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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHER

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Healing, 687:of Invocation and Evocation. Here, it is the two higher centers of the divine Existence which areHealing, 689:only by means of the sense of hearing and its higher correspondences, but through a response fromHealing, 689:they call the three worlds. Technically and from higher angles, this is not so, and this factHealing, 689:and work of the initiate of the fourth and higher degrees. It accounts also for the need for theHealing, 689:The Sound reverberates throughout the four higher subplanes of the cosmic physical plane; these areHealing, 689:of the cosmic physical plane; these are the higher correspondence of the four etheric levels of theHealing, 690:he is high in the ashramic circles, or still higher, in the circles through which radiates theHealing, 690:consciousness has been superseded by a still higher type of spiritual recognition, to which we haveHealing, 703:of dissolution, bringing about, therefore, a higher form of healing. Unless the healer is a higherHealing, 703:a higher form of healing. Unless the healer is a higher initiate and can work in full awareness ofHercules, 22:and he saw the underlying purpose. These are the higher correspondences of the three aspects of theHercules, 32:of that duality and to meet the need of the higher, and he is beginning to respond to impulsesHercules, 46:closely linked with sex, in its lower and in its higher aspects, is this important constellation ofHercules, 53:was, in his lower nature, the bull, and in his higher nature the Cyclops. When the bull of desireHercules, 57:mind: "Truth lies within yourself. There is a higher power and strength and wisdom in yourself.Hercules, 65:Gemini. The at-one-ment of the lower with the higher self, of the mortal and the immortal aspects,Hercules, 65:at length attentive to the voice of Nereus, the higher self, but sometimes under the illusion andHercules, 66:acquiring of knowledge in order to receive the higher revelation. The unintelligent may receive it,Hercules, 67:under the influence of two teachers: Nereus, the higher teacher, and Busiris, the lower or psychicHercules, 68:in the life of the aspirant as [68] he unifies higher and lower, passes through the five stages inHercules, 69:esoterically, the wonder and the glory of the higher self. In Canis Minor, the "underdog", the sameHercules, 69:of the lower self chased eternally by the higher self; the human soul pursued by the Hound ofHercules, 71:Hercules, they meet Nereus, the symbol of the higher self, and, later on in the history of theHercules, 71:in the early stages of the search, the higher self will manifest as a flash of illumination, andHercules, 72:learned to know Nereus as the symbol of his own higher self. When by our own efforts we areHercules, 73:the disciple, has known the touch of the higher self, but he did not know enough to stay withHercules, 82:touch of that more universal sense which is the higher aspect of the mass consciousness. Equipped,Hercules, 87:a recognition of the quality of Cancer in its higher aspects when the native is an aspirant orHercules, 103:desire, transmuted into, or sacrificed to, its higher aspect. It had to be raised up intoHercules, 104:to the reality, of the lower aspect to the higher, and of the individual unit to the great sumHercules, 111:before he could control the personality by the higher mind. For it was only when he had blocked theHercules, 120:turn of the spiral; and soul is the vehicle on a higher turn of the spiral for the manifestation ofHercules, 125:sights, on every hand, of fear and terror. Higher and higher still he climbed. And then he met aHercules, 125:on every hand, of fear and terror. Higher and higher still he climbed. And then he met a friend.Hercules, 131:the judgments of the world may be reversed by a higher court; that truth may walk the earth in manyHercules, 135:must be at-one-ment between the Will and the higher mind, expressing itself through desire or loveHercules, 145:mind. He seeks to raise his problem to a higher dimension, not to stir endlessly in the slough ofHercules, 147:can be overcome by raising consciousness to a higher point of integration. When a person's life isHercules, 147:When a person's life is refocused about a higher purpose, the threatening shadows of fear areHercules, 148:opposite of the desire for union. Raised to a higher dimension, hate is transmuted into theHercules, 148:lower arc, it is assuredly destructive; upon the higher, when thoroughly purified, it may be seenHercules, 153:which will triumph, the form or the Christ, the higher Self or the lower self, the real or theHercules, 162:for the manifestation of soul, and soul on a higher turn of the spiral is the vehicle for theHercules, 172:he be trusted with the secrets of life and the higher powers. Interpretations of the Labor inHercules, 190:winged horse, ever the inspiring symbol of the higher mind, love, spurning the earth, at home inHercules, 205:deadness, this revival of interest in the higher realities inevitably appears, guaranteeing thatHercules, 214:Will to serve, first the lower self, then the higher Self. World service. Individual consciousnessHercules, 223:[223] Gemini The interplay between higher and lower. Virgo The form which nurtures the ChristHercules, 225:In Cancer (June 21 - July 21, the Crab), the higher faculty of the intuition is brought into play,Hercules, 226:he must transmute intellect into intuition. The higher correspondences of all the lower powers