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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHER

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Astrology, 383:The planet Venus is to the planet Earth what the higher Self is to the Personality. Remember thatAstrology, 385:only the relation of the lower nature to the higher Self; it is then lifted up into the light ofAstrology, 389:of force. I have here indicated to you the higher or spiritual aspect of King Solomon's seal. WhenAstrology, 391:and two links with soul and spirit - the higher octave of manifestation. Thus is shown theAstrology, 397:the sublimatory effect of the transference to higher use of the sex energy. The right use of theAstrology, 401:the spiritual consciousness - substituting these higher soul aspects for the lower form reactions.Astrology, 402:same basic energy of active intelligence in its higher and lower aspects. One expresses intelligentAstrology, 436:to act as the mediating interpreter between the higher worlds and the three lower kingdoms inAstrology, 440:from the world of men in terms of will, both higher and lower. The willful (self-willed) man of theAstrology, 458:other three and they, therefore, constitute the higher points of their respective triangles. TheyAstrology, 462:the same focal point on the base line of the higher triangle which received the original emanatingAstrology, 462:two points of major importance in the higher triangle: The emanating point of positive conditioningAstrology, 462:The point which receives into itself both the higher energy and the lower forces. This point isAstrology, 464:line between the evocative and magnetic points. Higher initiates and Masters utilize and expressAstrology, 466:consciously and with increasing frequency to the higher Self. The man "presses forward on that PathAstrology, 467:(which is to humanity a problem but not in its higher octaves) and with its transmutation intoAstrology, 471:in their own individual experience. This is the higher aspect of the energy of Pisces; it isAstrology, 471:of the universe. It is the energy of buddhi, the higher aspect of the lower psychic nature; it isAstrology, 474:disciple to that of the Master and the still higher grades. These seven crises are each re-enactedAstrology, 499:sensitivity enables him to respond to the higher impression and the inner inspiration; his abilityAstrology, 506:one unit of conscious response and activity, the higher divine aspect, that of the Monad, the willAstrology, 508:offer opportunity if he is oriented towards the higher life. I might again point out that Mars isAstrology, 510:He will find it useful also to work out the higher correspondences to the material realities forAstrology, 512:In process of transference from the lower to the higher. The rays of the personality and the soul.Astrology, 515:plexus or to drive its energies upward into its higher point of transference, the heart center. InAstrology, 515:- producing a raising of the force to the higher creative focus. As you well know theoretically,Astrology, 516:the antahkarana (the bridge of light between the higher and the lower minds, between the SpiritualAstrology, 519:expressed through the lower centers, into a higher state, can and will take place in this worldAstrology, 531:and this with conscious cooperation. Thus the higher mind and the lower mind, the abstract and theAstrology, 532:The colors, the mathematical rate of the higher vibrations which emanate from the centers -Astrology, 543:the sign of the coming world Savior and these higher aspects of the Capricornian influences can beAstrology, 556:Enlightened Ones, help to fulfil the Law of the Higher Evolution, of which Nirvana is but theAstrology, 556:of the "widespread arms, the open heart and the higher mind," for those who lie upon this CrossAstrology, 556:Omniscience, and are in process of unfolding the higher phases of Being which we inadequately coverAstrology, 557:aligned person, slowly reorienting himself to a higher vision, a wider horizontal and verticalAstrology, 557:forms of Being - "the ONE proceeds upon the higher Way and passes on to [558] realms unknown e'enAstrology, 563:not enlarge as it concerns the mysteries of the higher initiations. I simply make the statement soAstrology, 564:possible and that, in Pisces, sensitivity to the higher impression is his right and privilege. AllAstrology, 565:truth - the truth that in the initiate of the higher degrees, all the twelve zodiacal energies canAstrology, 569:consciously and uncomfortably recognized and the higher way and the spiritual vision is contacted.Astrology, 571:They are mentally focused in their attitude; the higher way is recognized by them; the vision hasAstrology, 591:is dedicated to selfishness and blind to the higher reaches of divine expression. Mankind'sAstrology, 593:itself is but the open door" - the Way to the higher evolution for which our evolutionary processAstrology, 605:aspects of the will, which are the goal of the higher initiations and which embody that which theAstrology, 607:upon the point of development and only the higher initiates will understand the real implicationsAstrology, 617:consciously under the pressure of that which is higher and greater than Shamballa itself. It knowsAstrology, 620:aspect. The will-to-good, demonstrated in the higher initiations when God-consciousness isAstrology, 640:of all bodies from a lower state into a higher is better comprehended, the true mystery of theAstrology, 643:the sun. Lower Triad - Mars, Mercury and Venus. Higher Triad - Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. (the MoonAstrology, 645:and herein lies a