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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHER

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Meditation, 10:of equilibrium is gradually shifted higher and higher, until the time comes when the lower point ofMeditation, 11:succeeding that, begins the transference to a higher vibration, the keying up to the Higher Self,Meditation, 11:to a higher vibration, the keying up to the Higher Self, and the attuning of the Personality, orMeditation, 12:several incarnations may go by in which the Higher Self only forces the man to think and seriouslyMeditation, 13:MEDITATION June 4, 1920 The Ray of the Ego or Higher Self. The Ray of the Personality or LowerMeditation, 15:as follows: [15] The Ray of the pupil's Ego, or Higher Self. The Ray of his Personality or LowerMeditation, 15:when assigning Meditation 1. The Ray of the Higher Self The ray on which a man's causal body isMeditation, 16:man on to perfection, through realization of the Higher, and resulting in the service of powerMeditation, 18:through that which hinders the downflow of the higher knowledge. It involves also the will elementMeditation, 23:the question of the mental plane and its three higher subplanes, which are the planes of the Ego.Meditation, 23:- I will deal with the relationship of the Higher Self to the threefold lower man, and theMeditation, 24:nature, and has no thought for aught that may be higher. This period parallels that of the childMeditation, 24:for the instinctive force inherent in the Higher Self does the work, and the driving force ofMeditation, 27:and carefully, forces his consciousness higher and to expand at will; at any cost he determines toMeditation, 28:and man - during this final period - becomes the Higher Self and not the Personality. TheMeditation, 29:is completed. The polarization then shifts higher into the Triad - the shifting beginning at theMeditation, 29:permanent atom goes and the polarization becomes higher mental; the emotional permanent atom goesMeditation, 33:a shifting of polarization from the lower to the higher and later to complete emancipation fromMeditation, 33:deal with the matter from the standpoint of the Higher Self, from the egoic level, and consider theMeditation, 33:that consciousness to the Personality. The Higher Self on its own plane, is not trammeled by timeMeditation, 34:nearer and make it more rapidly a fact. [34] The Higher Self or Ego on its own plane has directMeditation, 35:the disciples who have the consciousness of the Higher Self, and are therefore able to work onMeditation, 36:and dreaming always of someone or something higher than himself. All this is backed by the profoundMeditation, 37:levels, but is found also on that of the Higher Self. Certain developments also, incidental to theMeditation, 38:than those who are not. It is almost as if the Higher Self were directed downwards, or willinglyMeditation, 43:desire becomes transmuted into the body of the higher intuition. It is the serving perfectly eachMeditation, 54:of manifestation. It is the akasha. On the higher planes it is the agent of the great Entity WhoMeditation, 58:vacuum is then created, not so much between the higher and the lower vehicles as between them andMeditation, 59:more adequate vehicle for the illumination from higher levels. But - until correctness is possibleMeditation, 61:will serve as a protection and make the desired higher contact more easy. The matter of that spot,Meditation, 62:lower aspect of Deity seeking alignment with the higher. Then let him three times intone the SacredMeditation, 63:so that it will be a true reflector of the higher. It causes a sudden rush of feeling from theMeditation, 65:the channel [65] free from obstruction, and the higher inspiration will be possible. This is theMeditation, 66:a linking of all three groups - the lower, the higher and the Brotherhood - in a triangle for theMeditation, 66:and swinging all into line with the higher rhythm. This results in equilibrium; it stimulates theMeditation, 66:at the same time opens the connection with the higher, which higher, entering in, stabilizes theMeditation, 66:time opens the connection with the higher, which higher, entering in, stabilizes the lower concreteMeditation, 66:and facilitates the contact between the higher and the lower is an instrument in the hand of theMeditation, 67:done by them. Later, as individuals develop the higher consciousness, wardens of groups must beMeditation, 67:equilibrium, and the contacting of the higher mind. [68] Groups for the healing of the physicalMeditation, 68:alignment, and to clear the channel betwixt the higher and the lower. Groups for the treatment ofMeditation, 69:path, and with the development of the higher faculties. Later, when the Great Lord, the Christ,Meditation, 72:the divine fire must be focalized in other and higher centers. Meditation, 75:Ray of the Spirit or Monad. The Ray of the Ego, Higher Self, or Son, or the subray. [76] Race andMeditation, 79:It focuses the light or the consciousness of the Higher Self into the three lower vehicles, drawingMeditation, 79:lower vehicles. It forces the unification of the higher and lower, and it attracts the spiritualMeditation, 82:to shatter it, and to impose another and still higher rhythm. Growth is one long period of buildingMeditation, 82:process of mounting the ladder (as one nears the higher rungs) becomes ever more complicated andMeditation, 82:and its force must demonstrate through the higher dimension. [83] Each etheric center has to beMeditation, 85:transcended and superseded by the force of the higher intellect. It often marks a