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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Rays, 363:levels. Yet, the life and consciousness of the Hierarchy are very different to the life andRays, 365:by the so-called occultist of a contact with the Hierarchy. There will, however, come a point inRays, 365:such meeting place is upon the periphery of the Hierarchy during the stage immediately prior toRays, 367:the human consciousness when: The fact of the Hierarchy, The nature of its relationship toRays, 367:will happen after the externalization of the Hierarchy. This Lord of the World is the soleRays, 367:occult student: Shamballa, His head center, the Hierarchy, His heart center, and Humanity, HisRays, 367:centers. The solar plexus is dominated by the Hierarchy, the heart center of Sanat Kumara, and hasRays, 368:Servers. This intermediate group - between the Hierarchy and Humanity - is a carrier of the energyRays, 368:makes the Plan possible (the Plan of which the Hierarchy is the custodian). This Plan implementsRays, 368:from Shamballa in a direct reception, via the Hierarchy. This information is, I realize, of littleRays, 368:of much. Though the Christ is the Head of the Hierarchy, it is Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days,Rays, 368:information I gave as to the constitution of the Hierarchy, in Initiation, Human and Solar, wasRays, 368:Human and Solar, was along the same line. The Hierarchy is the Ashram of Sanat Kumara, but He hasRays, 368:which They held office. In the early days of the Hierarchy, millennia of years ago, neither theRays, 368:years ago, neither the official Directors of the Hierarchy nor the Masters were of the caliberRays, 369:primitive man) can be seen in the quality of the Hierarchy today, which humanity produced andRays, 369:which has furnished the personnel of the Hierarchy - including the Christ, the first of ourRays, 369:success. The three major Executives of the Hierarchy: The Christ, representing the second Ray ofRays, 369:the fourth kingdom in nature into the fifth, the hierarchy of souls, and - at the same time -Rays, 370:of the Lord at Shamballa is a unit, but that the Hierarchy is a differentiation of this basic unityRays, 370:Ashrams which are gradually forming. The Hierarchy is, however, a unity within itself, for theRays, 370:will of the Lord of the World upon the united Hierarchy in a manner incomprehensible to you; itRays, 371:in completeness and is already existent. The Hierarchy is, however, handicapped in its activity byRays, 371:ways: Shamballa - dynamic impression The Hierarchy - magnetic telepathy Humanity - radiatoryRays, 371:of the Ashrams produces a movement out of the Hierarchy of some Master and into the highest centerRays, 372:the man becomes identified with himself; in the Hierarchy, he becomes identified with the group; inRays, 372:their future usefulness, let us now consider the Hierarchy as it exists (in the consciousness ofRays, 373:Shamballa and Humanity. This position of the Hierarchy must never be forgotten. Rays, 373:The Seven Groups of Ashrams within the Hierarchy It is because the first Ray of Will or Power,Rays, 373:the three points of the triangle composed of the Hierarchy, the world of souls on the mental plane,Rays, 373:who (on all Rays) are ready for contact with the Hierarchy. They have made contact with theirRays, 373:with their souls, and this is registered in the Hierarchy. The triangle is, therefore, as follows:Rays, 374:to absorb with profit the radiation of the Hierarchy. I would like at this point to refer back toRays, 374:refer back to the time sense in relation to the Hierarchy and its work, to which I referred a fewRays, 374:of truth. There is one great Ashram, the Hierarchy, radiating (after due absorption of light,Rays, 375:radiation. It is the conscious use by the Hierarchy of the power coming from Shamballa whichRays, 375:Owing to the fact that the Law which governs the Hierarchy is the second systemic law, the Law ofRays, 375:it might be said that the radiation of the Hierarchy, which is definitely second ray in nature, andRays, 376:of focused dynamic will at the very heart of the Hierarchy which in reality implements the Plan. Rays, 376:active and energizing will, which enables the Hierarchy to move forward upon the eternal Path. ItsRays, 377:is that which permeates the radiation from the Hierarchy to which humanity is responsive. NoRays, 377:aspirant can be drawn into the periphery of the Hierarchy, and from thence into an Ashram, withoutRays, 377:radiation" coming from the periphery of the Hierarchy but also, in an increasing measure, to theRays, 377:to the "magnetic pull" which emanates from the Hierarchy itself, and in particular from the AshramRays, 378:the directing agent of this energy, within the Hierarchy itself, is the Christ and His twoRays, 379:in mind are as follows: The great Ashram, the Hierarchy, is composed of many Ashrams, creating anRays, 380:the early history of the planet) there was no Hierarchy; there were only two major centers in theRays, 381:into increasing light. The early history of the Hierarchy falls into two historical eras in theRays, 381:became essential. Second: The time when the Hierarchy was created as we know it today; the heartRays, 381:in occult and theosophical literature that the Hierarchy withdrew as a penalizing