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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHER

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Discipleship2, 271:are preparing to tread the "Way of the Higher Evolution." What that Way is I cannot tell you, forDiscipleship2, 271:and his great Brothers, and all of an even higher initiate-rank than they possess, have a definiteDiscipleship2, 272:Of the nature of this possibility only the higher ranks of initiates are aware, and towards it theyDiscipleship2, 272:mechanism of the Monad - is flooded with this higher form of energy - an aspect of the energy ofDiscipleship2, 274:consciousness. My difficulty in explaining the higher meaning of the external simplicity of theseDiscipleship2, 274:to comprehension lies in the recognition of a "higher Way," of the existence of the "higherDiscipleship2, 274:of a "higher Way," of the existence of the "higher evolution," of the light which is distinctive ofDiscipleship2, 275:of initiate evolution." This is the Way of the Higher Evolution of which man knows nothing. TheDiscipleship2, 275:illumined purpose; the second formula gives the higher significance to the words "from the unrealDiscipleship2, 280:and the concrete realms of thought - those higher and lower aspects of the mind which are to theDiscipleship2, 282:effect in a practical manner. The initiate of higher degree utilizes the potencies of these threeDiscipleship2, 286:manifests, prior to entering upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. In this connection it is usefulDiscipleship2, 288:the courts of Shamballa and upon the Way of the Higher Evolution as he retains his contact with theDiscipleship2, 288:which the "seeds" have manifested reaches the higher layers or brackets in the human hierarchy,Discipleship2, 291:and of the door which opens on to the Way of the Higher Evolution. This Way leads a man off theDiscipleship2, 296:alone. The mental approach is called for and a higher type of disciple is needed. The training toDiscipleship2, 296:of man and the relation of its lower and higher threefold nature to the three aspects of divinity.Discipleship2, 301:and through an entirely new adjustment to a higher rhythm and area of expression. This has greatlyDiscipleship2, 328:testing. There is a spiritual counterpart or higher correspondence of the economic life of ourDiscipleship2, 328:at the same degree of development or to all of a higher degree, for it is a law that the greaterDiscipleship2, 330:this is true, no matter what the degree, where higher incoming energy is concerned. When a discipleDiscipleship2, 330:as his mind is subjected to the play of the higher understanding of those with whom he isDiscipleship2, 330:degree of initiation can "import" from still higher sources or the Masters of the Ashrams can makeDiscipleship2, 332:effect. Initiations into those degrees which are higher than the fifth degree; these createDiscipleship2, 333:the same point of crisis where initiates of the higher degree are involved. The point of tension inDiscipleship2, 337:to the second and the third initiations. The higher initiations will still be taken individually orDiscipleship2, 340:behind most occult aspirants. More about this higher vision I may not say; the theme is tooDiscipleship2, 348:given to the initiate. They are also - on a higher turn of the spiral - the esoteric correspondenceDiscipleship2, 348:of the spiral - the esoteric correspondence or higher meaning of the words: "As a man thinketh inDiscipleship2, 350:(and their name is Legion), and the initiates of higher degree, have objectives which their mentalDiscipleship2, 351:have attained - a process made possible by the higher mental perception of the incoming disciples.Discipleship2, 355:accepted disciple and that of the Master or the higher initiate. That interpretation which I willDiscipleship2, 357:to both of which I have frequently referred: The higher and more intelligent type of disciple whoDiscipleship2, 359:respond on Earth to that which comes from the higher Center through the One. This they do blindly,Discipleship2, 364:with the soul. It is related primarily to the higher alignment between the Personality and theDiscipleship2, 367:and other words take its place as we deal with higher areas of consciousness: RecognizingDiscipleship2, 368:because [368] within the world of forms) to the higher correspondences which he must use in theDiscipleship2, 372:is always taken on levels of consciousness higher [373] than the mental, and the initiate must notDiscipleship2, 398:is sacrificed in order that the intuition, the higher counterpart of the "propelling aspiration"Discipleship2, 399:receptive organ, turned inward toward the higher light. The head center is therefore involved, andDiscipleship2, 401:as a lens or a light-gatherer from the inner and higher worlds. You will note, therefore, the freshDiscipleship2, 402:the planetary forms are now composed of a much higher substance than in primeval days. It must alsoDiscipleship2, 403:teaching which I have oft given to you, that the higher processes of spiritual unfoldment mustDiscipleship2, 403:unfoldment must consciously give way to a much higher phase of perception, for which we have, asDiscipleship2, 403:which permeate the cosmic etheric body (the four higher planes of our cosmic physical plane) underDiscipleship2, 404:forms are made and brings into manifestation the higher counterpart of that substance, released -Discipleship2, 404:redeem the world of appearances, so - on a much higher level - the Law of Assembly [405] producesDiscipleship2, 405:Mind" which is increasingly employed by the higher initiates in the work of assembling energies.Discipleship2, 405:shifted its location (since 1925 A.D.) from the higher mental levels to the buddhic plane, therebyDiscipleship2, 412:be