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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHER

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Fire, 310:Mind is fundamentally electricity, shown, in its higher workings, and not considered so much asFire, 313:but are eventually synthesized into the higher [314] three. It should be also remembered that onFire, 314:in connection with Man, transpires on the three higher levels of the mental plane. Second, aFire, 314:with a Heavenly Man transpires on the three higher subplanes of the monadic plane. Viewed in aFire, 314:- the synthesizing process proceeds on the higher of the three involved. Third, in connection withFire, 314:not considering His cosmic synthesis) the three higher subplanes of the logoic plane see His finalFire, 325:of all manifestation in connection with the four higher subplanes of the solar system - those fourFire, 329:Intelligences, Who manipulate the matter of the higher planes, and bend it to the desired form,Fire, 330:seven subplanes can be divided into the [330] higher three planes or the abstract planes, and theFire, 330:Dividing the seven subplanes into the same higher three but making the fourth plane the plane ofFire, 334:key or method whereby the life escapes into the higher kingdom is so inexplicable to man at hisFire, 335:individualization which is the correspondence on higher levels to what transpired in Lemurian days.Fire, 336:the fourth kingdom into the fifth kingdom. [336] Higher we need not go, for the transmutation ofFire, 336:the lower planes of the spiritual Triads on the higher. This description is true of all group-soulsFire, 340:is beginning to merge this synthesis into the higher one of love-wisdom. To sum it all up in wordsFire, 348:and fifth major initiations, with the two higher. Hierarchical, used by an occult Hierarchy forFire, 357:its own coloring. Resemble, when seen from the higher planes, a vast lotus. Possess, according toFire, 371:Man, and which precede His birth into yet higher worlds. In this lies much food for thought, andFire, 372:His glory; then the kundalinic fire will pass in higher progressive spirals, and He will graduallyFire, 372:in the corresponding logoic head center, the higher triangle or the major three schemes. ToFire, 375:form, will turn His attention to another and higher center, and give of His force to the units of aFire, 376:for the development of the intuition and of the higher consciousness during the sixth and seventh.Fire, 391:planet is not Saturn, but one of the other two higher major centers. The "Judgment Day" in theFire, 391:The struggle in the fifth round will be between higher and lower mind, and the battle ground willFire, 397:lower mind is transmuted into the abstract or higher mind and from thence into the intuition, willFire, 398:purpose of the Logos, and the devas in all their higher grades being the cohesive attractive factorFire, 398:connected with the life of the Spirit in the higher forms in the cosmic ethers, but in connectionFire, 400:time the four of the lower quaternary, but a higher four. He becomes part of the consciousness ofFire, 400:the synthesis of the lower into the abstract or higher, is the transmutation into the three, or theFire, 405:into seven lokas, you may assort the three higher lokas to the Devas, the three lower to the PitrisFire, 409:the form to progress intelligently from lower to higher forms of manifestation. This is above allFire, 410:They are attaining a similar control on higher levels. Below man come many lives who are blind andFire, 421:faculty of manas, displayed on ever higher spirals leads a man Into matter and form, Through allFire, 422:They will also be cultivating response to the higher note. One fifth and a half will attain theFire, 427:of the knowledge of sound vibration, and the higher mathematics. This is being already touched uponFire, 431:Here can be seen the awakening of the higher consciousness, and the first ripple of perception of,Fire, 434:units, the fifth principle linked the higher three and the lower four. This took place in the thirdFire, 435:of astral matter. When this is the case, the higher psychism will begin to make itself felt. On theFire, 441:will make the physical brain receptive to the higher revealing truth, and will put into the handsFire, 445:globe under the planetary Logos. All entities of higher rank than this great evolutionary BeingFire, 449:of the breath is the chiefest tapas-discipline. Higher than the Savitri is no mantra. Higher thanFire, 449:Higher than the Savitri is no mantra. Higher than silence is truth. The Creator stored theFire, 451:triangle. He cannot exhibit this power in the higher planes nor within the spheres of theFire, 457:of communication between the personality and the higher manas, or human soul. - H. P. Blavatsky. Fire, 467:etheric matter of the plane and on the four higher subplanes. On the lower three a contrary effectFire, 468:Here I would point out that all the devas of the higher levels of the mental plane, for instance,Fire, 468:the Lord of the World Himself. Below these higher levels, where the concrete is touched, we haveFire, 472:affiliated with them, while the Chohans of the higher degrees work with the karma of the largerFire, 473:the transmission of prana to units of the three higher kingdoms of nature, and this easierFire, 