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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHER

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Rays, 390:on upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. This Higher Way is a sevenfold Way. The seven Paths formRays, 390:the Master earlier. The Masters and the still higher initiates, such as the Christ, can choose anyRays, 391:all ray limitations. As He moves forward on the Higher Way, He will find Himself, as a result ofRays, 391:cosmic angle. The first true initiation upon the Higher Way is called the Initiation ofRays, 392:responsible for training the Master and the higher Initiate. It is only by means of the divine willRays, 392:of the will nature of the Masters and still higher Initiates admits Them into His innerRays, 398:act at the request of Sanat Kumara, given on higher cosmic levels. It is nevertheless a statementRays, 398:the aura of our planet; this is, in reality, a higher and most abstruse branch of the Science ofRays, 399:for Training for Planetary Logoi leads to the higher levels of the cosmic mental plane. Path 4. TheRays, 399:loving attractive energy; one Path leads to its higher correspondence, the cosmic level of pureRays, 405:to the Pleiades, and their dual relationship (a higher correspondence to atma-buddhi) to the solarRays, 405:and working through the medium of the higher telepathy - They receive instruction of a natureRays, 406:impression. They are only concerned with those higher processes of identification which indicate anRays, 407:responsiveness and sensitive reaction to all the higher impressions. Second: These Masters are theRays, 409:passage of many initiates on to the Way of the Higher Evolution. [410] This in itself is a mostRays, 410:for this: The decision to throw open initiations higher than the fifth to the ready Master, and toRays, 411:Master sets His foot upon the Path of the Higher Evolution. Rays, 414:relationship is partially revealed at one of the higher initiations and it is then realized by theRays, 414:As progress is made in the course of taking the higher initiations, it becomes apparent to theRays, 415:Ashrams are subjected to its cyclic inflow; the higher initiations are taken under its stimulation,Rays, 415:therefore only initiates of the fifth, sixth and higher initiations who can work consciously withRays, 418:and wording, and this should be altered. The Higher Degrees are predominantly Christian, thoughRays, 421:objective. At certain points upon the Way of the Higher Evolution Their two lines of energy meetRays, 424:equipment of entering disciples is so much higher than it used to be, owing to the mental andRays, 424:Who are now moving forward on to the Path of the Higher Evolution are equally of much greaterRays, 433:has to demonstrate the effectiveness of its higher correspondence [434] and thus of a developingRays, 435:and for knowledge gained to penetrate from the higher levels to his physical brain. This fact (whenRays, 436:in its turn to a still greater synthesis and higher integration. The dual life which all disciplesRays, 436:of the phenomenal life of the various higher planes and states of consciousness. Forget not thatRays, 438:Electric Fire are all of them distinctive of the higher initiations; they produce basicRays, 438:by perfection. The Masters know, however, that a higher, deeper and more intensive manifestation ofRays, 439:with glamor and illusion - to realize that the higher initiations are free from all concern andRays, 441:rapport: His lower concrete mind and the higher abstract mind. Himself and the Master of his rayRays, 442:brain via the antahkarana which has linked the higher mind and the lower. This involves much work,Rays, 443:implementing desire and steadily becoming a higher creative faculty as desire shifts into everRays, 443:creative faculty as desire shifts into ever higher states and leads to ever higher realizations.Rays, 443:shifts into ever higher states and leads to ever higher realizations. This faculty eventuallyRays, 443:by the disciple in order to make contacts higher than with the soul, and to bring into symbolicRays, 444:Way is completed, and the initiate can "pass to higher worlds at will, leaving the lower worlds farRays, 445:of the theosophical literature - that higher triplicity which is reflected in the lower three, andRays, 445:and which focuses through the soul body on the higher levels of the mental plane before beingRays, 445:"bridge" is finished which links perfectly the higher spiritual Triad and the lower materialRays, 446:begins consciously to project himself into the higher worlds. His energy goes forth, through theRays, 446:and directed mind, into the world of the higher [447] spiritual mind and into the realm of theRays, 447:is thus set up. This response between the higher and the lower mind is symbolically spoken of inRays, 447:intuitive realization and the forms of the higher psychism may be clearly seen. It requires aRays, 447:can function with facility, both in the higher worlds and in the lower, is primarily brought aboutRays, 448:are now occupied with bringing about a still higher union, with that triple Reality which uses theRays, 451:and its mechanism of expression are a unity. A higher blending and fusing can then go on. I canRays, 454:permanent atom and the mental