period when a manMeditation, 85:the emotional body is actively the agent of the higher, and engenders but little of the rose ofMeditation, 88:and to the invoking of the assistance of the higher devas to bring [89] about desired results. TheMeditation, 90:of the consciousness of the lower self into the higher. This carries with it the capacity to see onMeditation, 91:and the mental vibration shuts not out the higher one of the Spirit can the student be trusted toMeditation, 94:as the channel of communication between the higher and the lower, the physical brain being then butMeditation, 94:of that which is transmitted from the Ego or Higher Self, and later from the threefold Spirit, theMeditation, 95:for the transference of the polarization into a higher body, first the causal and later into theMeditation, 96:will in process of time become so attuned to the higher vibration that in due course that vibrationMeditation, 98:vehicle automatically obeying the behests of a higher. It is also the body that connects mostMeditation, 99:is) it causes inaccuracy in reception from the higher planes, distortion of the truths sent downMeditation, 99:the alignment is imperfect the force from those higher levels is deflected, the wrong centers areMeditation, 103:the great connector between the lower and the Higher Self. In meditation the student seeks toMeditation, 103:seeks to contact the divine flame that is his Higher Self, and to put himself likewise en rapportMeditation, 103:too violently, before the alignment between the higher and lower bodies via the emotional isMeditation, 103:instead of vivification and stimulation of the higher centers. There is a proper geometricalMeditation, 103:the student and the key of the vibration of his higher centers. This fire should only be permittedMeditation, 111:is being made to bridge the gap between the higher and the lower and, by centering theMeditation, 111:lower mind and later in the causal, to tap the higher until the downflow from that higher will beMeditation, 111:to tap the higher until the downflow from that higher will be continuous. With most of the advancedMeditation, 112:of pride, of blind forgetfulness of the higher that it is the aim of the present method to offset.Meditation, 122:response to the divine and rapid reaction to the higher inspiration has never been so great. DivineMeditation, 133:wise if he not only attempts to call his Ego or Higher Self for the dispelling of the cloud, butMeditation, 134:mind and permits it continuously to shut out the higher, is in danger of straying on the left-handMeditation, 136:comparatively speaking, have as yet built in the higher vibration that responds to the keynote ofMeditation, 136:located on the lower mental levels, but on the higher, the White Lodge dominates, the three higherMeditation, 136:the higher, the White Lodge dominates, the three higher subplanes being the levels that They begMeditation, 137:your head may be bathed in the sunshine of the higher regions. Recognition of the filth of earthMeditation, 141:and of producing that at-one-ment between the higher and the lower that is the aim of allMeditation, 142:his own superior Self. He comes to recognize his Higher Self or Ego as his true Self, and from thatMeditation, 143:and likewise regards himself as the higher Self within the egoic group and not as a separated unit,Meditation, 143:facts and it is that blending of the higher and the lower and the equipping of that lower until itMeditation, 143:until it provides a fitting expression for the higher. It is here that the practice of meditationMeditation, 144:occult development and who aspires toward the higher, has passed the stage of the average man - theMeditation, 144:different; he seeks to merge himself with his higher Self and with all that is entailed when we useMeditation, 144:towards the Ego and the bringing in of that higher consciousness with the subsequent development ofMeditation, 145:down; it is a ceaseless fight to preserve the higher vibration. And - which is the point I amMeditation, 145:all the day long, and the living in the higher consciousness till that consciousness is so stableMeditation, 145:he steps out of the lower consciousness into the higher, a kind of mayavirupa that acts as hisMeditation, 145:his Master, to him the embodiment of the ideal higher consciousness. He lays the outline of thisMeditation, 146:for the occult experience of entering into the higher consciousness. The man recognizes himself asMeditation, 146:and the man passes from these forms into the higher consciousness. As you therefore see, inMeditation, 156:emotional body that is composed of matter of the higher subplanes, is clear and sensitive, anMeditation, 157:high, when the percentage of matter of the two higher subplanes is approaching somewhat the desiredMeditation, 161:the polarization shifts from the lower to the higher that the work becomes possible. That time isMeditation, 165:threefold: It links him and aligns him with his Higher Self or Ego. It puts him in contact with hisMeditation, 166:a certain point of development, and when the higher mind holds greater sway, these occult mantramsMeditation, 168:are three direct lines of contact between the higher and the lower, all finding their focal pointMeditation, 168:points of force. These focal points may be his Higher Self, they may be his Master, they may be anMeditation, 172:that, he seeks to raise the consciousness still higher till he taps the source of illumination, andMeditation, 187:they set up a [187] strong vibration within the higher Triad, and so cause a downflow of the
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