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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHER

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Discipleship1, 740:vibration is constant and responsive to the higher one, the two can then be synchronized. [741] ItDiscipleship1, 741:and which indicates to an initiate of a higher degree that an initiate or disciple of a lower gradeDiscipleship1, 741:of a lower grade can be admitted into the higher ranks. Synchronization is the key to initiation. Discipleship1, 741:The whole question of psychic sensitivity of the higher kind is involved at this stage. I haveDiscipleship1, 741:the divine expression and is of an essentially higher nature than the purely physical processes ofDiscipleship1, 742:all disciples have to become psychics, both higher and lower, as was the Christ. The only safeguardDiscipleship1, 742:prevent the lower powers demonstrating until the higher psychic faculties are functioning; then theDiscipleship1, 742:(if I might so express it) from the level of the higher consciousness. There is, to the mind of theDiscipleship1, 744:on the thread has reached a point where the higher correspondence to the so-called "splitDiscipleship1, 749:underlies all these stages. That which is higher is, at first, always negative to that which isDiscipleship1, 749:then interim changes take place which make the higher positive to the lower and lead, therefore, toDiscipleship1, 753:this progressive shifting is response to an ever higher rate of [754] vibratory activity. Just asDiscipleship1, 755:is concerned: The radiation which comes from the higher levels of the mental plane, or from theDiscipleship1, 757:place eventually, thereby releasing him for higher and more important work. As you know, I was theDiscipleship1, 757:and when I became a Master, I released him for higher work and my place in his group was taken byDiscipleship1, 757:which widens the circle of the Ashram so that higher levels can be touched and lower spheres ofDiscipleship1, 759:him. I would point out that this is not only a higher stage of discipleship but presupposesDiscipleship1, 760:Discipleship - Part VIII A Master and, to a far higher extent, the Christ, suffers far more fromDiscipleship1, 762:work. This necessarily involves the three higher centers (head, heart and throat). It is with theDiscipleship1, 762:outer periphery of life. Then the battle of the higher pairs of opposites begins - the battleDiscipleship1, 763:The disciple. [763] The antahkarana. The three higher centers. This is the broad and generalDiscipleship1, 768:of Nirvana, the beginning of the Path of the Higher Evolution. It is a stage which marks a specificDiscipleship1, 770:those upon the astral plane who are catching the higher impression or who telepathically get someDiscipleship1, 772:upon the Path of Conscious Discipleship. The higher Self and the personality meet face to face forDiscipleship1, 788:tuition of the Christ) to tread "the Way of the Higher Evolution," as it is called. The name givenDiscipleship2, 16:strength and endeavoring to lift you up into a higher state of consciousness. Visualize ahead ofDiscipleship2, 17:upon one formula which relates the heart, the higher head center, and the solar plexus. [18] TheDiscipleship2, 19:to humanity. Then there will be a still higher meaning which will be exceedingly difficult for youDiscipleship2, 26:two days to step up your consciousness a little higher at each of the three spiritual points inDiscipleship2, 43:of the ancient event of individualization upon a higher turn of the spiral, this time entered intoDiscipleship2, 52:the disk of blue and become aware of the higher consciousness, or divinity. 5. Three things are, atDiscipleship2, 53:the individual man to the God within, to his own higher self, the soul, the first Master. In theDiscipleship2, 56:dynamic energy from - if possible - levels higher than that of the soul. Hence the need for groupDiscipleship2, 64:and life. At the entrance to the Way of the Higher Evolution, which is now more easily to be found,Discipleship2, 64:of the Masters (as most people do) or of the higher initiates. This is not correct. Every acceptedDiscipleship2, 65:Council Chamber at Shamballa or the Way to the higher Evolution engrosses their attention, but theDiscipleship2, 65:that "quiescent waiting" which distinguishes the higher initiates. The Will of God is not yetDiscipleship2, 70:for those who are not taking initiations higher than the third; and, at present, for thatDiscipleship2, 71:involved, the disciple is then able to take the higher major initiations. Much of this has beenDiscipleship2, 102:in order to test out the human capacity in its higher brackets to respond to this much higherDiscipleship2, 102:in its higher brackets to respond to this much higher quality. It has not worked out as I hadDiscipleship2, 106:it is fundamentally the factor which creates the higher antahkarana, uniting the Hierarchy andDiscipleship2, 114:When this has happened, the awakening to the higher issues of life makes the disciple sensitive toDiscipleship2, 114:of life makes the disciple sensitive to the higher "psychic gift waves" (as the Tibetan occultistsDiscipleship2, 120:house between the lower energies and the higher. This process is in itself dual: The two pointsDiscipleship2, 121:personality life (motivated by desire), and the higher energies found above the diaphragm andDiscipleship2, 128:This, necessarily, in preparation for a still higher contact. The two parts of the exercise youDiscipleship2, 130:He carries on with the lower mind and the higher mind simultaneously, and the stream of spiritualDiscipleship2, 135:as the "city of man." In considering the higher point of the triangle, which is the Ashram, I wouldDiscipleship2, 142:the hierarchical intent as the "merging of the higher