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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHER

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Fire, 1063:are the sumtotal of the substance of the four higher planes and of the three lower. There is a formFire, 1065:passed through in the human kingdom, and in the higher spheres of existence, with an envelopingFire, 1071:sphere of energized influence into another of a higher vibration, of larger and wider expanse ofFire, 1071:these atomic lives into a gradual series of ever-higher types of mineral energy. For instance, theFire, 1072:or moisture. Through the effect of water every higher type of plant life is evolved, and throughFire, 1075:central life is ready for the imposition of a higher vibratory activity, and when the negativeFire, 1078:the fourth Creative Hierarchy into another and a higher one. Many posts held hitherto by VenusianFire, 1084:sun is one and all that is of lesser force and higher number, such as the eighth and ninth degrees,Fire, 1085:plane of a lower four dominated over by a higher triad, we get form, food, rain and yagna as theFire, 1085:and karma, Veda and eternal substance as the higher triad. The eternal substance that pervades allFire, 1085:- the spirit of evolution that connects the higher and lower or in Puranic fashion, the spirit thatFire, 1087:[1087] and hence can occultly "mount to a higher plane and find its fifth." A system which has fourFire, 1089:though for us remaining inexplicable until the higher initiations are taken. Fire, 1090:self-satisfaction, to remain unevolved upon the higher planes. Yet both groups followed the law ofFire, 1090:of the lower solar life forces by the centers of higher vitality. Again, he must remember that theFire, 1093:or systemic etheric body, or on the four higher planes of our solar system. We can picture toFire, 1097:in the Masters archives: "The vision of the higher sphere is hidden in the destiny of the fourthFire, 1103:in the lower connotation of the term. Later, as higher energies come into play and the effort isFire, 1103:from the egoic mind, the antahkarana between the higher mind and the mental sheath is built, andFire, 1111:atomic triangle, and the outer tier of petals. Higher Self, through the color and arrangement ofFire, 1112:petals. It then becomes possible for a still higher form of energy to be felt, that which is theFire, 1113:system, and which we are told is seen from the higher planes as a twelve-petalled lotus. TheseFire, 1119:opening, and to him who has the faculty of the higher intuition awakened, such pictures serve as aFire, 1119:such pictures serve as a clue or key to the higher interpretation. They reveal to the studentFire, 1122:centers which are the transmitters of all the higher energies from the Ego, and from the two higherFire, 1122:higher energies from the Ego, and from the two higher material bodies. All is centralized, and theFire, 1126:sixth sense, and has to be transcended by the higher mind and the intuition. The black brotherFire, 1132:of the disciples are composed of matter of the higher ethers. Fire, 1133:to the formation of those atoms in the higher kingdoms. Certain wide generalizations might here beFire, 1137:of energies taken from each and manifested. The higher three groups are closely allied, and until aFire, 1138:comprehend the nature and purpose of the three higher. We might express the matter as follows: TheFire, 1138:might express the matter as follows: The three higher groups are sattvic. The three lower groupsFire, 1138:group, or human, is rajasic. Again, the three higher groups are energized by three streams of forceFire, 1138:units, and permits of their passing into the higher group. The elemental group souls findFire, 1138:group souls find correspondences in the higher - first, in the human kingdom in the three mainFire, 1141:by. Geometrical symbolism - abstract symbolism, higher mental. Fire, 1144:this law involves ability to: Deal with the higher mathematical formulas of the solar system.Fire, 1145:therefore, to be transferred into a wave of a higher vibratory capacity. Enter the Hall of RecordsFire, 1146:took bodies and thus energized certain of the higher forms of the animal kingdom, so that theyFire, 1149:he returns to the earlier group recognition on a higher turn of the spiral. Fire, 1150:quality, or series of qualities, to a point of higher vibratory content, thus completing theFire, 1156:both microcosmic and macrocosmic, and a higher three which are transmitters for the three rays ofFire, 1157:and is transmitted downward, merging on the higher levels of the mental plane with seven streams ofFire, 1158:proceeds (I use the word "psychical" here in its higher connotation) and he begins to considerFire, 1158:aspect, demonstrates when the three higher in the three worlds are vibrating with accuracy. TheFire, 1160:in the Spiritual Triad, thus recapitulating on a higher turn of the spiral, the work he earlier didFire, 1163:the following manner: Spiritual energy - three higher planes - the Monads. Buddhic force - fourthFire, 1163:oft repeated, that three of them form the three higher etheric energy centers of the Logos, andFire, 1167:expands into the processes conditioned by the higher law of Synthesis, of which the Law ofFire, 1168:and, in the case of man, will be offset by a higher expression of the law