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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGH

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Externalisation, 296:and a challenge to the Avatar Who waits in His High Place until the demand is adequate, and the cryExternalisation, 307:all, the lesser Avatars, are inspired from "on high" by the cosmic Avatar and become at timesExternalisation, 318:study carefully the Eight Points outlined on the high seas, and the Four Freedoms so oft discussedExternalisation, 319:a peace should enable all men to traverse the high seas and oceans without hindrance; Eighth, theyExternalisation, 349:wresting thus from the secret place of the Most High the aid, help, and directed recognition whichExternalisation, 363:One. In past ages the Messenger from on High was only recognized by and known to a mere handful ofExternalisation, 391:and physically they are all working at high pressure. The impact of circumstance and events hasExternalisation, 408:new ideological concepts are not as yet of so high an order, because man is not yet ready for theExternalisation, 426:the evil leaders must be wrenched from their high place, and the complete defeat and annihilationExternalisation, 427:and shackle the hands of those administering in high places. Their efforts prolong the war,Externalisation, 430:of Masters, and "spiritual wickedness in high places." A mere handful of knowers and disciplesExternalisation, 433:The leader of the conflict against evil in high places is the Christ, the Head of the Hierarchy.Externalisation, 436:ray power - something which even He, in His high place, is only now learning to handle, as aExternalisation, 444:Let the Full Moons of May and June constitute high points of spiritual attainment which can andExternalisation, 449:together of those who see behind the apparently high-handed initial activity an effort toExternalisation, 463:have recognized Him as a Light-bearer from on high. His Four Noble Truths exposed the causes ofExternalisation, 471:will come under the tide of inspiration from on high, and though they may speak with many tongues,Externalisation, 480:and this can now come about because of the high level of the human mass intelligence and the factExternalisation, 492:emanating from Forces and Lives found in high Places. Such inner pressures themselves functionExternalisation, 492:set in motion by these Lives, working on Their high plane, and it gradually causes a reaction inExternalisation, 565:response. This invocative [565] work reached a high point of potency as a result of the world warExternalisation, 572:assume leadership in most countries and take high office in all departments of human life. ThisExternalisation, 572:of the general public. Men will be put into high office and into positions of power not becauseExternalisation, 582:ashrams do not arrive on earth conscious of a high mission or knowing well the nature of the taskExternalisation, 583:a very advanced one, he may become aware of his high mission and know it to be no fanatical andExternalisation, 585:sense of the word. They will work on earth as high grade personalities, under the impact of strongExternalisation, 593:throughout the world. Around Him - in that High Place on Earth where He has His abiding place - areExternalisation, 596:cry, prayer or demand, directed toward high spiritual sources, no matter by what names such sourcesExternalisation, 598:those channels which reach from Earth to that High Place where dwells the Christ. From there, itExternalisation, 637:difficulty. Feeling against Russia is running high among the Western Powers and is largely her ownExternalisation, 650:is hastening their response to help from on high, and in due time their numbers will be so greatExternalisation, 661:a matter of the Christ issuing forth from the High Place where He is today to be found, andExternalisation, 662:so that it can assimilate this extraordinary high potency and, at the same time, keep it [663] in aExternalisation, 680:of the ashram - the Masters and initiates of high degree, and through Them - with the Christ. IExternalisation, 690:The theory that if one lives and works on a high level of consciousness one is immune to that whichExternalisation, 694:intuition is useless and inaccessible without a high grade intelligence - all these people must beExternalisation, 699:of true love, of intelligent applied wisdom, of high good nature and humor, and of normalcy. TheyFire, 24:and move as one. The cosmic Lords from Their high place, view the past, control the Now, and ponderFire, 40:and choice of the solar Logos, Who seeks on His high level (just as do His reflections, the sons ofFire, 67:low order when upon the path of desire, and of a high order when upon the path of aspiration, forFire, 69:1, 169. 24 Chohan (Tibetan). A Lord or Master. A high Adept. An initiate who has taken moreFire, 77:to the Yogacharya School, yet it is only one of high intellectual development with no trueFire, 87:the word will die away, and the "Silence of the High Places" will reign supreme. 