made, and not a factor calling for the needed higher illumination. The older position was thatDiscipleship2, 413:plane of buddhi, and thus is on the Way of the Higher Evolution. I am here using wordsDiscipleship2, 414:into the appropriate Ashram? Or has a still higher point been reached, and the light of theDiscipleship2, 414:of the functioning of the intuition and of the higher modes of knowledge and of realization areDiscipleship2, 417:In that light shall we see light. The Way of the Higher Evolution is ever preceded by theDiscipleship2, 418:with which he will then be confronted, and the higher reflection of the Law or Laws whichDiscipleship2, 418:by them but is rapidly becoming subservient to a higher and a much more deeply spiritual law. SomeDiscipleship2, 426:The plans for his coming are being laid in the higher correspondence of that plane, the buddhicDiscipleship2, 435:plane; the Son of Mind is set free and then the higher initiations become possible. After that, theDiscipleship2, 436:and they reveal a third - the revelation of the higher states of Being which hide and veil a LightDiscipleship2, 437:physical plane. As he has penetrated into the higher stages of the Path of Initiation, he has movedDiscipleship2, 445:purposeful [445] will. The expression of this higher aspect of the will, in relation to the threeDiscipleship2, 450:reached a temporary one, preliminary to a still higher attainment, or have you - for this life -Discipleship2, 462:and one vibratory activity into another and higher one.) During exhalation - in which the breath isDiscipleship2, 468:or intuitional, and therefore will embody, as a higher expression upon the turning spiral, theDiscipleship2, 468:a higher expression upon the turning spiral, the higher mystery of the astral unfoldment in ancientDiscipleship2, 468:in ancient Atlantis. It will vision forth the higher correspondence of that achievement. ThisDiscipleship2, 468:race the process will be repeated on a still higher spiral, and all that concerns the higher centerDiscipleship2, 468:a still higher spiral, and all that concerns the higher center will be unfolded and occultlyDiscipleship2, 476:begin also to fuse and blend the energy of this higher heart center with that of the ajna center,Discipleship2, 502:go forward with a fresh impetus and to a still higher summit of attainment? Shall he demonstrateDiscipleship2, 506:lower three worlds then as reflections of the higher, triadal three. Keep notes of all the thoughtsDiscipleship2, 510:by the other members of the Ashram. It is the higher and occult correspondence of the mysticalDiscipleship2, 510:he can be trusted; he becomes available for a higher rating and more responsibility can be placedDiscipleship2, 515:a bad effect, according to its coloring by the higher or the lower nature and the activity it willDiscipleship2, 517:love and will are closely identified on the higher levels of consciousness and service; the twoDiscipleship2, 522:it is safer and wiser to take refuge in both the higher and the lower places of service, and to doDiscipleship2, 532:already superseded in order to make room for higher and better ones. Thus you might stand stillDiscipleship2, 534:clear lower vision but made decision on a higher level than heretofore possible. You underwent aDiscipleship2, 535:the six statements given to you last year. The higher the wall, brother of mine, from which youDiscipleship2, 556:spiritual responsiveness; this is the higher correspondence to the instinctual animal reactionsDiscipleship2, 556:of behavior (for the disciple) brings in a still higher factor than that of thought; it involvesDiscipleship2, 557:wish to go over all the work again, on a higher level and with a deeper intent. Sound the OMDiscipleship2, 562:in life to enter upon what has been called "the higher way"; he has to learn on those levels and toDiscipleship2, 563:and centralization of the lower fires into a higher center is oft the cause of trouble in theDiscipleship2, 565:K.H., and some day you will pass through to the higher and more potent center. Discipleship2, 596:the distant future when the Christ moves on to higher and more important work. Next comes theDiscipleship2, 633:symbolic expressions (e'en though distorted) of higher aims and aspirations. This thought shouldDiscipleship2, 639:and endeavor to make your brain receptive to the higher spiritual impression. Then in your ownDiscipleship2, 641:and as you do so visualize yourself as mounting higher and higher with each breath. To do this theDiscipleship2, 641:do so visualize yourself as mounting higher and higher with each breath. To do this the moreDiscipleship2, 668:(is that not the word I should use?) to fill higher office when the Christ moves on to other workDiscipleship2, 686:will, be negative to the soul, revealing the higher mind. It is interesting whilst considering theDiscipleship2, 686:Positive Soul - Balancing Personality - Negative Higher mind - Positive Soul - The point of balanceDiscipleship2, 698:that releases. Project your values to a higher sphere and know that nothing matters connected withDiscipleship2, 700:your physical body and militated against higher conditionings? Desire has ever driven you; at theDiscipleship2, 701:whose basic intent is identification with the higher nature; she sees you differently and herDiscipleship2, 701:at any moment, to make my presence felt when the higher triumphs and the lower is negated. YouDiscipleship2, 730:brother. All within the Ashram, except those of higher initiate status, fall short at times. One ofDiscipleship2, 733:a vast stored reservoir of spiritual potency on higher levels than the astral, and can perhaps drawDiscipleship2, 734:such as rain or storm. Glamor exists. It is. The higher glamors are goals towards which the lower
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