with the lower triangle and their fusion inDiscipleship2, 142:a magnetized area of thought upon which the higher impressions can play, yet persistence in theDiscipleship2, 143:of that which has been received from the higher sources of inspiration. This involves also theDiscipleship2, 145:to intuitional levels or to the levels of the higher, abstract mind, via the antahkarana. This mustDiscipleship2, 147:and the way the Masters work (though on a much higher turn of the spiral) in times of crisis, orDiscipleship2, 152:of the Ashram. The alignment of the initiate of higher degree with the Spiritual Triad and theDiscipleship2, 153:lower mechanism as a consequence of the three higher alignments - listed above. I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 155:the source of these impressions shifts steadily higher or deeper, as the case may be, and that forDiscipleship2, 156:Members of the Hierarchy, they convey a still higher and more inclusive significance. I am anxiousDiscipleship2, 161:to its original high spiritual state. There is a higher condensation awaiting precipitation, but toDiscipleship2, 162:energies are - on a larger scale and of a higher nature - similar to those which the individualDiscipleship2, 184:Master; he is now ready to tread the Way of the higher Evolution. There is then a direct channel ofDiscipleship2, 188:or use for prayer, or that he has passed to a higher phase, that of meditation, is not a correctDiscipleship2, 192:and the steady focus of his attention is higher than the vertical life of the aspirant, than hisDiscipleship2, 192:not that an Ashram in the Hierarchy is on a higher plane than that of the soul. He is thereforeDiscipleship2, 193:the disciple's personality, into which the higher radiance must pour and from which spiritualDiscipleship2, 194:active Intelligence in the use of the two higher energies. It must not be forgotten that the energyDiscipleship2, 194:the lower mind and the abstract mind. The higher mind (being the lowest aspect of the SpiritualDiscipleship2, 194:of the soul-infused personality into a higher realm of contact and awareness. But again - as youDiscipleship2, 194:to the focused activity of the world of the higher spiritual realities; it is directing the streamDiscipleship2, 195:Disciples should remember [195] that the higher Way of Evolution is far simpler than the lower way,Discipleship2, 195:to reach eventually the door to the Way of the higher Evolution. He will at the same time functionDiscipleship2, 196:and reach eventually the door to the Way of the higher Evolution. He will, again consequently,Discipleship2, 196:that great Group to penetrate into a still higher spiritual center and bring down from ShamballaDiscipleship2, 197:or artist is another form of meditation and higher in purpose and in intention, and this meditativeDiscipleship2, 199:from the three worlds - approaches the higher Center, Shamballa; then the Hierarchy evokes theDiscipleship2, 199:eventually find themselves and pass thence to higher cosmic undertakings. You can see, therefore,Discipleship2, 200:knowledge - are able to "think through" into a higher state of consciousness than the one of whichDiscipleship2, 200:one of which they are normally aware; in that higher state they arrive at those intuitional andDiscipleship2, 201:or the "inspired Contemplative." The higher correspondence of the Nirmanakayas who find their placeDiscipleship2, 208:at present exists in the three worlds and in the higher spheres is the result of some form ofDiscipleship2, 208:eternally true. 2. The Group which is the higher correspondence of the Nirmanakayas. This groupDiscipleship2, 213:integrated personality, ready to appreciate the higher aspects of meditation when concentrationDiscipleship2, 213:meditation then shifts into the creation of higher things, into the world of spiritual values andDiscipleship2, 214:listed above. We need not deal here with the higher groups of spiritual Intermediaries and theirDiscipleship2, 215:finds that he himself is both a lower self and a higher Self. 3. Mental reflection or concentratedDiscipleship2, 215:for physical or emotional objectives or the higher aspects of spiritual, concentrated aspiration -Discipleship2, 216:reoriented men to the world of subtler and of higher values than the strictly material. The otherDiscipleship2, 216:upon the evocation of human response to the higher spiritual values; it concerns itself with theDiscipleship2, 218:in old Atlantean days, only this time on a much higher turn of the spiral and with the intelligentDiscipleship2, 222:this time is to change conditions, to invoke the higher, spiritual potencies, to work withDiscipleship2, 222:of creative meditation. It is invocative of the higher energies, and creates a channel of contactDiscipleship2, 226:which lie behind, I will strive towards my higher spiritual possibilities. I dedicate myself anewDiscipleship2, 234:vision and which urges the man on towards a goal higher than the one attained. The ecclesiastics ofDiscipleship2, 236:the task of rendering himself sensitive to the higher spiritual impression, then the creative workDiscipleship2, 236:of the Spiritual Triad can be developed and a higher form of creative meditation can be employed.Discipleship2, 250:This is - at the same time and until after the higher initiation which we call the fourthDiscipleship2, 254:major activities - before the man can take the higher initiations: Upon alignment. Upon theDiscipleship2, 260:of God, the Hierarchy, so the initiate - upon a higher turn of the spiral - has to establish rightDiscipleship2, 266:plane of existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of Spirit andDiscipleship2, 269:lower mind is keenly alert and focused, and his higher mind is definitely en rapport with the
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