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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HIGHEST

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Meditation, 30:by means of mind, for man is "that being in whom highest spirit and lowest matter are linkedMeditation, 37:in comprehension, not resistance, is felt to the highest circles, yea, it reaches to the LogosMeditation, 61:attuned to a certain vibration (the man's own highest vibration, reached in consecutiveMeditation, 61:it easier for him each time to start at his highest and so eliminate a long preliminary keying up.Meditation, 99:- that control which even in the moments of highest vibration and contact is alert to watch andMeditation, 136:Light, who move practically entirely on the two highest levels (or the atomic and subatomicMeditation, 143:plane manifestation. It means making your highest theories and ideals demonstrable facts and it isMeditation, 164:mantram that creates a vacuum between the highest and the lowest members of that Hierarchy and onMeditation, 188:and are found on every plane from the highest to the lowest. The elementals of water or earth areMeditation, 221:form. On the first plane, life in its purest, highest, undifferentiated synthetic aspect; on theMeditation, 223:life? Simply adherence, as stated above, to the highest duty and an ordering of the personalityMeditation, 266:you have a reflection of what can be seen on the highest planes of our solar system. What have youMeditation, 297:give to the race an objective well worth their highest endeavor. Preliminary Remarks Let us pause aMeditation, 302:Himself, Who is - as is seldom realized - the highest expression of the Teaching Ray upon theMeditation, 349:anticipated, provided that he faithfully did the highest thing he knew; he cares not if reproachMeditation, 349:the atomic plane of the solar system; the highest of the seven planes. Agni The Lord of Fire in theMeditation, 351:the occultists into seven planes or states, the highest of which is the atomic plane. Similarly,Meditation, 351:is divided into seven subplanes, of which the highest is called the atomic subplane. There areMeditation, 351:who is the "Enlightened", and has attained the highest degree of knowledge possible for man in thisMeditation, 353:plane. The etheric body is formed of the four highest or etheric subplanes of the physical plane.Meditation, 354:which gratifies a personal desire. Kumaras The highest seven self-conscious beings in the solarMeditation, 356:is built by the power of the lower mind, of the highest type of astral matter. Microcosm The littleMeditation, 356:Those perfected beings who renounce Nirvana (the highest state of spiritual bliss) and choose aMeditation, 357:This term is generally applied to the seven highest spirits corresponding to the seven archangelsMeditation, 357:man manifests through his physical body. The highest planetary spirit working through anyMeditation, 358:or the Life Principle. The etheric body, or the highest division of the twofold physical body. RajaPatanjali, 15:or the karana sarira, [15] The mental body, the highest aspect of the lower personal self. ThePatanjali, 22:not only a detriment to the achievement of the highest yoga but is excessively dangerous in manyPatanjali, 30:or hell. The sublimation of all this and its highest expression in the three worlds is thatPatanjali, 41:He knows the plan as it is to be found on the highest levels and is in touch with the Archetype. ItPatanjali, 42:the will aspect, Atma or spiritual will, the highest aspect of the soul, The mental body orPatanjali, 42:soul, The mental body or intelligent Will, the highest aspect of the personality, The head center.Patanjali, 55:freed soul can find it. This word concerns the highest initiations and it is profitless for usPatanjali, 74:he says there are only five principles. The two highest, atma and the life monadic, are notPatanjali, 103:functioning, and only as they express [103] the highest of the three gunas (or qualities of matter)Patanjali, 103:the three gunas (or qualities of matter) is the highest or spiritual aspect known. Only as rajasPatanjali, 103:condition of the bodies of the yogi when in the highest samadhi. Then the sattvic or rhythmicPatanjali, 110:that [110] veil may be. It is the last and highest psychic state." Patanjali, 122:sons of bhakti yoga and true devotees. Now the highest of the three bodies must be brought to itsPatanjali, 137:of this tendency, even when carried to its highest stage by the adept, is but a relativePatanjali, 137:system, this tendency will be present in the highest planetary Spirit and the most elevatedPatanjali, 147:is thus characterized, and this is true of the highest form as of the lowest, the manifestation ofPatanjali, 148:may be. Only those souls who have attained the highest initiation and can pass beyond our solarPatanjali, 152:concerns the aspirant at this stage) he is the highest factor in the well-known triplicities: ThePatanjali, 177:can the true contemplation and samadhi of the highest kind be known. Sorrow, the fifthPatanjali, 198:physical plane and to perpetuate the race is the highest physical act of which man is capable. ThePatanjali, 205:and put him in contact eventually with the two highest subplanes of the physical plane and not withPatanjali, 234:knowledge. 