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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHER

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Problems, 77:the rule of the proletariat in Russia, and the higher educational standard of the race, it mightProblems, 80:money and who can normally think in terms of the higher values. They are the hope of the future butProblems, 85:forces of evolution and are struggling towards a higher and better existence, towards moreProblems, 85:more individual and racial freedom and a much higher level of right human relations. TheProblems, 120:of love and to an expression of some still higher [121] aspect of that divine love; when goodwillPsychology1plane of existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of Spirit, andPsychology1, xix:the helping of humanity, and the promise to the Higher Self that endeavor will be made to losePsychology1, 14:the consciousness of the cosmic Christ. 3. The higher realization of unity follows upon this sensePsychology1, 15:attained certain steps and can function on the higher planes of the system in full awareness, hePsychology1, 15:out of one form into another, and thus, from a higher standpoint getting a fresh glimpse of aPsychology1, 25:great mystery, which is finally revealed in the higher initiations, is the relation of a ray to aPsychology1, 37:qualities. It might be added that initiations, higher than the fifth, reveal a purpose wider andPsychology1, 45:to intelligent activity which we note in the higher domestic animals. The correspondence toPsychology1, 45:more rapidly transmute that devotion into its higher correspondence - love of principles - if theyPsychology1, 50:the modes of this group teaching: [50] Ray I - Higher Expression: The science of statesmanship, ofPsychology1, 50:Modern diplomacy and politics. Ray II - Higher Expression: The process of initiation as taught byPsychology1, 50:of adepts. Lower Expression: Religion. Ray III - Higher Expression: Means of communication orPsychology1, 50:The use and spread of money and gold. Ray IV - Higher Expression: The Masonic work, based on thePsychology1, 50:construction. Modern city planning. Ray V - Higher Expression: The science of the soul. EsotericPsychology1, 50:educational systems and mental science. Ray VI - Higher Expression: Christianity and diversifiedPsychology1, 50:Churches and organized religions. Ray VII. Higher Expression: All forms of white magic. LowerPsychology1, 51:for man, the plane of the soul, and of the higher and the lower mind. It embodies the principle ofPsychology1, 51:of awareness. This particular transference into higher forms of awareness tends, at the beginning,Psychology1, 54:and for the body the opportunity to react to the higher soul impulse. Thus the field of expressionPsychology1, 55:the mental body, the "chitta" or mind stuff. The higher spiritual or abstract mind. These twoPsychology1, 55:both the lower kingdoms in nature and the higher spiritual realities. The first, the quality ofPsychology1, 55:coherence in manifestation. The other, the higher aspect, is the principle of self-awareness, andPsychology1, 55:the vibration becomes so potent that the higher is attracted and there is a fusion or at-one-ing.Psychology1, 55:there is a fusion or at-one-ing. This is like a higher recapitulation of the initial union ofPsychology1, 58:mental reactions to a world of ideas; there is a higher consciousness of plan and of purpose; therePsychology1, 61:the Creator, is totally unknown to all save the higher initiates. But the purpose of each ray LifePsychology1, 70:one. But from that point of high attainment, a higher vision blazes forth before the opened innerPsychology1, 76:we find the triple aspects of mind: Abstract or higher mind, the embodiment of a higher triad. ThePsychology1, 76:Abstract or higher mind, the embodiment of a higher triad. The concrete or lower mind, the highestPsychology1, 76:if they contrasted the building power of the higher mind with the destroying power of the lower.Psychology1, 76:to be the channel for the pure inflow of higher mind energy. This fifth ray is a Being of thePsychology1, 76:achieved by no other ray. Through His quality of higher mind, this ray is a pure channel for thePsychology1, 90:and that conscious thought with all the higher manifestations of the human mind (and hence also thePsychology1, 105:of [105] activity lies. In the training of the higher types of men in the use of the soul force andPsychology1, 122:of the wise and of the occultists. The three higher etheric levels, with their [123] denizens, arePsychology1, 130:the rank of initiate or accepted disciple of the higher stages. The soul is that factor in matterPsychology1, 135:forces emanating from the fifth plane of mind (higher mind, lower mind and the egoic intelligentPsychology1, 155:etheric body, into a responsive condition to the higher spiritual forces; as he progresses he willPsychology1, 163:Intuition. Raja Yoga. Mercury. Yellow. Rose. III Higher Mind. Exactitude in thought. HigherPsychology1, 163:Rose. III Higher Mind. Exactitude in thought. Higher Mathematics. Philosophy. Venus. Indigo. Blue.Psychology1, 186:prevalent everywhere. Thus mankind can link the higher and the lower manifestations of Life, butPsychology1, 186:themselves have (within themselves) linked their higher and their lower aspects. This is, andPsychology1, 204:Builders, the Seven Rays The Third Ray of Higher Mind Special Virtues: Wide views on all abstractPsychology1, 204:metaphysician, of the man who delights in the higher mathematics but who, unless modified by somePsychology1, 212:will be followed, whether in philosophy, the higher mathematics or in the pursuit