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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Rays, 415:the sun, Sirius; this enters directly into the Hierarchy and carries with it the principle ofRays, 415:a modern word) Shamballa and is focused in the Hierarchy. Its effect is not felt until after theRays, 415:and little of it was definitely focused in the Hierarchy, until Christ came and revealed the loveRays, 416:divergence of view between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, nor do they signify cleavage or differingRays, 417:provides a "pathway of power" [417] between our Hierarchy and the distant sun, Sirius, and givesRays, 417:some control, particularly in the work which the Hierarchy undertakes to do; and many initiates andRays, 424:fact has forced corresponding changes within the Hierarchy itself. The Masters Who are now movingRays, 426:the larger number of the sons of men. In the Hierarchy of our planet the "Lords of Compassion" areRays, 426:via Libra Methode Twelve cosmic Indentifications Hierarchy The sixth Symbol A green dragon issuingRays, 427:Methode The entering of the burning-ground [427] Hierarchy The third and fourth Symbol A funeralRays, 427:Source Betelgeuse, via the sign Sagittarius Hierarchy The fifth Method Prismatic identificationRays, 427:Sirius via the Sun which veils a zodiacal sign Hierarchy Veiled by the numbers 14 and 17 MethodRays, 427:direction Source The Pole Star via Aquarius Hierarchy The first and the second Method A process ofRays, 428:(written in April 1947) particularly in the Hierarchy, is such that it will produce another andRays, 430:are to be found in the Archives of the spiritual Hierarchy, the entire area of the Near East andRays, 430:me to tell you what will happen, although the Hierarchy knows. Humanity must (as must allRays, 433:Ashram; or again these and the activity of the Hierarchy itself, viewing it as a complete whole; orRays, 439:form which He may use as a member of the Hierarchy and a worker in the three worlds of humanRays, 440:departments, as is the Ashram which we call the Hierarchy. Forget not, there are many HierarchiesRays, 440:not, there are many Hierarchies and the Human Hierarchy is but one. This whole theme is one ofRays, 440:planes controlled by the Monad, and also by the Hierarchy. There naught but the Plan engrosses HisRays, 441:the ashramic consciousness. Himself and the Hierarchy as a whole, becoming increasingly aware ofRays, 459:of the Egoic Petals The Spiritual Triad The Hierarchy Shamballa The Master's Ashram The CouncilRays, 462:on the physical plane. These are Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa. Humanity is already theRays, 462:the dominant kingdom in nature; the fact of the Hierarchy and of its imminent approach intoRays, 463:which is the outstanding characteristic of the Hierarchy. The life focus of the man shifts to theRays, 465:obstacles. Cooperation with the purpose of the Hierarchy, the interpreting will of God as expressedRays, 470:objective of humanity's appeal to God, to the Hierarchy and to the Spiritual Powers of the cosmos,Rays, 470:will and must evoke response from the spiritual Hierarchy and give the first demonstration upon aRays, 471:about by direct alignment, and not via the Hierarchy as has hitherto been the case. When theRays, 472:much increased activity on the part of the Hierarchy, in order to offset the consequences of anyRays, 473:which embody these divine qualities: Shamballa, Hierarchy, and Humanity. These are now closelyRays, 473:a Way. I have related (in consciousness) the Hierarchy and Shamballa. This signifies a great andRays, 478:imposition of the creative will of the planetary Hierarchy upon those who were sensitive to theRays, 481:Cross. (See Esoteric Astrology, Chapter VI.) The Hierarchy. Here, as a focused unit ofRays, 482:Cross and the Fixed Cross. Humanity and the Hierarchy. The lower triplicity, the personality, andRays, 482:those who were training for affiliation with the Hierarchy, but it has not been given out before toRays, 483:to the rule of the spirit; the energy of the Hierarchy must become a force, receptive to the energyRays, 483:on simultaneously, though the receptivity of the Hierarchy to the second aspect of the ShamballaRays, 483:is only now beginning to be recognizable. The Hierarchy has for long been receptive to the third orRays, 483:resolved into unity, the Way that Members of the Hierarchy are seeking to tread and for which TheyRays, 486:to these lives - in their totality - what the Hierarchy is to humanity. This service only becomesRays, 492:as follows: Shamballa - The jewel in the lotus. Hierarchy - The three groups of petals. Humanity -Rays, 495:only a part of humanity and a member also of the Hierarchy, but he belongs to the great company ofRays, 495:and are under the direction of the Heads of the Hierarchy. The "freedom of the three Centers" isRays, 495:energy of Humanity, the dual energy of the Hierarchy, and the one energy of Shamballa. Such, myRays, 498:in the approach to divinity as taught by the Hierarchy. This does not mean that past teaching isRays, 505:it is the dominant note of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy. Now let us take up the seven ray methods,Rays, 508:enclosed within the greater circle of the Hierarchy, and becomes conscious of this fusion and usesRays, 519:the initiate passing from grade to grade in the