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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHER

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Rays, 50:personality - is brought into contact with the higher abstract mind; this latter is theRays, 53:are hearing the sound of the AUM and, in their higher brackets, are finding that AUM the expressionRays, 54:The initiate and the Master, along with those of higher rank who are approaching identificationRays, 58:From the first identification, which is the higher correspondence of the stage ofRays, 60:we are faced with a similar condition on a higher turn of the spiral, but with this difference (oneRays, 61:initiate undergoes and all that he enacts is the higher and esoteric correspondence of the tripleRays, 61:makes possible later (in time and space) the higher unfoldment in the world of the Spiritual Triad.Rays, 63:and the ability - through the medium of the higher mind, which is the lowest aspect of theRays, 65:aided by the initiated disciple working from the higher corresponding levels. This is true of allRays, 65:working directly in the three worlds, or from higher levels, as work the Nirmanakayas (the creativeRays, 69:major centers of the planetary Life. This is the higher expression (symbolic, if you like) of theRays, 69:is to be found in the relation of the three higher centers in the human being - head, heart andRays, 69:and their evocative response to the three higher, thus producing [70] an eventual unity at theRays, 74:produced by the meeting of the two lights, the higher and the lower. These are the higherRays, 74:lights, the higher and the lower. These are the higher correspondence of the blazing forth of theRays, 78:which is misleading in the extreme; there is no higher or lower and no greater or lesser in ourRays, 79:so that it can become the foundation of the higher process which is instituted at the thirdRays, 81:he now starts off upon the way of the higher unfoldment, of which the first step is contact withRays, 82:or awareness is superseded when the higher initiations are taken and their place is filled by aRays, 83:Word; but this is something different and is the higher correspondence to the earlier experience.Rays, 83:teaching, lies an undercurrent or thread of higher revelation. This is concerned with theRays, 84:see the glory of the Lord, and together pass to higher service of a nature and caliber unknown toRays, 96:reason, the intuition. From the angle of the higher initiate, this rule is related to the activityRays, 96:is a dim and uncertain shadow. Some clue to the higher quaternary dealt with in this rule willRays, 99:and a new orientation to a world of values, higher than even the world of meaning, has set in. ThisRays, 103:dropped below the threshold of consciousness (a higher correspondence of the automatic [104]Rays, 108:by stage from one realized purpose to another higher one, each step removing him further from hisRays, 109:so that they may [109] begin to influence the higher level of thinkers. These latter areRays, 113:the gap between the concrete lower mind and the higher mind or - to word it technically and in theRays, 114:given anent the Path of Discipleship, but the higher rate of intelligence of the modern applicantRays, 114:two aspects: concrete and abstract, lower and higher. The nature of life as the Monad expresses it.Rays, 115:the "eye of the needle," on Their way to the higher evolution. This higher evolution is that whichRays, 115:on Their way to the higher evolution. This higher evolution is that which opens up before a MasterRays, 117:The third initiation. The eye of the needle...higher evolution...monadic consciousness. Leading toRays, 119:and the focus of the Hierarchy were on the higher levels of the mental plane. Today, that is notRays, 119:The Hierarchy is both retreating towards the higher center of Shamballa, and at the same timeRays, 119:growing intuitive perception of humanity, in its higher brackets, enables him to function upon theRays, 119:to function upon the Path of Discipleship and on higher levels than ever before. This the HierarchyRays, 122:with the soul, of the lower self with the higher Self, and of form with the divine Dweller in theRays, 124:initiation. I did not say in training for the higher initiations, for these are given in aRays, 129:to the kingdom of God, is the parallel (on a higher turn of the spiral) of the sacrifice of theRays, 129:the scale - sacrifice always of the lower to the higher. It therefore behooves the individualRays, 129:that aggregation of liberated Lives of which the higher initiates in the [130] Hierarchy are aRays, 131:of service is completed) on to the Path of the Higher Evolution. The antahkarana is built byRays, 131:constitutes the first stage of the Path of the Higher Evolution. It is to that Path what experienceRays, 131:to him the unfolding possibility of his own higher nature, a realization of his divine connectionsRays, 132:perfect freedom. Their onward push towards the higher states of Being is carried out in conformityRays, 137:of the heart itself - the physical heart. The higher mind is intended to become increasingly theRays, 138:Hierarchy and throws a light upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. Great movements and progressionsRays, 138:from the point where he is to levels which are higher