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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGH

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Magic, 171:tell Their disciples that they are destined for high office, or that they are Their intermediariesMagic, 172:the disciple perhaps from harm. The aim of every high disciple is to carry out his work and be enMagic, 174:should be realized that though good character, high ethics, sound morality and spiritual aspirationMagic, 180:on the higher levels; it presupposes a very high point in evolution, for it involves the egoicMagic, 180:what they see. This method is not of such a high order. You will note that in the first case youMagic, 182:by those with acute trained minds, a high rate of vibration, and bodies built of the finest matter.Magic, 251:and functioning in "the secret place of the Most High", visualizes the work to be done. This is notMagic, 259:is inherent, are unsuitable workers in the high places of world endeavor. This remark need deter noMagic, 288:the Forces come together. Let them mount to the High Place, and from that lofty eminence, let theMagic, 298:fear. It lies in what is called cosmic Evil - a high sounding phrase, conveying little. It isMagic, 301:the taking possession of the body by entities of high caliber, but of [302] the unpleasantMagic, 314:moment and interest. These emanations are too high to be sensed by humanity at large, but theMagic, 315:stir up our emotional nature in a good and high sense, and so aid its work of reorientation, orMagic, 323:in learning to respond to the vibration of the high Places this rhythmic periodicity must be borneMagic, 328:will suffice for the next age and carry man to a high pinnacle of the Temple and to the Mount ofMagic, 346:of action, you then - Raise your vibration as high as may be and call down, from intuitionalMagic, 347:They are likewise distressed by troubles and high vibrations which seem to emanate from highMagic, 347:and high vibrations which seem to emanate from high spiritual sources. Strong vibrations will comeMagic, 347:potent. All good aspirations and synchronous high vibrations are stimulated and, secondly, all thatMagic, 348:that stand for [348] spiritual endeavor and high aspiration. The effect of the heightening of theMagic, 367:of the intuition. The intuition wrests from the high places a touch of the ideal plan as it liesMagic, 367:medium of the causal body and few can hold that high consciousness for a long time. But theMagic, 386:betwixt the two, desiring neither. "God from high Heaven speaks. There is a change. I hear with earMagic, 386:back again upon the tree. Yet God, in His high place, outlasts the little bird. Thus do I know thatMagic, 395:word spiritual just in so far as it is based on high idealism, the greatest good of the largestMagic, 416:and always those who live in and work from the "high and secret place". Their influence is wieldedMagic, 471:goal is well known and in others it is of too high and too inscrutable a nature for us to deal withMagic, 483:this category. When a man has reached a stage of high initiation, the case is different. The seedMagic, 483:as the representative of an idea. But with these high souls I deal not, but with students of theMagic, 485:difficult to guard, for their vibrations are so high and light that few people have the power toMagic, 486:not come your way till your vibrations are keyed high enough for them, and as a rule, when that isMagic, 497:the case of senile decay, when there has been a high grade apparatus utilized in life, there may beMagic, 515:the opposite scale, and have climbed relatively high on the ladder of progress. These are soMagic, 515:which all disciples are learning and this is the high achievement of the initiates and trainedMagic, 520:who cannot as yet themselves enter into the high and secret place. They have, as I oft times haveMagic, 546:away, four sound today. One sounds in realms so high that man can enter not as man. Thus are theMagic, 554:attract by his pranic energy, colored by desire high or low, and animated by the potency of hisMagic, 559:of purpose may occasionally be realized in high moments, but it does not abide with us always.Magic, 559:which enables the thinker to dwell ever in the high and secret place and from that center of peaceMagic, 572:into the head consciousness and from that high place to direct the life of the personal self. TheMagic, 584:the Voice of the Silence) is kept tuned to that high vibration and is thus deaf to all lesserMagic, 586:from circumstances which call for action of a high sort and which are staged to draw out the bestMagic, 591:to focus his attention in the head and from that high point direct the entire process of fusion. ItMagic, 592:their own. As the life achieves an increasingly high vibration through purification and discipline,Magic, 603:orient himself to the world of souls and in that high place of inspiration and of light, discoverMagic, 617:from thence upon the ball of earth. From that high point of peace serene let him sound forth theMagic, 636:to dwell ever in the secret place of the Most High. We have merged our first point as to theMeditation, 2:The four lesser brain centers are functioning at high vibration in the man of a highly coordinatedMeditation, 68:is necessarily a select group and only those of high spiritual attainment and those nearingMeditation, 73:of the sun, if his emotional body is moved by high desire, and open to the downflow of force fromMeditation, 86:dangerous to