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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHER

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Reappearance, 26:awareness of the Christ upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. This Way He treads today and He beganReappearance, 39:an undercurrent or thought of something much higher [40] and of greater importance - theReappearance, 40:see the glory of the Lord and eventually pass to higher service of a nature and a caliber unknownReappearance, 44:there, it has been transmitted to those still higher spheres where the attention of the Lord of theReappearance, 67:and to impressions from sources to be found on higher levels than those upon which He normallyReappearance, 87:Christ must prepare these aspirants for the higher initiations and so nourish and aid them thatReappearance, 87:but - in these words - He is referring to still higher states of unfoldment. Through theseReappearance, 87:becomes an agent of the love of God; the higher initiations enable him, however, to become, stageReappearance, 88:be to relate this rapidly growing group to that higher center where the Father is contacted, where,Reappearance, 97:by the Buddha. He can then reorient Himself to higher spheres of activity where His true work lies,Reappearance, 121:permitted. Now, in the immediate future and on a higher turn of the spiral of life, this will againReappearance, 128:which have hitherto not been susceptible to the higher impression. Through this expanding area ofReappearance, 128:the mind is enabled to become the transmitter of higher values and of spiritual understanding. ThusReappearance, 157:then be worked out on earth. The Hierarchy, on a higher turn of the spiral will invoke the "CenterReappearance, 167:- slow though it may be - of the masses to the higher spiritual values but is thoroughlySoul, 27:- II, 17. "They say the sense powers are higher than objects; than the sense powers, emotion isSoul, 27:than objects; than the sense powers, emotion is higher; than emotion, understanding is higher; butSoul, 27:is higher; than emotion, understanding is higher; but higher than understanding is He." - III, 42.Soul, 27:than emotion, understanding is higher; but higher than understanding is He." - III, 42. ThusSoul, 55:for the psychical nature of man, both in its higher and in its lower aspects. To unite the EasternSoul, 58:the threshold of the recognition of a fourth and higher factor, the Soul, the Self, and will nextSoul, 58:will next awaken to that realization. The three higher planes require no comment in this elementarySoul, 67:express itself by struggling to achieve an ever higher degree of consciousness. We may conceive theSoul, 76:the living sentiency of the body, belonging to a higher degree of being than matter. TertullianSoul, 77:equally present in all parts of the body. The higher nature uses the lower as its vehicle. InSoul, 82:plane of existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of Spirit, andSoul, 107:the capacity of the human mind to respond to higher vibrations, and to perceive, catch, andSoul, 116:is also both a path of communication between the higher centers and the periphery and anSoul, 120:that his status is different to, and higher than that of the animal, and that he is climbing upwardSoul, 124:structure become vitally awake. Gradually the higher centers come into increased activity, and theSoul, 137:main kinds of clairvoyance, the lower and the higher. The lower variety appears sporadically inSoul, 151:spiritual. Once we realize that the knowledge of higher laws can overcome the resistance of lowerSoul, 154:abandon the affirmation of such an "essence" or higher will, to the mere traditionalist? Why notSoul, 155:of the doctrine along with these subtleties. The higher will must simply be accepted as a mysterySoul, 155:nature, is incapable of formulation. Herein the higher will is not peculiar. "All things,"Soul, 155:provisional. The person who declines to turn the higher will to account until he is sure he hasSoul, 155:of electricity. Negatively one may say of the higher will, without overstepping the criticalSoul, 155:that term. Positively one may define it as the higher immediacy that is known in its relation toTelepathy, 9:plexus" person, if I may so call him, and a higher type whose solar plexus center is functioningTelepathy, 12:writing, art, and on again to the stage of higher symbols, vibratory contact, telepathy,Telepathy, 16:that which had to do with self-reproduction. A higher form of this instinctual telepathy has beenTelepathy, 18:to the head center, through the medium of the higher correspondence to the heart center, foundTelepathy, 19:center, which is receptive to impression from higher sources, and the ajna center which is theTelepathy, 31:where he should function - the level of the higher mind. The word goes out upon the life breath ofTelepathy, 33:prayer and aspiration and worship are deemed of higher value than the pleadings and proclamationsTelepathy, 41:and so sensitive is Their response to the higher impression, that They [42] absorb or appropriateTelepathy, 44:when intervention is required from sources far higher than those with which the recipient isTelepathy, 49:action of the mind as it is sensitive to the higher impressions and active in the mental creationTelepathy, 50:in time and space, of the Monad and of the two higher aspects of the Triad, and is reflected (afterTelepathy, 50:When the relation between the lower and the higher mind is correctly and stable established, youTelepathy, 51:the correct use