480:From the lower mineral forms into the higher forms. From the mineral forms into the vegetable. FromFire, 483:which can be seen and traced by means of the higher clairvoyance, and from the higher planes. TheseFire, 483:means of the higher clairvoyance, and from the higher planes. These steps or stages are: [484] TheFire, 485:kingdom into the monadic. Those on still higher levels - the Buddhas and their Confrères of theFire, 496:therefore concentrate his attention on this higher form of life transference and Through knowledgeFire, 507:The force or energy that pours through from the higher planes (the breath of the Monad, if you careFire, 508:in its inherent ability to respond to the higher vibration; from the moment of individualizationFire, 518:of a solar Lord. This concerns the three higher subplanes of what might be considered as theFire, 518:considered as the manifestation of Man's three higher aspects in mental matter, whilst on theFire, 519:In the solar system we have: First, the three higher planes, which have been rightly called theFire, 520:they are as much a coherent whole as the three higher planes form a unified triple expression ofFire, 520:In this electrical connotation we have the three higher planes ever embodying the threefold SpiritFire, 521:of the subplanes of the systemic planes into a higher three, a lower three, and a central plane ofFire, 521:and the production of light. The three higher planes concern the central Forces or Lives, the threeFire, 521:as solar fire on the third, fourth and the three higher subplanes of the fifth [522] plane, and asFire, 522:fire demonstrating as the prime condition on the higher three. Fire by friction as the mostFire, 522:plane, we have a similar condition: the three higher subplanes concern the Spirit aspect in theFire, 522:we have the Spirit aspect animating the three higher subplanes of every plane, or the first fireFire, 522:the seven fires of each plane, the union of the higher three and the lower three producing thatFire, 525:the lower four Rays of consciousness, and the higher three. It is also a mystery hid in theFire, 526:and the physical body - are synthesized into the higher by a dual process: His polarization shiftsFire, 526:and embody is merged and blended into the higher force points. [527] A permanent atom is theFire, 530:are the sumtotal of the substance of the four higher planes and of the three lower. There is a formFire, 532:lower three permanent atoms of man, while the higher three contain but three spirillae - the majorFire, 532:entities when they are found on or above the higher mental. They [533] concern lunar entities onFire, 534:Men on the buddhic level, Who reflect Their higher prototypes on the second plane of the system.Fire, 539:groups of three upon the three subplanes of the higher mental. Their unfoldment is worked outFire, 541:those he seeks to serve, but it is of a much higher order than the blind sacrifice to which a manFire, 542:transmit force with intense rapidity. The three higher petals unfold, and the nine-petalled lotusFire, 543:and a final and briefer period wherein the three higher or inner ring of petals are developed andFire, 549:young can be taught to contact their own ego or higher energy; how best they can be led toFire, 549:appropriate the knowledge and ability of their higher self for use on the physical plane; how bestFire, 549:can be brought into direct alignment with their higher center of force, and thus draw down aFire, 553:consciousness, is recognized as the logoic Higher Self, or His emanating source. This brings theFire, 558:transmutation of his lower sex impulses into higher. The mental vitalization of another largeFire, 564:in Their [564] various grades on the two higher planes of the solar system. He works through Them,Fire, 571:this idea. We have the three laws of the cosmic higher planes, holding in a synthesis of beauty theFire, 573:circle. Both symbols are, of course, in the higher dimensions. The symbol for the next system isFire, 576:physical and the astral, only matter of the five higher subplanes, of their respective planes, isFire, 578:less true of each subplane and its corresponding higher subplane numerically, and there is,Fire, 580:the merging of evolution into an inconceivably higher state. Fire, 584:which the mystic contacts the buddhic and even higher planes. The lines of least resistance in theFire, 586:dominated and controlled eventually by the three higher laws in the system - the Laws of MagneticFire, 598:way to apprehend this beauty; yet, to those on higher levels and with a wider range of vision, theFire, 599:The fifth root race marks a point where higher and lower manas approximate, and where the concreteFire, 600:of human attainment, and 1-5-7 if viewed from a higher. [601] Fire, 608:why so much must remain mysterious to even the higher grades of initiates, and why even theFire, 611:Christ within the heart, and the growth of the higher life at the expense of the lower. Thus alsoFire, 613:Solar Gods give him two principles: Lower mind Higher mind The Monad is the unified two highestFire, 616:of the Logos, formed of the matter of the four higher planes of the system. From this point of viewFire, 616:provides an interesting consideration: its three higher subplanes are positive, and centralize the
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