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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHER

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Glamour, 56:conscious contact with the soul, seeing into the higher world through the medium of the "soul'sGlamour, 59:the ray ideas and forms as they color the higher presentations. Between ideas and thought-forms,Glamour, 64:more often than you might think. It concerns the higher interpretations of the Hindu aphorism:Glamour, 67:directly, and without any deviation, from the higher spiritual worlds. The intuition can begin toGlamour, 68:Your field of living experience is on the higher levels of the astral plane. Your task is toGlamour, 73:and dispelled by the bringing in of the higher energy of the mind, motivated by the soul. TheGlamour, 74:of money and the love of possessions. Today that higher rhythm is commensurate with the lowerGlamour, 78:the greater Self through the medium of the higher Self and thus lose sight of the little self, itsGlamour, 81:use of the illumined mind. The intuition is a higher power than is the mind, and is a facultyGlamour, 86:such time as there is a definite direction and a higher control - either through orientedGlamour, 87:that an inner orientation towards the world of higher values takes place, then the etheric or vitalGlamour, 87:body and the etheric forces, and in this way a higher aspiration is brought into expression. ThisGlamour, 87:On the human battlefield, the kurukshetra, the higher aspect of the [88] soul begins to dominate,Glamour, 90:- The Nature of Glamor 4. Glamor upon the Higher Mental Planes - The Dweller on the Threshold WeGlamour, 91:Threshold is all that a man is, apart from the higher spiritual self; it is the third aspect ofGlamour, 91:it is a meeting and a battle between another and higher pair of opposites. The aspirant has,Glamour, 101:disturbed by a renewed recognition of a higher and deeper duality. This duality temporarilyGlamour, 103:the [103] radiance." This is the task of the higher of the two entities, with which the disciple orGlamour, 103:plane and can rightly impose etheric energy (the higher of the two) upon physical energy. In theGlamour, 103:to produce complete at-one-ment between the higher and lower aspect of the soul in manifestationGlamour, 104:where they can identify themselves with their higher aspect, the soul, and can then bring in soulGlamour, 107:are unawakened. But, as humanity evolved and the higher levels of the racial consciousness becameGlamour, 107:activity in the throat center which is the higher aspect of the sacral center (the sex center) andGlamour, 108:is aware and capable of functioning upon a plane higher than that on which humanity as a whole is,Glamour, 108:se and the vital etheric body. A dimly sensed higher consciousness which was distinguished byGlamour, 109:time unreasoning - realization of an urge to higher living or a tendency to lower activity. ThisGlamour, 109:over-emphasized the lower at the expense of the higher, and served to distract the attention of theGlamour, 110:realm of choice, based upon the emergence of the higher values, and finally a period of conflict inGlamour, 110:a whole, as the attempt is made to resolve this higher duality with which the man or the race isGlamour, 110:This resolution is brought about when a higher aspect of the consciousness is dimly visioned andGlamour, 122:The glamor of the pairs of opposites, in the higher sense. RAY V The glamor of materiality, orGlamour, 125:Causes of Glamor 3. The Contrasts between the Higher and the Lower Glamors In the preceding part ofGlamour, 127:the soul) he is then prepared to pass on to the higher reality, that of the integrated SelfGlamour, 127:a lower state of being and of consciousness to a higher. This is in every case the state ofGlamour, 134:the race today is the re-establishing (upon a higher turn of the spiral) of that spiritualGlamour, 135:thought-forms, barring out escape into the higher realms of awareness or into that loving serviceGlamour, 141:work consistently and perseveringly from that higher center. I might here paraphrase an ancientGlamour, 149:for mental stability and assurance that the higher desires will meet with gratification. All thisGlamour, 159:The consciousness of humanity from the higher and spiritual standpoint functions today through theGlamour, 171:disciple the world of ideas and the door of the higher initiations. Through the disciple's graspGlamour, 173:phenomenal world, and to the impression from the higher worlds of being. The mind is the instrumentGlamour, 175:produced illusion whilst the unfoldment of the higher mind and, later, its use as the transmitterGlamour, 175:as the transmitter of the intuition and of the higher revelation, will produce the transfigurationGlamour, 178:which guards the approach to the Path of the Higher Evolution. [179] The holding of the mind steadyGlamour, 179:should have prepared the student of the higher mysteries. These steps must precede all effort toGlamour, 179:and to the world as a whole will be still higher. This is to be expected if the evolutionaryGlamour, 180:the transference of the mystical vision to the higher levels of awareness. It is not the vision ofGlamour, 181:and duly reflected upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. This Way is revealed to the disciple, e'enGlamour, 182:for the revelation: The relinquishing of the Higher Way. The return to the Angel, or a refocusingGlamour, 184:natural intuitives whose work is a blend of