37 Principles, theFire, 90:the agency of certain deva entities of a very high order, and of a golden hue. It is passed throughFire, 95:to certain lesser groups of devas of a not very high order, who have a curious and intricateFire, 131:process is followed by the solar Logos; from His high place of abstraction, He ceases to beFire, 136:cause of the rude health that the clean-living, high-thinking man should normally enjoy. When theFire, 162:of warning. Let a man apply himself to a life of high altruism, to a discipline that will refineFire, 171:activity. The man has reached a stage of very high development [172] mentally, corresponding to theFire, 210:act as transmitters of electric force from very high levels, - so high indeed that the "FlamingFire, 210:of electric force from very high levels, - so high indeed that the "Flaming Diamond" at certain ofFire, 295:it will be recognized that on cosmic levels of a high order the solar Logos is an Intelligence asFire, 372:being, the microcosm: Man attains a period of high development wherein his heart and throat centerFire, 403:in both these schemes, having reached a high stage of development, is being transmuted intoFire, 405:Men, then the whole system is reaching a very high stage of evolution, and with the two schemesFire, 408:to obscurity and lack of definiteness. Only the high lights stand out, and only broad generalFire, 418:universally developed and has reached a fairly high stage of evolution. Second. DiscriminationFire, 468:called Adi) cooperate consciously, and are of high rank in the system, and of position equal to allFire, 468:who are conscious forces and entities and of high position: The Raja-lord of a plane. Seven devasFire, 483:itself with the two fires which reached a high stage of perfection in a past solar system: The fireFire, 502:which emanate extra-systemically, and which from high cosmic levels play upon groups, fosteringFire, 509:of moment; this concerns His endeavor on high levels, and on cosmic planes beyond the ken of theFire, 515:is the process also on cosmic levels for such high existences as the seven Rishis of the GreatFire, 525:is only becoming apparent to the initiate of high degree, [526] and cannot be expressed in words,Fire, 547:such as the karma of the Monad itself on its high plane and the strength of the monadic grip uponFire, 567:Do I vitalize my thought-forms with a high or a low order of entity? Do I study the laws ofFire, 623:actuated according to divine purpose, and from high levels. They emanate from the concrete levelsFire, 661:another. Even when man has reached a relatively high stage of evolution, the demonstration of thatFire, 663:prompt him. If this evolutionary deva is of a high order (as will be the case in a highly developedFire, 663:in a highly developed man) the vibration will be high, and the desires and instincts will be goodFire, 672:of the divine Hermaphrodite is seen upon His Own high plane. We must ever keep clearly in mind thatFire, 675:remains unknown, and is only contacted as yet by high initiates. It will again be apparent why theFire, 683:19 Solar angels are therefore entities of a high spiritual order - with a refined consciousnessFire, 688:All states of consciousness below that high level will be to the Logos what the consciousness ofFire, 690:fully when he attains the "consciousness of the high places." It should, therefore, be pointed outFire, 709:reduce this triangle to a unity, and by means of high aspiration (which is simply transmuted desireFire, 716:animals" as we call them, and their relatively high stage of intelligence as compared to the wildFire, 737:of the group condition called nirvanic. In this high state of consciousness each separate identity,Fire, 750:(Sec. CXCIX. Vana Parva) which says: "Those high souled persons that do not commit sins in word,Fire, 750:to be seen along one line. He is a fanatic of high degree, but accomplishes big things for hisFire, 754:and the transformation of low desire into high desire, will be some of the effects, while theFire, 771:and until their work has reached a very high stage, the Spirit aspect must become, in the causalFire, 778:imparted anent the many egos who reach a certain high stage of evolution in our scheme and who areFire, 781:S. D., II, 243 note. These solar Angels are high intelligences. - S. D., II, 259. They areFire, 798:point of view can only be usefully grasped by a high initiate. This great law really concerns, orFire, 812:of the earth, and their capacity to work at high pressure, and to remain practically immune fromFire, 825:and the line of love in some direction (low, high, or spiritual) is the line of least resistanceFire, 829:and on this chain, our planetary Logos on His high level is what is esoterically called "sittingFire, 830:eternal reservoir. They form substance of a very high [831] order, and will produce the forms ofFire, 838:the Lords. The sacrificial fire waited in its high place and the steady glow beneath increased. TheFire, 838:Their cycles. But the Lhas in Their high heaven spurned this elemental work and gazed withinFire, 839:is the interlude for which the Lhas in Their high place have waited. They may not enter yet theFire, 839:final consummation. The Eternal Lhas in Their high place call each to each, and four take up theFire, 846:the dense globe of the moon chain. On His high level, pity awoke in the heart of the planetaryFire, 850:and unity of action, goal and skill marks every high endeavor." If these words are pondered on, itFire, 851:upon a mystery and deals with the coming-in of high Egos, of Avatars, of Buddhas, [852] of masters,Fire, 852:transplanted." These latter are probably of a high degree of unfoldment. This is possible inFire, 912:These exist in two divisions also. They are of high development, and will be contacted principallyFire, 955:d. In all thought building, therefore, of a high order, men have several things to do, which mightFire, 964:be the impulse of some lunar Lord, even if of a high order, than the divine will of the solar
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