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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGH

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Discipleship1, 765:Is it not apparent to you that the initiate of high degree lives in a world of reactions and ofDiscipleship1, 767:by an accepted disciple. He is an initiate of high standing and of elevated degree and has passedDiscipleship1, 779:average psychic and medium is not usually of a high-grade intelligence and A. A. B. desired toDiscipleship2when the spiritual stimulant is relentlessly high. The rushing into the personal life of soul forceDiscipleship2, 16:and having raised your consciousness as high as you possibly can, endeavor then to hold steady,Discipleship2, 21:via the group centers - and when of very high development and initiate degree - via the planetaryDiscipleship2, 32:life it can be assumed that he has reached his high water mark and is passing through a period -Discipleship2, 109:anent the lives and methods of the Masters, a high point of spiritual understanding and developmentDiscipleship2, 144:and life, thus lifting it and your thought to as high a plane as possible. Then sound the 0M, andDiscipleship2, 161:and restoration of mankind to its original high spiritual state. There is a higher condensationDiscipleship2, 197:to form a great serving group. No matter how high you may go in the scale of Being, you will find -Discipleship2, 197:through many phases, until it attains that high mode of scientific invocation which governs theDiscipleship2, 203:When the work of the Invocation reaches a high stage of development and the climaxing year of 1952Discipleship2, 214:work, because their meditation lies on too high a level for your consideration. But the meditationDiscipleship2, 266:eye the eye of manas - these are the eyes of the high grade integrated personality, en rapport withDiscipleship2, 274:to the initiate who can penetrate into certain high places where the nature of the divine WillDiscipleship2, 287:relation to the Law of Karma, but on [287] such high levels that only the advanced initiate canDiscipleship2, 291:Through what medium does he, on his own high levels, do this? Through what mechanism does he thusDiscipleship2, 315:the densest of the dense, and the highest of the high have all been lifted through the little willsDiscipleship2, 338:of that which lies at the heart of all high spiritual adventure. The mystical writings refer toDiscipleship2, 342:humanity is concerned? This would involve a high-powered livingness. Is the Will aspect in my lifeDiscipleship2, 349:and the self-will of the personality (of a very high order, necessarily), the will of the soul (asDiscipleship2, 349:of Analogy, but they are themselves of a very high type of illusion; they have the quality ofDiscipleship2, 374:initiation. They work consequently from that high place within the Hierarchy and do not need toDiscipleship2, 385:of the planetary Logos, as it emanates from his high place under the impact of his will-to-good, isDiscipleship2, 387:at the place of initiation, the nature of their high calling; they will prove to all who can graspDiscipleship2, 399:and the soul body. All this takes place at a high point during the third initiation; for the firstDiscipleship2, 402:term) "within the confines of Shamballa," where high spiritual Beings must lay their plans. This isDiscipleship2, 412:and has reached its present relatively high stage of mental understanding and perception, the olderDiscipleship2, 414:identical with the point in evolution. A high point in evolution can be reached unconsciously andDiscipleship2, 426:invocation now mounting from humanity to that high Place where dwells the Christ is, at this time,Discipleship2, 426:possible for the seventh ray energies to reach a high point of fused activity and of blendedDiscipleship2, 450:and will abide, because they marked a certain high water mark of your soul's development. YourDiscipleship2, 450:concerned with this point of attainment. Is the high water mark reached a temporary one,Discipleship2, 460:sensitivity and impressionability (of a very high order, I must admit, but nevertheless of aDiscipleship2, 468:the great mysteries to be revealed at a certain high initiation. In the next great race, whichDiscipleship2, 491:be. Then sound the OM twice. Having reached as high a point of contact as you can, at any givenDiscipleship2, 501:you will work, but whether you have arrived at a high water mark in your developed life of serviceDiscipleship2, 526:in which you live. Your spiritual morale is not high because your solar plexus is wide open -Discipleship2, 526:realize, therefore, that my rating of you is high. It is a spiritual rating and has nothing to doDiscipleship2, 530:development. Have you, my brother, reached your high water mark for this life? Can you go furtherDiscipleship2, 535:Have you not read that the bombing of London by high explosives produced great upheavals and thatDiscipleship2, 539:this particular incarnation to a finish on a high note of intelligent and useful living. When theDiscipleship2, 553:I foresaw them. You have lived for years at the high point of tension. Fire has been the quality ofDiscipleship2, 558:OM after each stanza. [558] Sound the OM at as high a point in consciousness as possible. Then, myDiscipleship2, 609:in the Hierarchy and Shamballa. Initiates of high degree and Masters on all the rays have their ownDiscipleship2, 638:A recognition that one has reached one's high water mark for this life and nothing more can beDiscipleship2, 641:importance. Then, holding the consciousness as high in the head as possible, see how long you canDiscipleship2, 643:glamors and are still taken in by your own high grade reactions to circumstance and people is ofDiscipleship2, 650:a planet of pain. Until a man