of practicalPsychology1, 222:constitute likewise two of the secrets of the higher initiation. As this treatise is intended to bePsychology1, 222:man appreciates his position, midway between the higher three kingdoms and the lower three, willPsychology1, 226:is necessarily a paralleling effect upon the higher three kingdoms. People today have no idea whatPsychology1, 230:unites the three lower kingdoms to the three higher. Let it ever be borne in mind that the sign ofPsychology1, 233:some illumination if we realized that there are higher forms of life and consciousness in thePsychology1, 234:and attractive power which lures to it the higher forms of life, leading the animal forms toPsychology1, 242:the perfume of the flowers, as found in the higher units of the vegetable kingdom. This perfume canPsychology1, 249:one who is conscious," the greater again is the higher, yet different, unity and synthesis. SuchPsychology1, 249:Such also is the consciousness of the three higher kingdoms, the superhuman. The tragedy, thePsychology1, 250:of sorrow and pain is seen, whilst in the higher and the domesticated animals these two educatingPsychology1, 253:in the mineral kingdom. Divisions: First, the higher animals and the domestic animals, such as thePsychology1, 259:an activity from without, from above, from a higher or from the divine side, if such a use ofPsychology1, 259:or earlier fusions of divine energies. It is the higher aspect of divinity which takes thePsychology1, 279:forms responds cyclically to the inflow of the higher energies, their effect is to stimulate allPsychology1, 289:in other words, there is a true union of the higher and the lower energies, you will have thePsychology1, 289:of the fusion of the lower energies with the higher, and of this, physical plane sex is a symbol.Psychology1, 289:in the raising of the lower into union with the higher, and thereby the beautifying of the TemplePsychology1, 290:head. Of this relation between the lower and the higher, physical plane sex is the symbol. But inPsychology1, 290:the second is positive. These two organs are the higher correspondences of the male and femalePsychology1, 291:In the union of the lower energies with the higher, resulting in the creative work. In the unionPsychology1, 291:beginning to raise the lower energies into the higher centers, and it is this transition which isPsychology1, 292:Some few, however, are raising their energies higher still and translating them into terms of thePsychology1, 292:enable them to raise the lower energies into the higher centers, and to transfer the focus of theirPsychology1, 296:in the work of transmuting the lower into the higher centers; a marriage will be regarded asPsychology1, 306:potencies. The celibacy required is that of the higher nature to the demands of the lower, and thePsychology1, 318:with the polarization shifting ever into the higher centers, and the lower centers fading away intoPsychology1, 320:cycle. Our objective is the harmonizing of the higher and the lower aspects, or principles, both inPsychology1, 325:group in this scale of adaptation is that of the higher initiates, the perfected Elder Brethren andPsychology1, 325:work of the disciples of the world, and of the higher types of aspirants, proves helpful [326] as aPsychology1, 327:bring about three things: A stimulation of the higher atoms of the three bodies. The discarding, asPsychology1, 327:of the magnetic attractive power of the higher atoms, which draw to themselves atoms of highPsychology1, 345:to bridge and fuse. Mankind now lives. The higher and the middle four meet in the lower four uponPsychology1, 345:within the fourth sphere whence came forth the higher governing four. Thus will the government bePsychology1, 345:away. The lower four, the middle four and the higher four will chant in unison the glory of theirPsychology1, 353:racial manifestation pass on into another and higher race, the sixth root race, in this case. ThesePsychology1, 354:and that the adepts of the Aryan race will be higher in development, and of a more intellectualPsychology1, 355:and the fifth rays, the great fusion between the higher and the lower aspects of mankind was made.Psychology1, 355:physical reaction to the ray forces produces a higher form of hatha yoga or physical coordination.Psychology1, 356:The intellect (concrete and abstract, lower and higher) is steadily unfolding, and as it unfolds,Psychology1, 360:The seventh ray will inaugurate the sense of a higher unity; first, that of the integratedPsychology1, 375:vital body and beginning to be conscious on the higher levels of the astral plane, and some fewPsychology1, 389:I gave (see Pages 382-383), and consider the higher and lower expressions of the rays, noting howPsychology1, 389:in the new and modern style in building. Its higher expression is not yet to be noted, but GermanyPsychology1, 389:government. It is interesting to note that the higher expression of the egoic ray of France (thePsychology1, 411:the Rays Ray Methods of Teaching Truth Ray I - Higher expression: The science of statesmanship, andPsychology1, 411:Modern diplomacy and politics. Ray II - Higher expression: The process of initiation as taught byPsychology1, 411:Masters. Lower expression: Religion. Ray III - Higher expression: Means of communication orPsychology1, 411:The use and spread of money and gold. Ray IV - Higher expression: The Masonic work, based on thePsychology1, 411:construction. Modern city planning. Ray V - Higher expression: The science of the Soul. EsotericPsychology1, 411:expression: Modern educational systems. Ray VI - Higher expression: Christianity and diversified
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