unit, between the higher abstract mind and the lower mind.Rays, 459:three threads and a projection of them into the "higher wider reaches" of the mental plane, untilRays, 459:of certain initiations. The goal towards which higher disciples are working involves not only soulRays, 459:the opening up to the initiate of the Way to the Higher Evolution in its various branches and withRays, 459:Will an Mind Path of Light The Way of the Higher Evolution The Point of Contact The Antahkarana ofRays, 461:the first Ray of Will or Power, reflecting the higher aspect of the will of divinity or of theRays, 463:the reversal of the usual attitude of mind. Higher abstract awareness. The unfoldment of theRays, 465:love-wisdom. The heart center. Love. The higher abstract mind. The transmitter of buddhi. TheRays, 466:Lighted Way across which he can pass into the higher worlds of being. Thus he liberates himselfRays, 468:are firmly established - something still higher and more subtle must be erected on theRays, 470:humanity is in which the separation of the higher nature from the lower is depicted; in the case ofRays, 471:no limitation in consciousness. That is why the higher levels of our planetary and systemic planesRays, 478:Hierarchy upon those who were sensitive to the higher impression. The responsive sensitivity toRays, 481:goal of the exertions of all initiates of the higher degrees and the source of the sutratma,Rays, 486:create a channel of light and life between the higher and the lower divine aspects and can produceRays, 486:race are distinguished by the knowledge of the higher duality and are increasingly soul-consciousRays, 492:will make the link between the lower and the higher minds, between spirit and matter and betweenRays, 493:strong enough to produce response from the higher. Then, when the Word of Power is known andRays, 493:remaining three are expressions of response from higher levels of the spiritual life; beyondRays, 493:His life effect is registered upon the higher levels of consciousness and he is recognized as "aRays, 494:life in the three worlds), and from the higher levels a line of responsive projection of energy isRays, 494:tension of the lower evokes the attention of the higher. This is the technical process ofRays, 495:approach of the two aspects of the bridge - the higher, emanating from the Spiritual Triad, inRays, 506:with the Will aspect. This necessitates a higher process of alignment and the evocation of a divineRays, 509:is one. The three of self exists no more. The higher three descends and all the nine are one. AwaitRays, 510:There is, literally speaking, no up or down or higher and lower, as you know, nor do any of theRays, 516:of reality itself, revealing the fact of the higher Lighted Way which leads to Nirvana. Of this,Rays, 518:asserts the fact that the Universal Mind, the higher mind and the lower concrete mind are blendedRays, 520:Once the antahkarana is constructed and the higher initiations are taken, the initiate thenRays, 520:urges, which force him ever to invoke the higher aspect of life and of consciousness which heRays, 522:responsible for His Being, and to the Way of the Higher Evolution - a subject with which the churchRays, 522:He Himself was only "on His Way." The Way of the Higher Evolution has also its two phases, as hasRays, 522:Discipleship. In the treading of the Way of the Higher Evolution (for which we have as yet onlyRays, 522:treads the Way of Antahkarana and the Way of the Higher Initiations. In making this statement IRays, 523:the initiate free to tread the Way of the Higher Evolution and to follow in the footsteps of theRays, 523:trail (is not that a phrase much used?) to the higher spheres of revelation. Rays, 523:rapidly to use, reveals to him the Way of the Higher Evolution, the fact of a still greater goalRays, 524:forward on to the first stage of the Way of the Higher Evolution. The practical point for aspirantsRays, 524:teaching. He opened the door to the Way of the Higher Evolution, hitherto closed, just as theRays, 526:His response to the animal kingdom in its higher invocative ranks; His work brought about theRays, 527:of religion - the revelation of the Way of the Higher Evolution. This entails the bringing throughRays, 530:the mind of his Master, so the initiate, upon a higher turn of the spiral, can register theRays, 531:angle lessens in his consciousness because the higher initiations are not registered by the mindRays, 531:happenings; they are formless and remain in the higher consciousness. I am not here saying that theRays, 531:can be "ceremoniously" enacted on earth. The higher initiations cannot be thus presented but willRays, 533:Arch and in one or two succeeding degrees; the higher degrees of the Scottish Rite constitute aRays, 533:the Light which are experienced in the remaining higher initiations - those subject to the processRays, 535:as growing power to invoke the inflow of the higher light, through the medium of the antahkarana.Rays, 537:and automatically through the pressure of the higher influences pouring into and through him. He isRays, 537:task of becoming aware of the activities of his higher or abstract mind and of the pure reasonRays, 537:of consciousness. At the same time, the higher mind is impressing the lower mind and drawing it
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