Hierarchy of Liberation, of the Christ moving onRays, 519:"mode of Life" which governs the entire graded hierarchy of Being upon our planet. ThisRays, 521:its most potent activity has only reached the Hierarchy. Religion, the science of invocation andRays, 522:you that the third initiation is regarded by the Hierarchy as the first major initiation, whilstRays, 527:divine will and the relating of the spiritual Hierarchy to the great Council at Shamballa. It willRays, 527:- the complete revelation of humanity to the Hierarchy and of the Hierarchy to Shamballa. This HeRays, 527:of humanity to the Hierarchy and of the Hierarchy to Shamballa. This He did by virtue of a [528]Rays, 530:dramatically aware of the personnel of the Hierarchy and of his own position in relation to it.Rays, 532:the disciple into full fellowship with the Hierarchy; that the symbolic representation indicates toRays, 536:becomes possible for human beings to enter the Hierarchy. Forget not that the Hierarchy is theRays, 536:to enter the Hierarchy. Forget not that the Hierarchy is the expression of the energy of love. TheRays, 536:love through our affiliation with the Hierarchy; the highest we call the will-to-good and leave itRays, 540:the activity of pure reason that fusion with the Hierarchy becomes possible, and it [541] is thatRays, 542:and nearer to the "heart of love," which is the Hierarchy. As this takes place - and it is takingRays, 542:this takes place - and it is taking place - the Hierarchy Itself moves nearer to a conscious fusionRays, 543:can be gradually brought into a rapport with the Hierarchy as a whole. It might be mentioned, inRays, 543:that the disciple is absorbed into the Hierarchy and - at the same time - he assimilates in a newRays, 549:mind, for the integrated purpose - as far as the Hierarchy is concerned - begins slowly to impressRays, 550:His body of manifestation. The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet is such a vortex; Humanity itselfRays, 551:of His three major centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. The increasingly dominantRays, 551:- Shamballa - 1st Ray of Will The heart center - Hierarchy - 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom The throatRays, 553:directed towards the second major center, the Hierarchy, inevitably evokes a response. Invocation,Rays, 553:as a result of a group decision within the Hierarchy itself. Certain Masters Who were facing theRays, 554:evoked an immediate reaction from the Spiritual Hierarchy, and experienced disciples made theirRays, 555:place without important effects, both in the Hierarchy and in the human family. In old AtlanteanRays, 558:of Aspect, are related more definitely to the Hierarchy, and therefore are related to the firstRays, 559:in nature, and therefore to the fourth Creative Hierarchy. During the long, long cycle of theRays, 561:these are the outstanding characteristics of the Hierarchy and the essential qualities of those whoRays, 575:life to life; the disciple's relation to the Hierarchy, the reorganizing of his life on theRays, 579:Christ, and under the focused stimulation of the Hierarchy, pass through the appropriateRays, 580:themselves to the world of men - impulsed by the Hierarchy, precipitated into the humanRays, 581:is the closer approach of the Christ and of the Hierarchy of Masters to humanity which isRays, 582:to a one-pointed adherence to the Plan of the Hierarchy; all emotional reaction to the Hierarchy ofRays, 582:of the Hierarchy; all emotional reaction to the Hierarchy of Masters fades out, and the discipleRays, 585:the supervisory probation of the spiritual Hierarchy" are as yet possible to humanity. TheRays, 585:under the inspiration and the stimulation of the Hierarchy of which he is becoming increasinglyRays, 586:point of the present effort being made by the Hierarchy. Through it spiritual energy from five ofRays, 587:and aims - related to humanity and to the Hierarchy. It might here be pointed out that: The work ofRays, 587:peculiar sense the conditioning energy of the Hierarchy. The work with the subhuman kingdoms ofRays, 588:focusing the will-to-good, as registered by the Hierarchy, and the sense of universality (not aRays, 589:lives of the individuals influenced and in the Hierarchy, as well as in the planetary life. ThusRays, 597:the first initiation, from the angle of the Hierarchy; it is the one in which the spiritual manRays, 600:and basic illusions governing life within the Hierarchy. Nevertheless, they are illusions of such aRays, 601:as a whole, to the work of the Ashram within the Hierarchy and to the planetary life. This mustRays, 605:to condition not only Humanity but also the Hierarchy, will have to be considered. When we studyRays, 607:In the realms of formless living wherein the Hierarchy lives and moves and has its being, conflict,Rays, 608:controls the Master governs His work within the Hierarchy, in relation to Shamballa and inRays, 609:of Decision Governed by Ray III Active in the Hierarchy Leading to right Perception andRays, 609:on the liberated souls of the members of the Hierarchy, and finally on the Being which isRays, 610:and one based on expediency and impatience. The Hierarchy is in no way discouraged, though somewhatRays, 611:unrealized by you. The gradual approach of the Hierarchy to a closer and more intimate relation to
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