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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIEROPHANT

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Astrology, 100:and is, in an esoteric sense, connected with the Hierophant of the Mysteries of Initiation. [101]Astrology, 672:7th planet was not the sun but the hidden divine Hierophant." (S.D. Vol. III, 330) "Uranus is nowExternalisation, 513:all three to the same portal and the same Hierophant. It must not be forgotten that only thoseExternalisation, 515:Because the Christ, [515] as you know, is the Hierophant of the first and second initiations and HeFire, 713:initiation. Their function is embodied by the Hierophant. He, seeing before Him the vehicle forFire, 713:and is directed to whichever center the Hierophant - under the Law - sees should be stimulated. HeFire, 763:At this initiation, through the action of the Hierophant wielding the electric Rod of Power, theFire, 899:wherein his astral centers are the object of the Hierophant's attention. This particular type ofFire, 1035:most frequently recognized by men is that of the Hierophant, the Bodhisattva, which consists of theFire, 1127:the "bud" opens, and it becomes possible for the Hierophant at initiation to liberate the energy ofInitiation, 9:of its members, authorized to do so by the great Hierophant Himself. Four Words Defined When weInitiation, 88:is only at the third initiation that the great Hierophant, the Lord of the World, himselfInitiation, 88:be possible. For the first two initiations the Hierophant is the Christ, the World Teacher, theInitiation, 92:of our scheme on his own plane, becomes the Hierophant. At the sixth initiation the expression ofInitiation, 98:with terrific force; were it not that the Hierophant and the two sponsors of the initiate pass itInitiation, 108:wherein the Bodhisattva functions as the Hierophant, the Mahachohan, the Manu, and a Chohan whoInitiation, 108:is needless. Sanat Kumara is still the Hierophant, yet in a [109] very esoteric manner it is theInitiation, 116:as through the power of a still more exalted Hierophant than the Bodhisattva, the electrical fireInitiation, 133:throne, and the wielding [133] of the Rod. The Hierophant has hitherto been present, but the workInitiation, 133:which the Rod has put into circulation. The Hierophant utters the word, and the force is literallyInitiation, 134:pure fire. The initiate sees no one, save the Hierophant, and is aware of nothing but a fiery blazeInitiation, 140:the law, will depend his power to progress. The Hierophant transmits higher manasic energy to theInitiation, 140:and is directed to whichever center the Hierophant - under the law - sees should be stimulated. TheInitiation, 142:formulas are committed to the initiate by the Hierophant, an which he carries away within hisInitiation, 142:of the initiate and thus to aid the Hierophant in his strenuous endeavor. It must be rememberedInitiation, 144:two initiations, wherein the Bodhisattva is the Hierophant. Only at the third initiation will theInitiation, 145:their stand behind the seat of office of the Hierophant. The Lodge members are grouped differently,Initiation, 146:formulas, and in the inner group around the Hierophant a dual performance is taking place: - TheInitiation, 146:into three sections, and is administered by the Hierophant to the initiate, being repeated afterInitiation, 148:down from the three major rays, through the Hierophant and the corresponding departmental head atInitiation, 161:this initiation, in which, as earlier said, the Hierophant is the Lord of the World, not only isInitiation, 161:fourth, fifth and sixth Words is given by the Hierophant, and thus the initiate wields completeInitiation, 163:newly made initiate advances alone closer to the Hierophant; he then places his hand upon the lowerInitiation, 163:of Initiation which is held in the center by the Hierophant. The three who stand around the throneInitiation, 166:apprehension of that which is shown them by the Hierophant; secondly, by having cultivated withinMagic, 347:through trial and loneliness to the Feet of the Hierophant. They are likewise distressed byMagic, 362:can the Master lead him into the Presence of the Hierophant. The Initiator then, with fullMeditation, 341:you that the point has been reached when the Hierophant can demand your presence and bestowRays, 56:his first contact with the Planetary Logos, the Hierophant, the Initiator at the third initiation,Rays, 56:of all the Masters, is the Initiator and the Hierophant at the first two initiations. [57] The Word
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