he will pass out of theRays, 155:goes from strength to strength. All the time the Hierarchy is aiding in his development and at theRays, 157:learn to establish with other souls and with the Hierarchy. These are consciously and voluntarilyRays, 157:to bring about increasing relation between the Hierarchy of Souls and Humanity as a whole, betweenRays, 158:or types of men, via the seven groups within the Hierarchy. In this work of transmission the sevenRays, 158:has now arrived". (The Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 249.) [159] The high Initiates (ThoseRays, 159:the circulation of energy between Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. This circulation, whichRays, 159:force has hitherto been transmitted via the Hierarchy. For the first time, and in this centuryRays, 160:them (or rather the soul of each kingdom) to the Hierarchy and to Shamballa. This involves a greatRays, 161:will be to the greater Life what Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity are to our planetary Logos.Rays, 162:of a world cycle there comes a time when the Hierarchy itself, as a body organized and functioningRays, 165:He was speaking as the Representative of the Hierarchy, the second planetary center into which allRays, 165:will abstract the life principle from the Hierarchy, and all life and consciousness will then beRays, 166:the planetary ring-pass-not. Such Members of the Hierarchy Who pledge Themselves to this work areRays, 167:(of the [167] individual, of humanity, of the Hierarchy) and the great Lords of Shamballa, workingRays, 167:centers (head, heart and throat; Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa), thereby energize all theRays, 167:which is neither of the Three (Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity) and ignores them, for theyRays, 170:Masters, the Mediator between Shamballa and the Hierarchy and between the Hierarchy and Humanity.Rays, 170:Shamballa and the Hierarchy and between the Hierarchy and Humanity. Will you gain some insight intoRays, 170:His work of mediating between humanity and the Hierarchy was perfected by Him and carried to aRays, 170:which will bring about a closer relation of the Hierarchy with Shamballa at this time. ThisRays, 171:group purpose. Then the attractive power of the Hierarchy and of the Ashrams of the MastersRays, 173:effort to serve Shamballa, instead of the Hierarchy of which He was even then the Head. Later, HeRays, 173:to express soul awareness in relation to the Hierarchy. These reactions to the united Ashrams which
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