37. These powers are obstacles to the highest spiritual realization, but serve asPatanjali, 259:of his egoic contact. This is not the true and highest form of contemplation. It is but one of thePatanjali, 270:the future will reveal the nature of spirit, the highest or Father aspect. This line of thought,Patanjali, 300:have immortality. Then he describes the three highest planes, with the great existences who are thePatanjali, 312:balance when the solar plexus is performing its highest function. On the astral or desire plane,Patanjali, 316:increasingly thin until eventually the third or highest light is touched. Thirdly, the "light ofPatanjali, 322:The Son who reveals, meditates and links the highest aspect with the lower, The Holy Ghost,Patanjali, 323:Results 37. These powers are obstacles to the highest spiritual realization, but serve as magicalPatanjali, 323:powers, higher and lower, are hindrances to the highest spiritual state and must be left behind byPatanjali, 341:to be understood as that found on the third or highest of the three abstract levels of the mentalPatanjali, 342:of the center between the eyebrows and the highest chakra, the thousand petalled lotus. The studyPatanjali, 349:all the colors of low vibration. Then the highest aspect of the personal self, the mental body willPatanjali, 349:self, the mental body will vibrate to the highest aspect of the spirit, which is will, power orPatanjali, 349:thunderbolt. The human being who has taken the highest of all our planetary initiations is termedPatanjali, 350:and activity, hence in the Secret Doctrine, the highest aspect of divinity is called electric fire.Patanjali, 368:the ordinary rules of cognition. Hence it is the highest knowledge which can be desired by thePatanjali, 369:as untrue and misleading, for even the highest adept (note this term with care) is only gifted withPatanjali, 378:Sutra 37: "These powers are obstacles to the highest spiritual realization, but serve as magicalPatanjali, 390:this condition involves the severing of the highest principle (that of pure spirit from its twoPatanjali, 428:(in its fifth subrace) must inevitably touch its highest point. That point, in the economy of thePatanjali, viii:the transfiguration of the personality, was the highest initiation that man was capable ofProblems, 62:always produced those who have expressed the highest possible point of attainment for their day andProblems, 110:He is creative, artistic and capable of the highest mental development when taught and trained - asProblems, 116:part can also be good for the whole and that the highest good of the unit within the wholeProblems, 148:in the angel's song: "Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, goodwill towards men". They havePsychology1, xxiv:can come in touch with his monadic ray, or his highest life aspect, and the humble aspirant cannotPsychology1, 14:through the medium of matter-form. The highest unity will be cognized only when this dual relationPsychology1, 15:the True than was ever previously possible. The highest realization of what is termed the One LifePsychology1, 17:"spirit is matter on the seventh plane," or the highest, will be a realized fact in ourPsychology1, 40:in all preparation for initiation, and the highest initiate of that time endeavored to express onlyPsychology1, 60:it is idle for us to speculate about it, for the highest point of achievement for man is the lowestPsychology1, 71:in the Holy Place The Lower than the Three, the Highest of the Four The Trumpet of the Lord. ThePsychology1, 76:a higher triad. The concrete or lower mind, the highest aspect of the lower self. The ego or solarPsychology1, 78:of expression came into being, and the three highest planes and the three lower were brought into aPsychology1, 89:of matter and form from the lowest plane to the highest. Rays 2. 4. 6 deal with things abstract,Psychology1, 107:literature, some of it of the very highest order and unquestionably the work of highly evolvedPsychology1, 118:there will also be much emanating from the highest level of the astral plane, of a high order alongPsychology1, 156:type of synthetic force. After he has taken the highest initiation possible on this planet, he is,Psychology1, 156:human consciousness. What that contact with the highest type of synthetic force may mean, I cannotPsychology1, 168:consciousness in each one of us, comes from the highest principle of our Logos; it has thereforePsychology1, 168:put forth a thread of being into an atom of the highest subplanes of the atmic, the buddhic, andPsychology1, 197:expressed in color, and its liberation, or its highest form of activity, is demonstrated by thePsychology1, 197:activity, is demonstrated by the perfume of its highest forms of life. This perfume is connectedPsychology1, 198:of growing instinctual purpose which - in its highest form - works out as the domesticity of thePsychology1, 203:student on this ray is ever unsatisfied with his highest attainments; no matter how great hisPsychology1, 211:of four with seven would make the very highest type of artist, form and color being both inPsychology1, 218:concretized plan. In the case of the seventh or highest kingdom (counting from below upwards) thePsychology1, 222:words. The objectives and processes of the two highest kingdoms are too advanced for the averagePsychology1, 227:its cyclic activity" and spirit is matter at its highest, then the ray of ceremonial order orPsychology1, 324:lower nature, the integrated personality, to the highest demonstration of its powers, latent orPsychology1, 372:lowest kingdom in the scale of nature and the highest, between that which expresses the densestPsychology1, 414:is responsive to the energy of fire at its highest manifestation in the three worlds. (A TreatisePsychology2, 5:to bear in mind that our universe (as far as the highest human consciousness can as yet conceive of
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