of the lower mind in its two higher functions (the holding of the mind steady inTelepathy, 54:call it) are as clearly perceived by [54] the higher initiate as are the sights and sounds of theTelepathy, 58:of further knowledge which will clarify still higher contact, emanating from the Spiritual TriadTelepathy, 62:center upon our planet, invoking all the higher kingdoms upon the formless planes and evoking allTelepathy, 70:form of a focused emanation which employs the higher aspect of the antahkarana as its channel ofTelepathy, 70:word to express the exact nature of this higher awareness, and the term "identification" seemsTelepathy, 70:All do not respond in the same way, for in its higher aspects it is a science in process ofTelepathy, 82:whose function it is to mediate between the higher and the lower) is the subject of much divineTelepathy, 85:process and of preparation for initiation on to higher levels. The experiment of giving mankind theTelepathy, 86:whose function it is to mediate between the higher and the lower) is the subject of so much divineTelepathy, 92:he becomes capable of being more sensitive to a higher range of impression and - at the same time -Telepathy, 94:areas of free mental perception which make the higher sensitivity possible. Gradually, as theTelepathy, 95:and colors his entire life, automatically the higher sensitivity is developed; he becomes a magnetTelepathy, 96:constructing the antahkarana along which the higher impressions can flow; he learns not toTelepathy, 96:It is then constantly invocative of the higher range of impressions; it can be evoked and set intoTelepathy, 97:as a whole, when he has attained some of the higher initiations. This indicates ability to registerTelepathy, 98:does not entirely disappear but is of a higher and far more acute nature. In this threefold auraTelepathy, 102:by discriminating between the lower self and the higher self, and this renders his magnetic auraTelepathy, 102:with facility the astral counterparts of the higher worlds, which are reflected (and therebyTelepathy, 103:aura, and vertical impression will come from the higher levels of the Spiritual Triad and, stillTelepathy, 105:by the brain of passing "events"; it is the higher mental correspondence to time. Into this, ITelepathy, 105:always aware emotionally of the descent of the higher impression and of the consequentTelepathy, 107:along which the impression (directed by some higher source than the personality) can descend intoTelepathy, 107:the registration and the interpretation of the higher impressions is a basic occult science andTelepathy, 108:a potent factor in invoking a fresh flood of higher impression; it also makes him evocative uponTelepathy, 109: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Higher Aspects of Relationship XIV. Higher Aspects ofTelepathy, 109:Vehicle - Higher Aspects of Relationship XIV. Higher Aspects of Relationship The word telepathy hasTelepathy, 109:in this modern usage does not cover the higher aspects of "relationship within the Universal Mind."Telepathy, 109:of love-wisdom, is the factor which makes the higher impression possible, and this it does whilstTelepathy, 110:of the mental body. It is the "seed or germ" of higher contacts and of impressions coming fromTelepathy, 110:contacts and of impressions coming from levels higher than the buddhic or intuitional plane. It isTelepathy, 110:or intuitional plane. It is related to the higher aspect of the Universal Mind, to the intelligentTelepathy, 110:in its conjectures and interpretations. The higher telepathy - also a form of sensitivity, andTelepathy, 110:for it is one of the major steps towards the higher impression; it always presupposes a relativelyTelepathy, 110:the existence of faculties which make the higher spiritual and subjective impressions possible, andTelepathy, 110: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Higher Aspects of Relationship This "Supreme Science ofTelepathy, 112:involve responsiveness to divine purpose. The higher aspect of this abstract mind is the atmicTelepathy, 113:the forms of life in the subhuman kingdoms. The higher forms of mental telepathy, involving theTelepathy, 113:Shamballa is working it out, and also with those higher aspects of hierarchical work which are notTelepathy, 113:can and does use the unintelligent urges and the higher (yet inchoate) longings of the masses ofTelepathy, 113:impression upon Beings and Lives found on levels higher than those in the three worlds. This impactTelepathy, 113:worlds. This impact evokes a reaction from these higher Beings, and then a spiritual andTelepathy, 114: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Higher Aspects of Relationship Certain basic concepts underlieTelepathy, 115:[115] telepathic contact and recognition of the higher impressions. It might also be added that theTelepathy, 116:impressions (which cannot possibly come from a higher source than the man himself) work downTelepathy, 117:to their transmutation and elevation to the higher center, the heart center. There are certainTelepathy, 117:throat center, utilizing it as the recipient of higher impressions. This center or area of energyTelepathy, 118: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Higher Aspects of Relationship The next key-thought which isTelepathy, 120: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Higher Aspects of Relationship I will here make a statementTelepathy, 123:the etheric body, that we shall find again the higher relationships and the interdependence of many
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