than those in the three worlds of definitelyRays, 141:degree of Master of the Wisdom, and also (on a higher turn of the spiral) of the degree of theRays, 149:of the symbolic formulas as used in the higher mathematics; it is a moving out of the world ofRays, 155:those more advanced steps which admit into the higher worlds of being and of unparalleled potencyRays, 158:law, direct reflections of the three higher worlds of the triadal light and life. Motivation, theRays, 161:remember that the soul body, the form on the higher levels of the mental plane which has "shrouded"Rays, 166:plane, when withdrawn or abstracted after the higher initiations. He is abstracted from ourRays, 170:and that He is now achieving facility in the higher mediatorship which will bring about a closerRays, 177:few and for Those Who can take even still higher initiations within the ring-pass-not of our planetRays, 177:of which a Master can start upon the Path of the Higher Evolution and for which all that hasRays, 177:which the world of meaning has revealed, so the higher initiate works consciously in the world ofRays, 178:have no adequate or illustrative words. The four higher planes of our solar system are the fourRays, 181:(after mastering illusion) on the Path of the Higher Evolution. Maya is the conditioning factor onRays, 188:from Shamballa, organized at this time upon the higher levels of the mental plane, and graduallyRays, 195:precipitated from levels of activity other and higher than the physical, as you understand physicalRays, 195:which separated mankind as a whole from the higher spiritual [196] experience and from registrationRays, 198:for initiation. It relates also to the still higher identification of the Christ with thoseRays, 199:through the darkness. Such is the Law. These higher veiling factors can be mentioned andRays, 201:levels and to prepare himself for those higher evolutionary processes which will give him entranceRays, 202:in fact non-existent - at last for those of the higher degrees of initiation. This knowledgeRays, 202:oft been hinted in my writings. "The Way of the Higher Evolution" leads to the cosmic astral plane,Rays, 202:the transcendent vision accorded at some of the higher initiations; the quality which enables himRays, 203:sets the neophyte free for the learning of higher lessons in preparation for the major initiations,Rays, 203:as the Buddha or the Christ) free for still higher and more important conditioning circumstances.Rays, 204:of nature, Towards Shamballa and the two higher kingdoms in manifestation is what we usually callRays, 207:incidental and preparatory to the Path of the Higher Evolution. There is little more that I canRays, 212:- he has yet far to go in order to gain the higher initiations. The entire problem becomesRays, 216:mind becomes fused with the abstract mind or higher mind (the manasic principle, sublimated andRays, 218:of a point of tension upon slowly realized higher levels, carried on until the transference isRays, 219:in order to shift the life of the group to higher levels of awareness and into the Ashram onRays, 221:being now merged with the life aspect on levels higher than those on which the causal body exists,Rays, 223:has given place to duality, and the Way of the Higher Evolution stands open before the initiate. ItRays, 225:open for you as for others, the Way of the [225] Higher Evolution, and the glory of the Lord willRays, 225:of a larger consciousness towards which the higher initiates strive and which is related in aRays, 225:preparatory stage to treading the Path of the Higher Evolution, just as the Probationary Path isRays, 226:of a dual chord. The stage of responding to the higher aspects of the seven Ray Lives andRays, 227:induced by his illumined mind, but through the higher divine qualities which are related to theRays, 228:carries the same message but on an infinitely higher scale, and (if I may so express it) obedienceRays, 236:the Hierarchy and have - later - passed into the higher center, Shamballa. Paralleling this line ofRays, 236:in two directions: towards that which is higher and which indicates a better and more spiritualRays, 242:forward some fixed design and to take one of the higher initiations, so Sanat Kumara came intoRays, 242:on cosmic mental levels), and to take one of the higher initiations which mark the Path ofRays, 243:before you can begin to tread the Way of the Higher Evolution; for this the five initiations openRays, 246:into the hierarchical life and begin to take the higher initiations that the true nature of theRays, 247:hidden mystery. Let the group demonstrate the higher meaning of the lessons learnt, and these areRays, 247:is dynamic carry the group together towards the Higher Three where the Will of God holds sway; letRays, 247:so that you can refer to it as you study its higher corresponding rule, as given to initiates andRays, 248:the occult way which leads to the Way of the Higher Evolution. He must study the five meanings ofRays, 248:field this instruction on Rule XIII covers. The higher correspondences of these four requirementsRays, 249:is dynamic carry the group together towards the Higher Three where the Will of God holds sway. LetRays, 249:are possible to a Master or an initiate of the higher degrees. That involves the keynote of this
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