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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGH

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Fire, 973:of human beings are energized from no such high source, but find their active impulse emanatingFire, 984:very word Magic bears within itself proof of its high origin. The Latin Magus, the Greek Magos, aFire, 993:fortified by pure motive, clean bodies, and high aspiration, they are foredoomed to disappointmentFire, 993:and their atomic vibration is not sufficiently high, he is in danger of over-stimulation whenFire, 1036:of cyclic force emanating from the Lodge, the high water mark of its activity is to be found onceFire, 1085:an Existence is experiencing. The Chohans of high [1086] degree know the forty-nine sounds whichFire, 1088:for them to be impressed and influenced from on high. We [1089] have in this concept an ideaFire, 1104:of the sheath and the substitution of atoms of high quality. It involves also more rapid transitionFire, 1124:the Brothers of the Shadow can, and do, reach high levels along one aspect of consciousness, andFire, 1150:world during some recurring cycle, a disciple of high position in a Master's group will appear inFire, 1169:stages of the path of evolution: The stage of high intellectuality, or of artistic attainment, TheFire, 1184:point of attainment of our solar Logos is very high, for the beauty of the logoic Soul is expressedFire, 1210:speculation. They - from their great numbers and high stage of intellectuality - will rescue theFire, 1232:to study and consider that which the initiate of high degree can only dimly sense; useless it isFire, 1254:Spirits in evolution, marks a man out for this high post. We might say that the planetary Logoi areFire, 1265:sense also, but the analogy exists on such high levels that words only dim and blur the truth.Fire, 1265:of the sons of men, a nucleus who reached a very high initiation in a previous solar system, formedFire, 1270:the western heavens. Its smoke riseth unto that high place where dwell the Sacred Lhas to Whom theFire, 1277:further side of the scales. * * * These Words of high direction issue from that which lieth uponFire, 1281:the Father and the Son; That which we deem too high for words to grasp; That which the Mother deemsGlamour, 5:these two words with intent!) which it is the high prerogative of a divine Son of God to operate.Glamour, 17:the attitude of the Observer on the high plane of the soul. No constructive work and no service ofGlamour, 61:upon this thought. Most ideas, when of a very high order, are stepped down into the consciousnessGlamour, 64:the testing applied to many initiates of fairly high degree. The ordinary disciple, such as you andGlamour, 67:longer grips the lower man, and a man's low or high desires, interpreted emotionally orGlamour, 67:and the soul. Fleeting moments of this high freedom come to all true aspirants at times, duringGlamour, 73:Atlantean in nature, being brought to a very high point of development in that race. It canGlamour, 75:will be judged as caustically and pay as high a price as does the pure materialist - the man whoseGlamour, 80:of the soul and spoil it not with the glamor of high aspiration selfishly interpreted,Glamour, 129:sense these new ideas, though in moments of high meditation and spiritual achievement, you mayGlamour, 137:line of the prophets. These touch the Plan at high intuitive moments and know what the immediateGlamour, 141:deceptive and false - and in the other, high spiritual longing for that which is real and true. ItGlamour, 158:Aryan race has reached maturity and a relatively high water mark of development. Discipleship isGlamour, 160:a large scale by the race of men and thrown into high relief by the light which shines from theGlamour, 175:perfecting process has reached a relatively high degree of development) the apprehension of theGlamour, 181:the medium of form is seeking to embody the high purpose at any particular point in theGlamour, 181:message which he may bring back from his high adventure. He then carries some world problem, someGlamour, 187:simple form. They have no ability for [187] high sounding theological discussions, but they doGlamour, 188:time. He comes forth as a Messenger of the Most High, leads a dramatic and arresting life ofGlamour, 189:One. In past ages the Messenger from on High was only recognized by and known to a mere handful ofGlamour, 200:the enticements which lead the man along towards high personal achievement in the first instanceGlamour, 222:is glamor of spiritual connotation and of a very high order. In their case, the glamor is enhancedGlamour, 228:passes into the Council Chamber of the Most High. But with the exception of this, the small pettyHealing, 10:ills of the flesh, are they not frequently high sounding phrases, embodying an ideal, and basedHealing, 27:Healer This method involves much knowledge and a high point of spiritual attainment on the part ofHealing, 33:They are collections of atoms, vibrating at high speed and colored (according to some schools ofHealing, 53:Men are swayed by the impulse of desire of a high or low caliber. This is, of course, a broadHealing, 99:even keen desire) in abeyance. Only initiates of high degree are permitted to cure by the power ofHealing, 110:of intuitive perception, are essential to the high art of spiritual healing. To this must be addedHealing, 117:the aspect which is right, and along the line of high spiritual unfoldment, and