the higher psychism with flashes of true intuition.Glamour, 192:can be used in the service of humanity and in higher spheres of divine activity; each is related toGlamour, 195:itself for purposes of development. On a higher turn of the spiral, the intuition is the expressionGlamour, 195:Spiritual Triad, placing it in relation to the higher levels of divine expression; it is a resultGlamour, 195:the initiate consciously functions. Of this higher experience, the active life of the three worldsGlamour, 196:at fusion. I need not enlarge on this. It is the higher stage of at-one-ment to which all trueGlamour, 200:precipitate itself at the right moment once the higher light pours in. They are indicative of theGlamour, 202:into the world of glamor. The [202] Masters, the higher initiates and the world disciples do thisGlamour, 223:to negate and refuse to admit, the fact of the Higher Self. He feels self-sufficient. They respondGlamour, 245:a planned moving forward towards that which is higher and desirable. It is, in some ways, a reverseGlamour, 246:aware of the need for him to establish a new and higher rhythm in his physical plane life, toGlamour, 246:his time in obedience to the injunction of his higher self, and to produce, consciously andGlamour, 246:has learnt that he is a triple reflection of a higher Trinity and that this Trinity is - for him -Glamour, 251:integrated personality is in command or - on a higher turn of the spiral - the Monad is in commandGlamour, 252:of spiritual application and service wherein the higher triangle is the most potent. The followingGlamour, 252:First: As the soul, working through the higher triangle, becomes the directing agent, illusion isGlamour, 259:aspect entirely astral in nature. There is a higher and better mode of song, actuated by aGlamour, 259:the needed energy upon the breath from sources higher and far more extensive than those normallyGlamour, 261:of illusion; or by illumination, coming from higher sources than the life in the three worlds. TheGlamour, 261:because right impulse, steady reaction to higher impulsions and the practical recognition of theGlamour, 266:is to prepare Them to tread the Way of the Higher Evolution. When this becomes possible, the shiftGlamour, 267:[267] Before Him lies the attainment of a still higher range of perceptions and, in order to garnerGlamour, 269:that the great submission of the lower to the higher takes place. It does not happen when theHealing, 11:and greater Minds, functioning in other and higher kingdoms in nature which will surely see lifeHealing, 29:demand of his own soul. When man has reached a higher stage in evolution, with deliberation andHealing, 30:to learn that all the laws of nature have their higher, spiritual counterparts, and of these weHealing, 35:are being increasingly subordinated to this higher type of control. It should be borne in mind thatHealing, 40:clogged channels and permits the entrance of the higher energies. The emotional causes of diseaseHealing, 44:and whose general level of intelligence is higher than that of the mass; this includes also theHealing, 45:lotus, as a whole Buddhic vehicle Causal body Higher mental All types of Spiritual People -Healing, 45:nerve Life force Group consciousness Love petals Higher mental Causal body Creative Artists - AllHealing, 48:need a more careful and lengthy training, and a higher standard of technical knowledge should beHealing, 50:principle of the mind, bring a shift into a higher level of consciousness. This will produce aHealing, 62:throat center, and thus become creative in the higher sense, employing the energy [63] sensed andHealing, 88:and from the dense physical levels of life. The higher animals, however, owing to the developmentHealing, 90:racial attention shifts into the region of the higher values the physical vehicle will gainHealing, 94:an end. It is therefore by the imposition of a higher energy and of a higher rhythm upon the lowerHealing, 94:by the imposition of a higher energy and of a higher rhythm upon the lower forces that disease canHealing, 94:physical body of the failure to bring in these higher energies and rhythms, and that, in its turn,Healing, 94:humanity must some day learn that it is only the higher consciousness of the soul, working throughHealing, 95:to think and to register [95] and express the higher states of consciousness which leads to wrongHealing, 98:go on until [98] man learns how to handle the higher energies and to recognize the need for aHealing, 112:in the last solar system and of a necessarily higher order than the substance which vibratesHealing, 116:of light, of the soul, of the beloved, of that higher something which he senses as existing and asHealing, 118:will be worked out later is the discovery of the higher correspondences to the lower difficultiesHealing, 118:under the care of the healer to that recognized higher aspect. The whole Science of Integration isHealing, 127:"elevation" of the lower consciousness to the higher which produces the main difficulties to whichHealing, 127:This sublimation of the lower life into the higher is one of deepest moment to the individual andHealing, 136:forces which are resistant to or assimilative of higher or different types of energy. Let meHealing, 137:- the personality ray as it is resistant to the higher energy. The forces are the other energies orHealing, 141:potency, the response of the centers to the higher inflow, the point in evolution achieved, and the
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