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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIERARCHY

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Rays, 611:all relations between souls and controls the Hierarchy, the Kingdom of Souls; the energy of wisdomRays, 614:in the future, will affiliate humanity with the Hierarchy and release millions of men from theRays, 615:the medium of these members or affiliates of the Hierarchy, He will have outposts of HisRays, 617:only to Him and to the senior members of the Hierarchy. Should politics be the medium through whichRays, 618:center through which the love energy of the Hierarchy can persistently flow. The harmony (which theRays, 618:of God - enters the hearts of men; so that the Hierarchy (which is the heart center or the placeRays, 619:of men, the heart of the planet, i.e., the Hierarchy, and the heart of the Hierarchy, the Christ,Rays, 619:i.e., the Hierarchy, and the heart of the Hierarchy, the Christ, are in a state of positiveRays, 619:is drawn forth from the heart of the planet (the Hierarchy) to the hearts of men, and the path ofRays, 620:This will-to-good is essential love. [620] The Hierarchy, which is the planetary heart center. TheRays, 620:The Christ, the very heart of love within the Hierarchy. The initiates, disciples and aspirants whoRays, 623:They embody the technique whereby the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet brings good out of evilRays, 639:to a crisis within the United Nations. The Hierarchy is subjected to crises of decision, leading toRays, 640:of the race? I would remind you that even the Hierarchy of spiritual and liberated souls, theRays, 640:being established are rightly developed, the Hierarchy does not foresee the immediacy of war; warRays, 645:spirit to the world of forms, to the united Hierarchy and to the Council Chamber of the Lord. UponRays, 647:acted in this manner, it is nevertheless the Hierarchy which will bring into expression a measureRays, 647:of Will or Power, and it is for this that the Hierarchy is preparing; it is for this event that theRays, 647:with the concentrated assistance of the united Hierarchy; it is this that will begin to manifestRays, 648:significance of the tremendous activity of the Hierarchy. One of the signs of the coming of thisRays, 653:himself and his Ashram into the full body of the Hierarchy. New Ashrams within the HierarchyRays, 653:body of the Hierarchy. New Ashrams within the Hierarchy present much the same type of difficultyRays, 653:It might be said that that which holds the Hierarchy together, and that which produces a coherentRays, 655:and help towards the externalization of the Hierarchy, through the medium of certain of itsRays, 656:significance. From the standpoint of the Hierarchy and of Shamballa, they constitute the majorRays, 657:planet; these have hitherto reached us via the Hierarchy. To these civilizations must be added theRays, 659:divine will on Earth is nearly over; when the Hierarchy is externalized, and men as a wholeRays, 659:made perfect, which is a true description of the Hierarchy), then - in a manner unforeseen byRays, 659:of the reappearing Christ and His attendant Hierarchy. When the "little wills of men" [660] areRays, 662:viewing them when possible from the angle of the Hierarchy and its effort on behalf of theRays, 662:type of initiate. From the standpoint of the Hierarchy, it is not the individual initiate who is ofRays, 662:caught the vision, who accept the fact of the Hierarchy and of proffered [663] opportunity, but whoRays, 663:Birth and the Baptism - are not regarded by the Hierarchy as major initiations. They are in theRays, 674:by the great White Lodge, the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. It is the battleground between theRays, 675:is related to the emerging fact that the Hierarchy and its personnel in process of assembling willRays, 675:A more advanced humanity demands a more advanced Hierarchy and hierarchical supervision; this hasRays, 678:of the Theosophical Society as an agent of the Hierarchy at this time. Earlier and prior to itsRays, 680:are against the policies of the spiritual Hierarchy and are contrary to the lasting good ofRays, 681:run counter to all the plans of the spiritual Hierarchy and mark a point of triumph of the forcesRays, 687:two great planetary centers, Shamballa and the Hierarchy. I refer to that stupendous Source of ourRays, 690:out of the divine Plan. The energy of the Hierarchy Itself. The Hierarchy is primarily controlledRays, 690:Plan. The energy of the Hierarchy Itself. The Hierarchy is primarily controlled by the energy ofRays, 690:largely because he is an initiated member of the Hierarchy and is also a pure channel forRays, 695:was intentional under the divine Plan of the Hierarchy, for always some great Teacher - by His lifeRays, 696:in nature, the kingdom of God, called by us the Hierarchy. Forget not that the three worlds ofRays, 699:(as many will when the Christ reappears and the Hierarchy is externalized on Earth), the MasterRays, 699:phrases to be found in the archives of the Hierarchy. They will therefore need no centers on theRays, 701:succeeding initiation, between humanity and the Hierarchy, plus the service of establishing rightRays, 702:principle of divinity) to be the Head of the Hierarchy. The same concept of working in the threeRays, 702:rendered both to humanity and to the spiritual