when man is againFire, 1169:of lunar force, is, nevertheless, of a much higher order than the law of physical sex. It is theFire, 1170:and concerns itself with the attraction that a higher kingdom of nature will have for the highestFire, 1173:one, with the major three, forms a second and higher quaternary which again repeats the process,Fire, 1173:to attract to himself through knowledge, His own Higher Self, so as to produce alignment andFire, 1174:two of his aspects (the personal self and the Higher Self). It is the law which governs theFire, 1174:transition of the human atom into another and a higher kingdom. It is the law which (whenFire, 1175:cycles, functioning consciously on the three higher etheric planes in all parts of the system. TheyFire, 1184:he takes an initiation, and passes on to a higher turn of the spiral. Another stream of energyFire, 1189:with an energy which is the resultant of the higher vibrations yet which has a quality all its own.Fire, 1192:four in number, and those which concern the higher and middle and are, therefore, three. This isFire, 1192:concerned in the manifestation of the three higher principles in man (which may be considered asFire, 1192:perfected Adept, the Bodhisattva) and the three higher principles of the solar Logos as theyFire, 1193:of its work depends upon which of the three higher aspects of the initiating impulse, isFire, 1194:several of his Arhats, is such a Nirmanakaya, higher than whom, on account of his greatFire, 1197:Life, but They are not the Monads; They are far higher. [1198] This Hierarchy, which is literallyFire, 1202:become the three and they will then be the three higher arupa hierarchies of the next system.Fire, 1205:three worlds and one which makes itself felt in higher spheres. [1206] It is necessary to bear inFire, 1206:gaseous, with the living substance of the four higher subplanes of the systemic dense physicalFire, 1206:position as the "mediating" body between the higher four and those which are found on the lowerFire, 1208:progression from one kingdom into the next higher above, so there is a similar activity in theFire, 1208:of one hierarchy expands into that of the next higher. This can also be viewed in terms of energy.Fire, 1208:and the positive becomes the negative pole of a higher vibratory stage. There are, therefore, nineFire, 1209:and the work of the Lives on the four higher planes, with their effect upon the Logoic denseFire, 1224:so in the five worlds of the Hierarchy the three higher subplanes of the atmic plane hold anFire, 1229:Spirit can only be intelligibly revealed to the higher grades of the initiates, that is, to thoseFire, 1229:when this contact is firmly established can the higher concept be entertained. The nature of SpiritFire, 1240:Very little can be said for the secrets of the higher initiations may not be revealed, nor theFire, 1248:opinion on astral levels as well as on the higher levels where work the Great Ones, are manipulatedFire, 1248:learnt also the secret of group coherence on the higher levels of the mental plane in connectionFire, 1255:or through the soul-form. They thus repeat on a higher level the work of those Builders who createFire, 1256:by them, but only in connection with the higher planes and where the cosmic planes are concerned.Fire, 1258:analogous to that which lower mind holds to higher mind. The lower is receptive to, or negativelyFire, 1258:is receptive to, or negatively polarized to the higher. Sirius is the seat of higher mind and mahatFire, 1258:polarized to the higher. Sirius is the seat of higher mind and mahat (as it is called, or universalFire, 1258:the human antahkarana, or the path which links higher and lower mind and which is constructed byFire, 1262:respond to that vibration alone which is the higher correspondence upon the cosmic planes. OtherFire, 1266:of the Master." It is the Sonship to a Being higher than our Logos of Whom we may not speak. It isFire, 1266:Logos, forms a special group linked to a still higher Logos. These two paths enter into cosmicFire, 1281:cyclic AUM, reserving yet another sound for higher cosmic planes, That is the One unknown, theGlamour, 2:intuition has no relation to psychism, either higher or lower; the seeing of a vision, the hearingGlamour, 7:but is not in full functioning activity. This higher center must be awakened more fully beforeGlamour, 8:this, bear in mind that the idea connotes the higher or abstract intent; that the meaning is thatGlamour, 9:buddhic or intuitional plane. This plane is the higher correspondence of the astral or emotionalGlamour, 17:and this group makes its contact with me on the higher levels of the astral plane. Hence theGlamour, 31:and is responsive, at the same time, to the higher intuitional inspiration. It is mediatingGlamour, 43:agency, and pours down from soul levels (the higher levels of the mental plane) through the mind toGlamour, 46:like all persons who have not taken some of the higher initiations, he can (in due time) becomeGlamour, 48:and naturally he will begin to obey the higher rhythm and give his assent to the laws which controlGlamour, 54:and brought the lower nature into touch with the higher. Ideas come to us from the plane of theGlamour, 55:in the light of the soul." It descends to the higher levels of the mental plane and there clothes
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