measure becauseRays, 382:this produced a stronger "pull" and placed the Hierarchy "at the midway point." A station of lightRays, 382:the externalization of the Ashram, so that the Hierarchy (or the center where the love of God isRays, 382:then will be "visible in the light" - the Hierarchy and Humanity. When these two centers can workRays, 382:is being made for the emergence of the Hierarchy into the world of men. This emergence is atRays, 383:factually, means a definite approach to the Hierarchy. In the meantime the Hierarchy is orientingRays, 383:approach to the Hierarchy. In the meantime the Hierarchy is orienting itself to a much closerRays, 383:types of ray energy and are focal points in the Hierarchy of the seven rays. The central, seniorRays, 384:of humanity and inside the ring-pass-not of the Hierarchy. In the beginning, only the first twoRays, 384:which have distinguished the fluid policy of the Hierarchy. Men began to demonstrate responsivenessRays, 385:have given the name of the third initiation. The Hierarchy for the first time realized the completeRays, 385:fused. This is one of the reasons why the Hierarchy regards the third initiation as the first majorRays, 386:of the Initiate Who was then Head of the Hierarchy. This third initiation was taken in a fourth rayRays, 386:place in the relation between Humanity and the Hierarchy - a crisis of such importance thatRays, 386:the crucifixion of the Master, the Head of the Hierarchy, the Christ, took two initiations in one:Rays, 387:(as humanity calls it) or of pure reason (as the Hierarchy calls it). Since that time, all theRays, 388:this has necessitated the expansion of [388] the Hierarchy itself, and each Ashram has become theRays, 389:of aspirants and disciples know much about the Hierarchy, its life, aims and conditioning rules, soRays, 389:remind you that I have ever stated that even the Hierarchy does not know exactly how humanity willRays, 392:remind you of an earlier statement that the Hierarchy reacts or responds to the energies andRays, 393:is put to the test in group form when the entire Hierarchy meets at Its centennial conference and -Rays, 393:decisions do not affect man's free will, for the Hierarchy does nothing to condition man's approachRays, 394:in order to see how far the will of the [394] Hierarchy conforms to that aspect of the divine willRays, 394:the three planetary centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. These are responsible for theRays, 395:with the "Heart of the Sun" as Members of the Hierarchy. Again you can see the same unfoldingRays, 396:deciding groups of Masters, the work with the Hierarchy is over, except for the few Who choose PathRays, 397:the right to retain in the service of the Hierarchy, and consequently of Humanity and theRays, 398:they produce vacancies in the ranks of the Hierarchy which must be filled; they lead constantly toRays, 398:and pass to extra-planetary service. The Hierarchy, as we have seen, gives the needed training forRays, 398:There is a fundamental connection between the Hierarchy (the source of expression of love on Earth)Rays, 400:- to stay on Earth and work in or with the Hierarchy, is there more that I can tell you? You knowRays, 400:before. I have not dealt with the work of the Hierarchy in relation to evolutions other than theRays, 400:of the subhuman kingdoms. The work done by the Hierarchy in those kingdoms is largely carriedRays, 402:itself as light and as goodwill) into the Hierarchy and Humanity. This deeply esoteric purpose ofRays, 407:activity with the antahkarana which connects the Hierarchy with Shamballa and Humanity with theRays, 407:Hierarchy with Shamballa and Humanity with the Hierarchy. As planetary Logoi when Their Own timeRays, 409:1. It had not been the intention of the Hierarchy to give any further information anent theseRays, 410:testing period of the war, 1914-1945), the Hierarchy - far earlier than had been hoped orRays, 410:confronts the three Great Lords Who rule the Hierarchy with a definite problem. To make the sixthRays, 411:is finally revealed. The force which enables the Hierarchy to present the Plan in the three worlds.Rays, 411:stepping it down through the medium of the Hierarchy, the entire course of man's spiritual historyRays, 411:Here, however, you have a reverse situation. The Hierarchy, owing to its constitution at that timeRays, 411:of our Earth humanity were members of the Hierarchy, could not influence directly the moreRays, 411:Paths are today in the same position as was the Hierarchy then; the word has gone forth to ourRays, 412:of atomic energy has well demonstrated to the Hierarchy. All these factors have forced aRays, 412:offered to the Members of our planetary Hierarchy. I stress that point: the opportunity was notRays, 413:these changes are a cause of deep joy to the Hierarchy and to the Great Lives in the CouncilRays, 413:to our planetary Life; much is known in the Hierarchy anent this connection, and the particularRays, 414:as it expresses itself is between the Hierarchy and Sirius, and not between Shamballa and thatRays, 414:in response to this relationship enters the Hierarchy via the Heart of the Sun, creating as aRays, 414:potency. You have, therefore: Sirius * The Hierarchy * * Heart of the Sun 3. As progress is made in
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