is an initiate of high degree he cannot even begin to sense theDiscipleship2, 653:spiritual attitudes. The Cross, erected high, reaches from the pinnacle [654] upon which I standDiscipleship2, 656:your case - the personality is of a relatively high order and well integrated, the problem is thenDiscipleship2, 666:approach. To you, the dream is the reaction of a high grade imparted knowledge and world need forDiscipleship2, 668:two other Masters, a number of disciples of high standing, and some neophytes or disciples ofDiscipleship2, 668:By the training given, these disciples of high or low degree (yet all accepted in the technicalDiscipleship2, 700:Desire has ever driven you; at the same time, high aspiration has goaded [701] you, and between theDiscipleship2, 701:and the soul. It indicates past achievement of a high order, for the transfer from a minor ray isDiscipleship2, 709:relation with all who come your way - high and low, rich and poor, the socially important and theDiscipleship2, 744:a corresponding concentration in the head at as high a point as possible. Then sound the OM fourDiscipleship2, 751:and be ready to change the stable rhythms of a high grade and adequate personality for the eagerDiscipleship2, 752:stable factors in your life. Your mind is of a high quality and is easily responsive to theDiscipleship2, 767:God: Shew forth the signature of God. Leave this High Place and, in the outer realm of darkness,Discipleship2, 767:through sorrow, pain and dire distress to that High Place from which you came - the Place where GodEducation, 39:[39] The general level of world information is high but usually biased, influenced either byEducation, 47:the American Bill of Rights and on the high seas in our own time they gave us the Atlantic CharterEducation, 48:schools of today (grammar or primary schools, high schools or secondary schools, universities orEducation, 48:truths, coordination and control. The high schools or the secondary schools should regardEducation, 50:call their I.Q. is frequently phenomenally high. This will be increasingly the case, until youngEducation, 57:world together as a functioning unit. A very high level of educational attainment is also emergingEducation, 62:of awareness and the "secret Place of the Most High" (the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara) remainEducation, 74:achieve this and at the same time bring about a high level of individual attainment? Is notEducation, 83:the later grades, in what is equivalent to the high schools or the secondary schools, theEducation, 116:that word, but they will be men of goodwill, of high mental caliber, with minds well stocked andEducation, 118:and because they can [118] function as high grade and idealistic persons. From the altitude atEducation, 118:the altitude at which they stand (relatively high from the human standpoint, and interesting fromEducation, 118:having a united powerful effect, some of it of a high and good order, some of it not so good. TheyEducation, 141:the manifestation of a powerful, self-directed, high grade human being. The fusion of theExternalisation, 12:deceived. Its vibration is of a relatively high order. Its mental effect is like a beautiful parodyExternalisation, 13:which they are undertaking to work; from their high and pure position let them see clearly, hearExternalisation, 73:are apt to forget. Can you possibly work at high tension in this endeavor - a tension produced byExternalisation, 111:reached a point of such potency and of such a high vibratory activity that it is shaken to its veryExternalisation, 118:but who chose to stay in their original and high state of being. To this truth, Christ Himself boreExternalisation, 119:dimly sensed as better and with moments of high grade desire which was not aspiration and the urgeExternalisation, 122:and air machines were developed and of a very high order; these were not the result however ofExternalisation, 125:the personalities of human beings have reached a high stage of integration and achievement - theExternalisation, 132:for the Americas, calling for statesmanship of a high order and a spirit of understanding. It willExternalisation, 147:that I have indicated above is, I well know, too high and too impossible for the average aspirant,Externalisation, 157:which you do is then to focus yourself in as high a consciousness as you are capable of achieving.Externalisation, 157:is the withdrawing of the consciousness to as high a point as possible. Conscious activityExternalisation, 160:behind the Great Invocation can be carried high enough in the consciousness of those using itExternalisation, 162:Shamballa and the Spirit of Peace in His Own high place, in His first recorded utterance said thatExternalisation, 166:known to Deity alone, and thus eventually reach high places of spiritual expression. Achievement isExternalisation, 198:of the world's resources must embrace the high and the low, the rich and the poor, thus serving allExternalisation, 201:of the Christian message. Christ, in His high place, cares not whether men accept the theologicalExternalisation, 211:opportunity and to the spiritual urgency of this high moment in human affairs. The three Full MoonExternalisation, 261:humanity understands it) and dwell ever in that high place which can only be reached byExternalisation, 262:to respond to Lives and Influences of so high and divine a nature. There is nevertheless aExternalisation, 264:is adequately voiced and the need has cried to high heaven. Never yet has the response failed.Externalisation, 269:but fused with divinity and inspired from on high, informed by some cosmic and divine Principle, asExternalisation, 270:if he can raise his consciousness adequately high. This Rider comes forth (from the center wherein
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