haveHercules, 226:also that the lower can be subordinated to the higher. Through the service rendered and the sanityInitiation, viii:The Monad reflects itself again in II. The Ego, Higher Self, or Individuality. This aspect isInitiation, viii:- Buddhi, Love-wisdom, the Christ principle Higher or abstract Mind - Higher Manas The Ego beginsInitiation, viii:the Christ principle Higher or abstract Mind - Higher Manas The Ego begins to make its power feltInitiation, viii:initiation the control of the lower self by the higher is perfected, and the highest aspect beginsInitiation, 7:lower self, or body, to that polarized in the higher self, ego, or soul, thence to a polarizationInitiation, 11:and to harmonize more and more with the higher measure. For our present purpose (which is to studyInitiation, 12:or lower self. In the Hall of Learning the higher self, or Ego, strives to dominate that form untilInitiation, 13:of the pupil in the Hall of Wisdom into a higher class, marks the clearer shining forth of theInitiation, 15:into the wisdom attained by the Ego, and in the higher initiations into the consciousness of theInitiation, 15:ceremony of initiation takes place on the three higher subplanes of the mental plane, and on theInitiation, 15:subplanes of the mental plane, and on the three higher planes, according to the initiation. TheInitiation, 17:At the sixth initiation, if He takes the higher degree, He gains power on another ray, and at theInitiation, 18:of the personality and the Ego, and on higher levels still, with the Monad. The whole evolution ofInitiation, 19:[19] have a somewhat analogous situation on the higher levels, though the parallel cannot be pushedInitiation, 19:corresponds to the emotional, and the four higher levels of the mental plane to the etheric. In theInitiation, 19:and those in incarnation with him. With his higher Self, and thus with all selves. With his Spirit,Initiation, 19:a conscious Ego, with the consciousness of the higher Self, at the third initiation, through theInitiation, 20:in man through its initial work of blending the higher three aspects of spirit with the lower four;Initiation, 22:of the love-wisdom faculty. Man but repeats on a higher turn of the spiral, the work of the threeInitiation, 22:becomes something more. He enters into a still higher consciousness than that of the group, andInitiation, 29:literally the Planetary Logos Himself, on the higher plane of consciousness whereon he functions,Initiation, 29:has been superseded, that of the Ego or higher self, and that which we see and know is the directInitiation, 31:of spiritual will, intuition, or wisdom, and higher mind) who had for long ages been waiting forInitiation, 33:Certain of its members were called away to higher work elsewhere in the solar system, and thisInitiation, 34:permitting for a time no more Monads on the higher plane to appropriate bodies. This restricted theInitiation, 54:the present holder of that office vacates it for higher work, and the sixth root-race comes intoInitiation, 59:observation all those who are psychics of the higher order, and assists in developing their powersInitiation, 64:all of us is to attain the consciousness of the higher self, and subsequently that of the DivineInitiation, 67:direct communication can be effected between the higher and the lower via the atomic cross-sectionInitiation, 71:causal body, and to follow the guidance of the higher self and not the dictates of his threefoldInitiation, 74:sexes and its expression will be translated to a higher plane. Then, through the spoken word, andInitiation, 79:goes the force which flows through him from the higher planes and his own inner God produces atInitiation, 82:for the mastery of the lower self by the higher, is willing to sacrifice even unto death. The firstInitiation, 83:must be very strong. The channel between the higher and the lower is widened, and the obedience ofInitiation, 86:fact is of interest. The control of the three higher subplanes is not yet complete, and here is oneInitiation, 86:initiates. Their mastery of matter in the three higher subplanes is not yet perfect; these yetInitiation, 90:forward with rapidity, and the matter of the higher subplanes of the buddhic is coordinated. TheInitiation, 91:to impose upon that energetic rhythm one that is higher, until that lower rhythm is superseded byInitiation, 91:until that lower rhythm is superseded by the higher, and the old method of expressing energy diesInitiation, 91:a vastly more extensive manner the force of the higher self or Ego, and brings into play on theInitiation, 92:possible to take in this solar system, a still higher type of energy in expression of the one SelfInitiation, 93:him. He becomes sensitive to the voice of his higher self, thus working off karma under theInitiation, 95:The electrical phenomena produced on the higher planes, as more and more the human unitsInitiation, 97:resistance, but seeks to initiate and impose a higher rhythm. The devas follow the line of leastInitiation, 101:of the "siddhis," or powers of the soul, in the higher connotation of the words. He will be awareInitiation, 104:pass on steadily and increasingly to other and higher work, as their places can be taken and theirInitiation, 107:are therefore the first two initiations. For the higher three initiations at which Sanat KumaraInitiation, 108:the force or energy of one or other of the three higher subplanes of the mental plane. Therefore atInitiation, 109:ever a passing on of some adept or initiate to a higher grade or to other work, and the coming in
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