the aspect which isHealing, 157:adequately developed and have reached a fairly high stage of unfoldment. Feeling in the heart isHealing, 169:active. In Atlantean days, it was brought to a high stage of development, just as in Aryan days,Healing, 173:be recipients of spiritual energies from on high; they will possess no direct, inherent light ofHealing, 231:the race and Who were combating rampant evil in high places. That same evil is again upon theHealing, 264:people and have an innate consciousness of that high destiny, forgetting their symbolic role andHealing, 265:the Jewish race would recall, therefore, their high symbolic destiny, and if the rest of humanityHealing, 283:greatly benefited. Its presentation was both too high and too low, and a great opportunity wasHealing, 333:through the ajna center and the throat center. High-grade human beings, the intelligentsia andHealing, 340:know that at the time of the full moon certain high contacts are easier than at other [341] times,Healing, 341:as you have your daily meditation so He in His high place, has His cyclic point of contact. ThisHealing, 346:of the happening, for the vibration is not high enough to penetrate into that high plane whereHealing, 346:is not high enough to penetrate into that high plane where dwells the soul. Where, however, [347]Healing, 364:not through intellectual concepts (no matter how high), must the dying man be aided to discard theHealing, 378:scale of light vibration, carrying on from the high frequency rays and [379] waves as you now haveHealing, 388:to you that the word "restitution" concerns the high art of restoring to the patient that which heHealing, 392:He was going to His Father. Being an initiate of high degree, He meant that He was, occultlyHealing, 420:process is followed by the solar Logos; from His high place of abstraction, He ceases to beHealing, 443:the taking possession of the body by entities of high caliber, but of the unpleasant phenomena ofHealing, 464:to be found in the equipment of an initiate of high standing. Desire has been completelyHealing, 469:of intensified light took shape. This is a high point in the experience of taking incarnation, andHealing, 478:by ray type, part of the kingdom of souls, and a high initiate in his own right. Healing, 494:Gradually the lure and glamor (of a low or high order) wears off, and the man enters into the stageHealing, 508:of these selfish intentions, and with a high-powered brain receptive to the plans and methods ofHealing, 524:only occurred when the healer was an initiate of high degree, patterning himself upon the life andHealing, 531:so-called, is lost amidst a mist of words and high-sounding affirmations. The sincerity of theHealing, 539:these or planetary conditions, an initiate of high degree needs no healer; there is nothing in himHealing, 552:for instance, in which an advanced disciple or a high initiate (for definite purpose of vacatingHealing, 556:of his healing work; however, it presupposes a high degree of development on the healer's part. TheHealing, 597:advanced persons and those who have attained a high point of general integration) has a potentHealing, 612:importance. The dense physical body reached its high point of development and of interest (from theHealing, 640:and potent factor, producing what is called a high grade personality and an effective instrumentHealing, 642:This, of course, refers only to initiates of high degree. I felt these points to be interesting andHealing, 646:contact or to invoke his aid. Only initiates of high degree can deal safely with this powerfulHealing, 656:the contact between the two auras and by their high vibration; by its means the soul of the patientHealing, 659:of love and will, and is consequently of high importance to the initiate. I would remind you hereHealing, 672:one temptation takes place on the summit of a high mountain; from that elevation both time andHealing, 672:possible after the fifth initiation, reaching a high point of expression at the sixth initiation. Healing, 676:the case of the initiated disciple, is of a very high order. It also relates to the will of theHealing, 677:is significant. The self-will (no matter of how high a quality) of the healer, and his determinedHealing, 679:the planet as a whole, and Sanat Kumara in His high place at Shamballa. Sanat Kumara is in HimselfHealing, 681:man) will continue to function. If it is of a high grade quality, very few people will realize thatHealing, 684:no aspect whatsoever of the form nature, even so high or transcendental a form as the soul in itsHealing, 685:sphere of obligation to which the initiate of high standing must pay attention? The whole of lifeHealing, 688:they hear or receive as coming to them from some high and elevated source, whereas they are in allHealing, 690:to the status of the initiate and whether he is high in the ashramic circles, or still higher, inHealing, 691:between the personality and the initiate of high degree. But now there is nothing more to relate,Healing, 691:but an empty shell, but its substance is of so high an order that it becomes an integral part ofHealing, 691:of the permanent atoms. It marks a moment of high initiation for this Lunar Lord when he shattersHerculesand seeks the clear light which shines from the High Place." "Let him proceed upon his way, butHercules, 2:soul. "Whose is this soul upon the Way of high endeavor whose radiance dimly shineth forth?" Came
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