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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGH

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Patanjali, 249:this makes any description or explanation of the high state of samadhi or contemplation exceedinglyPatanjali, 252:as yet it is not his. This is, however, a very high stage and produces in the physical manPatanjali, 261:into activity, the vision is lost sight of, the high moment has passed, and the door into thePatanjali, 315:known in theosophical circles as Mahatmas or high adepts - able to walk through space unseen, arePatanjali, 319:sheaths and passes from the monad on its own high plane, via the soul body on the higher levels ofPatanjali, 362:of the Law of Cycles would bring man to a high degree of initiation. This Law of PeriodicityPatanjali, 382:thinking state from a low objective to a high one produces a flow of energy of a vibratory qualityPatanjali, 406:or with the soul? Which path am I following, the high way of the soul, or the low way of matter? AmPatanjali, 419:The dawn appears on earth. The dayspring from on high, sheds its bright beams in hell itself, andPatanjali, 422:stepping upon the probationary path until that high moment when the [423] last great initiation hasPatanjali, 424:with himself. It is so easy to be the victim of high desire and so busy with the reactions andPatanjali, 424:to all forms of sensuous perception, the high as well as the low, has to be developed. Many people,Problems, 27:there are many nations in the world with as high an idealism, as sound a body of motives, and withProblems, 33:come when the practical mystic and the man of high mental development as well as of spiritualProblems, 37:level of civilized information is relatively high, but it is biased and influenced by religious andProblems, 38:Our standard of civilized living is far too high from the standpoint of possessions and far too lowProblems, 38:the acquiring of property, the achievement of a high standard of material living and towards theProblems, 45:the American Bill of Rights, and on the high seas and in our own time and day they gave us theProblems, 47:achieve this and at the same time bring about a high level of individual attainment? Is notProblems, 47:and who are now to be found everywhere are of high grade intelligence; without knowing it, they areProblems, 55:the later grades, in what is equivalent to the high schools or the secondary schools, theProblems, 55:the modern schools (grammar or primary schools, high or secondary schools, colleges orProblems, 83:and poverty men are falling short of their high destiny. The Kingdom of God can appear on earth,Problems, 83:kingdom recognize neither rich nor poor, neither high nor low, neither labor nor capital but onlyProblems, 131:2. The Greek Orthodox Church reached such a high stage of corruption, graft, greed and sexual evilProblems, 159:and their invocation is rising to the Most High. Then, lastly, there are the trained disciples andProblems, 173:offset it. Today men and women everywhere - in high place and in low, in every nation, communityPsychology1, 6:which form one stream, emanating from the Most High. These streams of energy differentiate into aPsychology1, 15:One Life is the awareness (of the initiate of high degree) of the embodied Logos, of Deity, and hisPsychology1, 16:sensuous perception of a highly developed and high grade emotional nature. All our considerationsPsychology1, 29:and intent of Christianity has been definite and high, and it has done its divine work. Today it isPsychology1, 52:will rejoice together." This will be the high moment [53] of the Masonic work, spirituallyPsychology1, 64:blasts The Lightning which annihilates The Most High The qualities and characteristics of this LordPsychology1, 70:and sees the two as one. But from that point of high attainment, a higher vision blazes forthPsychology1, 79:with paean and with song. The cross is reared on high; the form is laid thereon, and [80] on thatPsychology1, 86:whispered into His ears when He "left the most high place and descended into the seventh sphere toPsychology1, 105:evidence so produced will be seen to be of so high an order and will be so scientifically presentedPsychology1, 106:and with the dominant and prominent figures in high places in the nations, that the instruction ofPsychology1, 118:increased flood of inspirational writings of a high order, and for an outpouring of wisdom from thePsychology1, 118:from the highest level of the astral plane, of a high order along devotional lines, but none ofPsychology1, 122:is attuned to them: Human beings, devas of order high or low, elementals of a desirable orPsychology1, 150:the mount of Transfiguration can - from that high point - glimpse the radiance of the subjectivePsychology1, 159:the dynamic idea of God, and thus the Most High starts the work of creation. Ray II is occupiedPsychology1, 161:as it is called, or a constructive high grade personality, expressing genius and the creativePsychology1, 181:that word, but they will be men of good will, of high mental caliber, with minds well stocked andPsychology1, 192:grasp of the "inspired" man - inspired from on high by his solar angel. The third proposition,Psychology1, 210:to rule and precedent. It is the ray of the high priest and the court chamberlain, of the soldierPsychology1, 218:will remain an enigma, except to the initiate of high degree. All I can do is to make suchPsychology1, 224:in the solar consciousness of the initiates of high degree. [225] Just as science has discoveredPsychology1, 287:have a world of men which is rapidly reaching a high stage of development. We have therefore aPsychology1, 