its progress; the centers are keyed high enough to receive the acquisition of freshMeditation, 96:Let him then raise his vibration as high as may be, and aim next at lifting it clear of the mentalMeditation, 96:As long as he can keep his consciousness high and as long as he holds a vibration that is that ofMeditation, 99:the Ego can partially transmit power from on high, but as the alignment is imperfect the force fromMeditation, 100:the cooperation of the Lord Agni, and the high devas of the mental plane working with the Ruler ofMeditation, 101:If pondered on, it carries the student to a high plane and stimulates vibration. "The secret of theMeditation, 105:and not so much from impulse (no matter how high the aspiration) greater results would be seen andMeditation, 116:through the use of his intelligence, using the high faculties of mind and the product of his geniusMeditation, 132:false whispers of the masquerading one, and even high initiates have been temporarily misled. ManyMeditation, 135:somber-hued. They cannot control the devas of high development, nor the fairies of colors blue,Meditation, 140:an indication, drops a hint, and touches some high light. The pupil follows the point emphasized,Meditation, 145:day, to keep the consciousness as near to the high pitch attained in the morning meditation asMeditation, 157:of uncontrolled emotion. When the idealism is high, when the percentage of matter of the two higherMeditation, 179:as individuals until you contact devas of a very high order. Mantrams that directly call theMeditation, 179:few and are only used by those who have taken high initiation. Meditation, 192:tap forces connected with dark intelligence’s in high places. Thus they set in motion happenings onMeditation, 198:concourse of people is thus animated by a single high desire, when their auras blend and form oneMeditation, 201:will be the transmitters of information from on high. But here is a momentous point of interest:Meditation, 223:away of all difficulties. In the formulating of high mental concepts, and the expressing of them onMeditation, 227:The red, the green and the indigo of these high levels are to all intents and purposes new colorsMeditation, 242:heredity or of congenital trouble, the ordinary high class physical plane scientific methods willMeditation, 264:today suffices. The point reached by a Master is high, but only relatively so, and you must notMeditation, 265:practical side, that of the man who aims at this high calling. Meditation, 267:for a very brief interval. He will at some high moment link up with the Master and with the group,Meditation, 267:and his whole being will be flooded with that high vibration, and surge upward in an outburst ofMeditation, 270:three results are brought about, and when the high vibration touched is more frequent and stable,Meditation, 270:His aura. This involves the steady holding of a high vibration. I would have you ponder on what theMeditation, 274:of vibration till he can continuously carry a high one, and then assist him until that highMeditation, 274:carry a high one, and then assist him until that high vibration becomes the stable measure of theMeditation, 282:concentration that holds the mystery of the High Places, he will on certain occasions and withMeditation, 287:round, that wherein the emotional reaches a high point of vibration, and there is direct connectionMeditation, 288:bodies. Through diligence, application, high endeavor, and the long and patient following of theMeditation, 293:to rule, and entered within the silence of the high places, the law ever works, and he has made hisMeditation, 297:way approachable. Always it is necessary to have high ideals, and ever the human mind leaps forwardMeditation, 305:in the future will depend upon the intuition or high [306] perception of the thinkers of the raceMeditation, 311:and experiment, and the price paid will be high, but only that which is thus wrought out providesMeditation, 334:for those with coarse bodies to contact high vibration. It is impossible for the Ego to transmitMeditation, 336:to the above essentials and to seek contact with high vibration. One more point I would like toMeditation, 338:emphasizing of all those that are of a high order, and by the inhibition of the lower. By aPatanjali, 8:Christ Principle as indicated above, which is a high spiritual aspect to which each member ofPatanjali, 20:being therefore neither good nor evil, low nor high, can be vitalized by low tendencies orPatanjali, 21:the most profound significance; it is studied by high initiates who are learning the nature of thePatanjali, 23:his lower threefold sheath in order to work on high levels, preparatory to some active service uponPatanjali, 24:of the average man is based upon his desires (high or low desires, aspirational or degrading, inPatanjali, 41:plane. This meditation therefore is of a very high order as it follows upon the contemplative stagePatanjali, 41:The perception referred to here is of such a high [42] order as to be almost inconceivable to anyPatanjali, 86:The true use of the imagination necessitates a high degree of control and of mental power and [87]Patanjali, 109:lesser views and visions are crowded out. This high consciousness displaces all lesserPatanjali, 126:vision comes in those moments of exaltation and high aspiration to which most of the sons of menPatanjali, 203:its dual nature will eventually be brought to a high degree of refinement. In this cycle, however,
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