Hierarchy; He made it easier for a much quickerRays, 703:This dedication to service is the mark of the Hierarchy. You can see, therefore, how the BuddhaRays, 703:which distinguishes the Members of the spiritual Hierarchy. My prayer and wish is that your goalRays, 705:Jews represent (from the point of view of the Hierarchy) that from which all Masters of the WisdomRays, 706:now where His field of service lies - within the Hierarchy, working on behalf of all living beings.Rays, 707:plane as senior workers for humanity under the Hierarchy; there will be many more during the nextRays, 707:This is a part of the program planned by the Hierarchy, prior to the externalization of theRays, 707:But - knowing who they are from the angle of the Hierarchy and what is expected of them - they willRays, 711:It is by means of this impulsive energy that the Hierarchy (upon the buddhic plane) leads humanityRays, 712:Who work at the center of these energies; the Hierarchy is a great reception point for these threeRays, 712:and are directed by the three Heads of the Hierarchy: the Manu, the Christ, and the Mahachohan. TheRays, 712:remember that the main effort of the spiritual Hierarchy is on behalf of humanity, because theRays, 715:says, in unison with the great head of the Hierarchy, the Christ: "Father, not my will but Thine beRays, 715:we are told that the problem which confronts the Hierarchy as it seeks to prepare disciples for theRays, 716:center to which we give the name of the Hierarchy. This direct impact will again take place inRays, 716:this is regarded as presenting a problem to the Hierarchy, but if this power - impersonal andRays, 716:They have cut themselves off from the spiritual Hierarchy, through Whom the love of the planetaryRays, 717:focused, that enables the senior Members of the Hierarchy to implement that purpose. Only initiatesRays, 717:can receive this energy, focus it within the Hierarchy, and then direct its potency to certain endsRays, 717:known only to Them. Speaking symbolically, the Hierarchy has within it, under the custody of itsRays, 717:so the lesser initiates and disciples within the Hierarchy can begin to precipitate into theirRays, 717:implements the Plan. One of the problems of the Hierarchy is, therefore, right timing in theRays, 719:the initiate has, since his affiliation with the Hierarchy, learnt to make right choice, and hisRays, 721:Service), decide what measures They propose the Hierarchy should take which will drastically andRays, 721:to "make decision." The opportunity comes to the Hierarchy every forty-nine years, and the yearRays, 722:it no longer come under the jurisdiction of the Hierarchy. They have moved out from under it. TheirRays, 722:from under it. Their long connection with the Hierarchy is translated to a higher center and isRays, 726:eighth initiation (working either through the Hierarchy or in Shamballa) are needed at thisRays, 727:significance. Remember that when a Member of the Hierarchy uses the word essential, He does notRays, 732:acts of the reappearing Christ and of the Hierarchy will be to erase this particular fear and toRays, 733:same sense as Shamballa is His head center, the Hierarchy His heart center and Humanity HisRays, 734:in deep meditation at a point midway between the Hierarchy and Shamballa, so this much higher groupRays, 734:groups has been forming midway between the Hierarchy and Humanity, and to it we give the name ofRays, 736:major centers on the planet - Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity - has reached a high stage ofRays, 737:Logos is forever and unchangeably the great Hierarchy of Being, that chain of life in which theRays, 737:naught - from one important angle of life - but Hierarchy, linking sun with sun, star with star,Rays, 738:the making possible the externalization of the Hierarchy upon Earth give us each and all a fullyRays, 741:effects. The great question with which the Hierarchy is today faced is: Will the race of menRays, 742:world are not acting in full concert with the Hierarchy. They are swayed by fear, by a sense ofRays, 743:opportunity) are: The closer Approach of the Hierarchy. The imminent Return of the Christ. [744] Rays, 744:of that freedom factor - sponsored today by the Hierarchy. Communism being an imposed ideology,Rays, 747:Protestant churches. From the standpoint of the Hierarchy, these three ideologies are three aspectsRays, 747:the spiritual position; if however, the Catholic hierarchy can renounce or relinquish its materialRays, 748:would like to remind you here that the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet cares not whether a man isRays, 751:in righting world affairs? The task which the Hierarchy wishes to see accomplished at this time isRays, 752:for the average man to grasp. The problem of the Hierarchy (if I may put it both accurately and yetRays, 753:that men should deal. For untold aeons, the Hierarchy has stood like a shield, guarding humanity.Rays, 753:mental development, with the repudiation of the Hierarchy by the bulk of humanity, and by theRays, 753:and narrow theological and mental tenets, the Hierarchy has been forced (much against its will) toRays, 755:known," at Shamballa; it is not the task of the Hierarchy or of humanity. Remember this, butRays, 755:the news of the approach of the spiritual Hierarchy, and by preparing for the reappearance of the
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