318:is the fourth round, but there is necessarily a "high-water mark," if I might so call it, for eachPsychology1, 327:higher atoms, which draw to themselves atoms of high vibration to take the place of those of lowPsychology1, 327:universal wrong mental attitude. Right atoms of high vibration are attracted into a man's body orPsychology1, 327:except in so far as that will acts upon the high grade atoms already present and responsive.Psychology1, 344:the battle. "The Lord of Harmony, Who sits on high, pours all His life and force throughout thePsychology1, 353:control matter on the physical plane reaches a high point of perfection in the Aryan race. Of this,Psychology1, 358:mountains, which have sheltered, fall from their high places, and the voices of men are lost in thePsychology1, 358:or service, and the mystical vision was the high water mark of the period; the numerous guidingPsychology1, 394:Again, in the council chamber of the Most High, there has not always been peace and understanding,Psychology1, 395:some of the sons of God fell from their high estate, led, at one time, by "Lucifer, Son of thePsychology1, 395:Back in later Lemurian times, a group of men of high development, from the point of view of thatPsychology1, 466:the Forces come together. Let them mount to the High Place, and from that lofty eminence let thePsychology1, 419:eyes. Functioning when the personality reaches a high stage of coordination. Ray V - ConcretePsychology2, 28:transcends the human that only the initiate of high degree can enter into Their true Plan. What wePsychology2, 33:take a form. The Blessed Ones dwell ever in the high and lofty place, yet oft can walk on earth inPsychology2, 34:only to find that that too is an illusion. That high point of isolation and the battle itself arePsychology2, 35:us and we feel that the price of holiness is too high. But, standing on the Way, suddenly the wholePsychology2, 35:the City of Shamballa", - that city of the Most High God, which is ever swept by the Life of ThosePsychology2, 41:combat, The realization of that which is high and that which is low, The darkness which precedesPsychology2, 45:with wisdom meets. These two are one. From that high spot of unity, the One who is released standsPsychology2, 50:called Nirvana, by the Buddhist. This high state of being has to be entered also in full continuityPsychology2, 61:the demonstration of good character and high aims, and the expression of an ethical and moral pointPsychology2, 84:the Forces come together. Let them mount to the High Place, and from that lofty eminence, let thePsychology2, 86:impel people of good motive and intention and of high principle into antagonistic activities. TwoPsychology2, 98:permission to return. "He sought the Throne on high and Him who sat thereon. He said 'I sought notPsychology2, 112:is above and that which is below." Such is the high destiny before the race. Just as certain humanPsychology2, 129:its monkey nature, and the eagerness of a high grade aspiration can easily mistake theory forPsychology2, 158:of human beings; it is evoked in moments of high destiny, or immediate urgency, and of supremePsychology2, 170:long and narrow tunnel was his home and place of high endeavor. He had no vision except of thatPsychology2, 177:for whom the standard of selflessness is set too high, it is neither understood nor desired.Psychology2, 199:the working out of the [199] purpose of the Most High, and can be recognized upon the plane ofPsychology2, 221:it and giving it magnetic power. It is the high result of desire, which is itself intrinsicallyPsychology2, 238:eludes our grasp; it haunts our dreams and our high moments of aspiration. Only when a man canPsychology2, 248:the attuned consciousness of the artist, in a high moment of applied attention, and life is thenPsychology2, 248:pain of revelation. The power to hold on to the high point of consciousness at which the revelationPsychology2, 279:and is raised in the Secret Place of the Most High. Later, the Avatar will emerge Who will embodyPsychology2, 290:being, until the man has reached a relatively high point in evolution. The elementals composing thePsychology2, 324:in knowledge. Today this knowledge is of a very high order, and the world is full of personalities.Psychology2, 332:of the futility of material ambition, it marks a high stage of personality integration and precedesPsychology2, 357:sign of progress and as indicating a relatively high point in the evolutionary scale and thereforePsychology2, 357:- can use and express. A fleeting glimpse (at high and rare moments) of the Angel of the PresencePsychology2, 365:the personality is neither integrated nor of a high grade and character. (Is such a phrase as "lowPsychology2, 365:integration at work in a personality of a very high order, and they are themselves necessarily of aPsychology2, 365:they are themselves necessarily of a relatively high potency. It is the integrated personalityPsychology2, 373:interplay only becomes active at a relatively high stage of evolution. The problem, therefore, ofPsychology2, 376:in the center of the pentagram, drawn upon that high place in the East within the light which everPsychology2, 390:earth. The result of this inflow of supremely high energies is that the processes set in motion byPsychology2, 394:It involves on the part of the disciple a very high point of synthetic comprehension. You will notePsychology2, 400:of Avatars or of the Messengers from the Most High, the Embodied Principles, and the Revealers ofPsychology2, 405:and the bringing of the physical vehicle to as high a point of development as may be possible
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