hint. In the others, the higher group and the middle group hold sway as theseAstrology, 647:316, Note) 35. "The solar system is (from the higher cosmic planes) seen as a vast blue lotus andAstrology, 648:Intuition Raja Yoga Mercury Yellow, Rose III Higher Mind Higher Mathematics Philosophy VenusAstrology, 648:Raja Yoga Mercury Yellow, Rose III Higher Mind Higher Mathematics Philosophy Venus Indigo, Blue,Astrology, 649:Auric envelope Blue Thursday 6. Venus Manas, Higher mind Indigo Friday 7. The Moon Linga ShariraAstrology, 669:one of those suns which..."are sunflowers of a higher light." It is "dwelling in the vehicle of aAstrology, 684:an occult sense, Venus is to the Earth what the higher Self is to man. The coming of the Lords ofAstrology, 690:of the Sun, and its relation to the lower and higher mental bodies, producing that peculiarAstrology, 692:likewise His permanent atoms. Always the three higher principles can be distinguished in importanceAstrology, 692:of Agnishvattas are active. In the others the higher group and middle group hold sway as theseAtomand of certain basic laws in successively higher states of being, and thus to bring to them aAtom, 88:on, the man passes out of the atomic stage to a higher and a better one, when he becomes cognizantAtom, 93:atom of substance to the informing life of the higher animals, then that life which we call human,Atom, 103:in a human being is but a repetition on a higher turn of the spiral, of the two stages which weAtom, 114:and of power, and bring down from [114] the higher levels of the mental plane results which benefitAtom, 115:the life passed from the lower kingdom into the higher, that was an initiation. When theAtom, 135:and positively under the control of his own higher self, the God within. That inner ruler, the realAtom, 136:in direct conscious alignment with one's Ego, or higher self, and not the throwing open of one'sAtom, 136:that the average man comes in contact with his higher self. Only in our moments of highestAtom, 137:is, literally, the soul within, [137] or the higher self, who emerges from out of the threefoldAtom, 145:life within the atomic form, finding that a higher type of consciousness is consistently evolved byAutobiography, XI:on, with her and because of her, yet a little higher and a little better than would otherwise haveAutobiography, 12:between the soul and personality or between the higher self and the lower nature. The United StatesAutobiography, 153:lives by the life of that kingdom. Some of the higher animals are carnivorous and, under the law ofAutobiography, 163:judgments, that I had a peculiar gift for the higher telepathy and that what I was being asked toAutobiography, 164:the position that the Tibetan is my personified higher self and Alice A. Bailey is the lower self.Autobiography, 164:meeting him) I will ask him how my personified higher self can send me parcels all the way fromAutobiography, 194:narrow, razor-edged path which leads between the higher psychism, or spiritual perception, and theAutobiography, 213:enables him to set his feet upon the Path of the higher evolution. The curriculum of the School wasAutobiography, 237:that the evolving lives can move on their way to higher evolution. The true significance of thisAutobiography, 256:tuition of the Christ) to tread the way of the higher evolution, as it is called. The name given toAutobiography, 263:imparted; all this will have to be shifted to a higher level than at present. The teaching must beAutobiography, 265:of the mystic factual. The new schools aim at a higher fusion - that between the integratedAutobiography, 265:esoteric for humanity will then be ready. The higher consciousness of the disciple will be evokedAutobiography, 265:and initiates will be trained to take the higher major initiations. Emphasis will be laid upon theAutobiography, 265:The intuition will be developed and a still higher fusion brought about - between the spiritual manAutobiography, 269:some Master, now active in the world, for higher and different work. 7. An esoteric school is,Autobiography, 276:spiritual knowledge, and understanding of the higher forces, direct and first-hand knowledge of theAutobiography, 278:he is, as a man; he then learns to bring in a higher energy, that of the soul, to control theseAutobiography, 284:integration and are now working at a still higher synthesis, i.e., that of the soul with theAutobiography, 284:that of the soul with the personality or of the higher Self with the lower self. When this latterAutobiography, 287:all reference to the Spiritual Hierarchy. In the higher degrees (which are entered by directAutobiography, 288:the Arcane School, at least temporarily. In the higher degrees, the Arcane School emphasizes theBethlehem, 10:of the opportunity. The door into a world of higher being and consciousness stands wide open; theBethlehem, 16:and the non-essentials, and centers it upon the higher realities. Through the practice ofBethlehem, 18:point out the warfare between the lower and the higher man, between carnal man and spiritual man,Bethlehem, 18:necessity for that lower man to be saved by the higher. This, St. Paul points out in the words soBethlehem, 27:progressively reveal to man the quality of his higher and his lower nature; it is this realizationBethlehem, 30:Enlightened Ones, help to fulfil the Law of the Higher Evolution, of which Nirvana is but theBethlehem, 36:the refocusing of the human consciousness in a higher dimension and in a richer field ofBethlehem, 36:of experience. Humanity is ready to step on to a higher rung of the evolutionary ladder. Faced with
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